This one does kind of feel like a Halloween special. A neglected and impoverished Wendy creates a world filled with her whimsical imagination. What a world that is until insecurity and anxiety begin to loom. Wendy might be a witch with an over-active mind or this is just a deep set departure from reality to better comfort the lonely child.

While maybe not the most impressive effects work, the tv woman and Cush display a nice imaginative flare for the production. By the end, I’m left with an interesting impression of Wendy. Sure here hallucinations were rather mean-spirited and clingy but to take action in such brutal ways might show an overlying flaw in here psyche.

Despite maybe a psycho-analytical nightmare, the short is honestly kind of a warm message. It’s not too heavy-handed but it balances the message that Wendy doesn’t have to change to be accepted by her peers as she is able to overcome her reservations to go the haunted house. Halloween is about the sense of community. Exploring with your siblings, facing your fears with friends, actually acknowledging that your neighbors exist because they bribed you with candy. Halloween is about community, so behind all the spooks there’s a lot of nice fluff to this holiday season. Just be sure to give some back to Cush, my boy ain’t looking too hot.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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