Hello, I’m the Snapchat critic. I watch it so for the love of everything you don’t have to. Technology and horror have gone together like peas and carrots. Usually it used to be about technology failing. Cars that won’t start, cell service out of range, doors that won’t open and clichés etc. etc.. Now that technology has ruined a lot of the dangers of yesterday, the inverse has become more true, technology is too darn efficient.

Sure certainly scary tech has always been a facet of Sci-fi based horror. However, modern “tech horror” like Black Mirror have really turned it up to 11. There are clever and innovative ways to address contemporary paranoia and dependency… and then there is “Snapchat Horror Stories”. The low hanging fruit that tries to relate the kids and has no creativity that it has become it’s own sad little sub-genre. Any hidden gems. to dig up here?

Fear Filter

Directed By Tracy Kleeman

Credit where it is due, that opening was kind of cool. Seeing depictions of people’s phones is always wild to be. All her social media friends are First name only, now last names except for King Kahn who is the only person with a distinct name. Oh no, it’s a spooky bunny. I mean it sort of plays on the premise that a lot of people feel that the face filter can detect the paranormal, and that’s more logical then a glitch. for real though, this one ain’t that bad. Great deal of suspense, the sound design is a little dramatic, and their is lowkey some really great effect work. Honestly, this is the first one I found and it is what I initially considered “as good as this weak premise can get”, I guess I will now have to see if that is true.


Directed By Jesse Hansen

Dang another decent intro. I respect that it’s dark, and seems mostly naturally lit…but can he please go stand in the light so we can see his face. It’s really awkward looking just having him drenched in shadows like this. With a name like Clownboy269 you can safely assume he’s one of my readers. I feel like it might not be the best use of time, but I feel like you got to explain why we’re standing out in the middle of no where, in the middle of the night. People don’t just do that… well actually I’ll buy this story full-send if it takes place in Florida.

Deep breathing, constant messages from a stranger, creepy whispering, deep breathing, extreme close-ups, pitch darkness, deep breathing, every horror cliché in the book, and deep breathing. There’s nothing original, or believable about this situation and there was very little effort put into both the filming and the pre-production. That said, to be fair it does what it set out to be very well and for a low energy affair it’s decently well done.


Directed By Timothée Hochet

I had such low hopes for this one, and it turns out to rock. For starters, this is definitely a mood at the beginning right? Sitting in the dark listening to your hipster music, vibing in a low lit environment. I don’t know why this girl watches gnarly videos like she does but, I mean people do look at that kind of stuff.

The set up is really weak and borderline comical. I was like haha hehe funny angry face oh no! Then when the actual horror picks up it excels in be a nerving experience. It really teleports you into that “Invisible Man” environment where you feel like you’re being watched. If anything the snapchat element feels almost unnecessary even though I guess that is how the predator operates. I said predator because I have rewinded that end bit nearly a dozen times trying to determine how humanoid or creature like the figure is at the end. It appears to have obvious human anatomy but the wingspan and how the arm bends look very unsettling and otherworldly lank to them.

It’s a simple “in the house” premise, but it works none the less. It’s creepy and it plays well with me and my very paranoid nature. Also this actress who again I expected to be terrible from the first impression, gives a really nice performance.

Snap ( But Like Dark)

Directed By Sandeep Abraham

Oh shit, cinematic wide screen. The narrator is a nice touch, it at least gives this one a distinguished feel compared to the rest. However, this voice over kind of ruins it in. I feel like if we just had a tense mystery using snapchat as a device to reveal increasingly cryptic information than I kind of would have been on bored. I wish we got to recognize the creepy guy in the background instead of the narrator just revealing that upfront. It’s a decent premise that I think shows the potential of a snapchat horror but this execution ain’t it chief. The snuff films are comically lazy, not of it is believable, and everything just feels cheap and uneventful.

Snap ( But Like Trap)

Directed By: Deric Nunez

Oh man this guy ain’t a very good actor. That was terrible, not gonna sugarcoat it. New app? This was made in 2017, I don’t think Snapchat was new. Really showing the out of touch card aren’t we. Snapchat wasn’t made for just the face filters…. It’s devolved into that but it was founded on the desire to send dick pics… at least I’m pretty sure. The jump scare is a little to sharp and obvious and nothing really prevents this one from feeling dreadfully corny. Yawn.


Directed By: Kevin Parker

Well at least this creep is polite. I am getting massive Déjà Vu here. Let me just stand in the middle of nowhere and openly engage conversations with a stranger. My man needs to learn how to multi-task, he literally comes to a dead stop every time he checks his snap. 1) Girl in a coat is not scary, at least how it is presented 2) The angle in which the guy did a barrel roll into that traffic stopper was not good or believable, 3) reversing the footage at the end there was a jarring but not very good effect. I want to say this one is maybe slightly better than Snap, but idk they’re both leaving a lot to be desired. At least this one made an impression through wardrobe and at least felt cohesive with it’s creative choices.

10 Seconds

By: We Are Salmonella

This one is interesting because it is oriented towards watching on your phone and the vertical screen. I know this is something film students do, they have like 24-48 hour snapchat films. I actually think using Snapchat as the medium is more effective than presenting snapchat as a scary thing. 10 second scene cutting is actually a neat restriction to work with, and if you have a good story than this proves how impactful you can be without the fanciest equipment.

Damn Daniel! It’s a little bit of an underwhelming ending but not necessarily a bad one. I think it is one of those grounded horrors that does feel somewhat authentic that you buy into the characters as actually human beings and it does present the classic fear of confronting the paranormal. I think this is not the best, but one of the better showing and a decent note to end on.

What was your favorite Snapchat horror? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to follow me on WordPress or Twitter if you want to keep up with my Daily October Spooks. Thanks for reading and until next time, stay spooky.

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