When I first stumbled upon a YouTube ad for ‘Scaredy Cat, I was perplexed. A movie for cats…..what does that mean? Well apparently Temptations “Not to be confused with The Temptations” has an answer for you. So grab a furry friend and let’s see who’s a big old Scaredy Cat.

I somehow feel more confused than when we started? Did I just make everyone watch a commercial? Kind of, but I give them props for not making this a ham-fisted product placement affair. It is just a cute little art project so good on the marketing team. I actually really think this is a neat concept though. I could see a more legitimate short film doing a ghost haunting or murder scenario from the animal’s perspective.

A lot of neat things here. I like having the ball of yarn as a plot device that leads the cat further into this haunted house of horrors. I like the way Grandma goes ham on that Tomato. GRANDMA, I DON’T THINK YOU’RE SLICING THE TOMATOES PROPERLY. LET ME DO IT GRANDMA YOU’RE GOING TO HURT YOURSELF!

You won’t believe it the cat was scared of a pickle, lol it was the funniest shit I’ve seen. Random plot aside, this actually isn’t a bad marketing scheme. I feel like it got a few cat owners to sit down with their fuzzy fur balls and watch a slightly amusing advertisement together. It might not be showing product in your face, but it giving you a deeper relationship with your cat. Honestly, I can respect that.

Let me know whether you and your cat got scared and let me know about this one. Am I shilling for a brand or is this a delightfully spooky surprise in the marketing world. Until next time, stay spooky!

6 thoughts on “A Spooky Movie for Cats? – What is Scaredy Cat?

    1. Haha exactly, I mean it encourages the targeted demographic to watch it so it’s not a bad ad. See I was really confused because I had no idea that cats being scared by cucumbers was a thing. I know got to watch more internet cat videos which isn’t a bad problem to have.

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    1. Hahahaha I forgot our friendship kind of started with you identifying as a cat. Grandma was kind of scary, she was really going at those Tomatoes and not really following proper kitchen safety guidelines, Hope you never get so violent in your kitchen.

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      1. I almost forgot it too. Ah, the weird things I do! (There are so many, I’m glad I only admitted to one 😂)

        Rest assured, I am only violent where appropriate, haha. Still gotta slap that dough like it’s your mortal enemy sometimes.

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