Preface: Water’s Edge has some intense scenes and is age restriction. Viewer Discretion is Advised. The other one is more tame and just illustrations. So watch what you’re comfortable with.

Water’s Edge

Directored By – Lena Tsodykovskaya

I’m sorry, I don’t market myself as being family friendly, am I? I don’t fucking know. But this one is certainly a little intense. Less of a spook, and more of an AAAAAAAHHHHHHH. I love creature effect make-up, I’ve watched a lot of Face-Off on Syfy and this is a great one. I mean holy shit, the Woe Bone is something I would not want to run into in the middle of the night.

The only knock I have on this one is that it’s less of a spook and more of an episode of a TV show. However, there is so many interesting things about the Woe Bone that it is kind of one of my favorite creatures. I like the mixture of having a creature that is both feral in nature but has human level intelligence. As well as being a creature that is acting on vengeance yet is capable of understand nuanced emotions.

There’s something just so morbid and twisted about having to care for your now monster daughter. There’s so much they do to make the Woe Bone terrifying. For it’s cacophonous shrieks to the inhuman speed in travels at makes it so frighteningly formidable. Just in general having to plead your case with such an unsightly being would not be something one could do with an easy heart. You garner a symphony for the Woe Bone, but also fear it greatly and that’s why it is one impressive monster.

Lexi’s Vengeance

Don’t bully the kid with two moms, or a hellish monster will come and devour your flesh. There’s interesting continuity that you get from watching this continuation. I like getting the little extra bit of details such as Lexi’s reflection being that of her previous state of being. It’s also interesting to compare descriptions versus execution. I think the short above did a good job of creating a sound that depicts the immense sadness that this short describes.

Even though this is more a reading with accompanying animatic like visuals their is some gruesome details. The crunching and munching sound effects, as well as the frantic shakes give some sickening effects for the tale. I like how this side shows the duality of Woe Bone. It’s not a creature without some humanity, and we get to see another side hinted at during the other short but not confirmed. Looks can be deceiving, fate can be cruel, and judgement can sometimes be….monstrous.

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