Welcome back to another spook, this time something a little different. Usually it’s just one spooky short, or a collection centered around a common theme or element. This time the underlying work all share the same author. Here are some of the delightfully spooky works of the Boxleitner Brothers a YouTube channel of more than 10k subscribers.


Daddy is a gut punching film about psychological torture and how dreadful it can be. Operating on a sort of nightmare logic, blurring reality to show the damage of the main character. It’s more of a somber take on horror but one that haunts me and many others. Horror if often about presenting a reality that is aversive to have to life. Traumatic and depressive this one is certainly such a horrifying existence.


Flip the security guard is an awesome character and we need more of him. Hey, who am I to disagree with all the YouTube comments. Maybe a dopey character reactions with genuine reactions should be the new norm in camp comedy than whatever disability Adam Sandler wants to vaguely mimic this year. It’s not impossible, it sort of reminds me of Jim Cummings character from Thunder Road (2018), a film launched by a short. It might be a little long, but it delivers the scares and is an entertaining thrill ride of haunting specters.

Shit Your Shorts

I also wanted to give a quick shoutout to their YouTube series ‘Shit Your Shorts’. This October series is actually pretty much their version of ’31 Spooks’. Obviously the channel knows what they are doing in terms of terror shorts so feel free to see what shorts they recommend taking a look at. Of course, I like to think that I’m doing a pretty good job myself. If you can never have too many spooks, so if you’re craving more short horror then this channel will send some good recs your way.

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