Fair Warning, even I find this one very creepy.

Directed by Andrés Borghi

Just a glimpse of the thumbnail while give you the pretty clear impression that this horror short has been highly touted. I’m not here to disagree with that consensus. This is one of few shorts that held me in nail-biting suspense, and one that I felt delivered in a terrifying fashion.

The main thing that stands out to me is the double-edged sword that is the effect works. There’s some aspects like the main room, I’m almost certain is green-screened or at the very least unnatural. Maybe I just don’t understand what the layout of a typical Argentinean room would look like; but this doesn’t look very lived in. It seems like an empty room where we placed a desk in because it looked creepy, and so we could move all around to get multiple coverage without set décor. Considering the web interfaces and the spooky SFX are all phenomenally well-done I can excuse that. Even the practical effects and cool pieces like the computer mouse added a lot to the atmosphere.

You can get a peek at how the SFX work comes together on the director’s YouTube channel.

I think what I adore from a filmmaking sense about this, is that conceptually this should come across as dumb and stupid. I think the mere thought of “social media ghost” makes my eyes roll around more than Alexia’s. That comes down to execution and this one is firing on all cylinders. I really enjoyed the music choices it was prevalent and tone-setting without being distracting or overbearing. It was a great length, having nice twists in directions and letting the creepiness just consume you.

I think Alexia is a rare film in horror short films. I often find that when you get an SFX heavy director, the effects are the say all be all. Alexia demonstrates a great prowess for implementing crazy and scary visuals. However, it is still a story and an atmospherically engrossing film that is enhanced by the massive effort put into the visuals.

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