Directed by Tim Egan

This is probably my version of hell. I don’t really have a severe phobia but the thing that gets me the most would probably be basophobia or the fear of falling. I guess the rationale being that falling is a stasis of no control. You can run from a spider or a clown, you can confront your fear if it’s something like public speaking or claustrophobia. But the second you find yourself on the wrong side of a guard rail, you’re going to experience a sensation you’ll probably never experience again and the consequences are rather dire.

‘Curve’ highlights the tenacity of the human spirit. In the face of futility, there’s still a tremendous hunger for survival. Blood, sweat, and tears; whatever it takes to cling onto life a second longer and spying in on that journey is a remarkable tale. There’s a great mystic that surrounds the scenario, how this came to be is left unexplained. The curve has rather sinister implications, yet it’s symbolism is rather optimistic despite its dreary outcome.

The filmmaking is incredible. The scope of the landscape is grandiose, and impressive how they were able to achieve such scale. Yet, the cinematography captures a dedication to intimacy. It captures the struggle, the clawing to survive, the many facial expressions when confronting adversity. The film makes some interesting choices with sound, having some ominous blaring soundscapes as well as capturing some the intensity of the peril through great sound capture. I feel like it is a little too loud, it’s almost like the mic is just a little too close but the effect and what they are able to convey is really nice.

Full disclosure, I found this to be one of the top shorts I reviewed this month. It’s a different kind of scare, but one that has enough mystery and despair that it certainly grabs your attention.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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