So we’ve all heard this story before right. I mean I won’t ruin the surprise if you have not, but it is a rather popular urban legend here in the states at least. Coulrophobia is the very real fear of clowns that many seem to have. It it the uncanny yet human-like face that gives folks the heepie-jeebies? Safe to say if you have this phobia you won’t have a fun time. I think since it’s a concept that’s been done to death that we look at many different attempts to bring the story to life. Get a good compare and contrast going.

The Clown Statue

Directed by Aaron Mirtes

Visually I love everything about this. The actress gives such a girl next door babysitter vibe that it works well with the story. It’s all got a very fortunate location, the houses in this nice green scenery almost looks like the opening to a Scream film. Also, they do some clever tricks up there sleeve. Kids can be a pain to deal with, so if you look carefully at a 1:23 you’ll realize that…that’s not a child but an adult on their knees obscured in shadow. I don’t know if you can cast kids you’d definitely be showing them, but this was a nice workaround that I only saw on my 2nd viewing.

This one also does a nice job of establishing some décor. They do a quick look at some of the other furniture and is attempting to show some of the more lavish or extravagant this in their house. It’s a nice nod to the suspension of disbelief to believe someone would mistake a breathing living person with an inanimate object. I like how this one ends, it’s a nice cut-off point leaves enough to the imagination and gets a nice little spook in there. I haven’t seen the rest but I assume this will be the best.

Mr. Tickles

Directed by Pablo Pastor

It’s a little slow at the start but it almost captures that raw horror classic energy. The cinematography is astounding, like the use of close-ups making it feel all the more intimate. As well as the soundtrack that offers an off-kilter vibe. It comes with some of the unwanted horror staples as well, jump scares and objects moving in the background. This one is worth it just for the Mr. Tickles theme at the end. I actually have to give this one some credit, because the rubber clown mask under the pile of stuff animals is a more believable disguise. This one was actually pretty cool, okay Mr. Tickles I see you.

The Clown Statue

Directed by Michael Vella

Regardless, this being shot on 16mm is actually pretty dope. It does have that real retro vibe going on that suits this tale that also feels incredibly old. Maybe it’s because it was shot on film, but the minimal editing is kind of underwhelming. You don’t get a real good glimpse of the clown statue until after it is acknowledge. The phone dropping in slow motion, that is a nice touch I kind of miss that over dramatic effect that can only be captured on film. The pacing was really off and I didn’t believe a think any of the actors were saying. That said the clown bit at the end was slightly amusing, I was not expecting him to viciously mock her like that but I guess that’s how it be sometimes. Cool stuff, but kind of bland.

Tale of the Babysitter

No budget filmmaking! No budget filmmaking. You know what, I respect it, this is totally a concept that you can make just to work on your craft and get better. The lighting is dull and the cinematography is honestly dreadful. Well dreadful in the sense that it just seems to capture action in an uninspired handheld. But then again unlike the last when I was supposed to see the clown statue I actually saw it. It was serviceable to show the action. ALSO FINALLY someone filmed them leaving the room. I don’t know when I always imagined this story it was that it was at a glance they saw the clown in the corner of the room and dismissed it and had the phone call in a different room. So many of these are just see the clown and pick up the phone immediately which is kind of trimming corners. Unfortunately none of them have extended the story where the babysitter has to try and get the kids out of the house while a lurking creepy clown could be anywhere but alas that version only exists in my head.

The Clown Statue

Directed by:

This one was actually uploaded on my birthday 7 years ago. Wasn’t really relevant just thought it was neat. Again just proves that anyone can make a short film, and honestly this is cute. It seems like a fun set to be on. It is technically original, this is the first one that introduced the neighbor and a supernatural clown. Does that mean I forgive it for everything else…no. But I did mishear the phone call person when they were saying “get Josie out” as “get ya sick ass out” and that made me laugh. So good for them putting themselves out there and having a nice little run on YouTube for a little bit.

The Clown Statue (Short Horror Film)

Directed by Cesar Baquedano

A short film with an opening credit crawl, now I know were the budget went. It’s kind of weird to have a big grandiose opening only to be the most, high schooler filming in his house quality. I think their audio design is off, it doesn’t sound good. Things are either too loud where there’s a bunch of just noise going on. Or things are too quite, in that if I’m going to hear noise it should maybe serve as a transition or make an impactful presence instead of just being sloppy which is what this is.

Here’s a fun game you can play at home, it is “AM I TOO TIRED WHILE WRITING THIS, OR WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT CAR??” Is the headlight fake like the angle and dissipation don’t look right. Is this like a day for night situation? Why does the car look so flat? Are they trying to cheat filming at night or why did it look that odd? Dhhhhhh.

Well cool effect getting a sense of POV only to do they annoying character disappears through editing that every horror movie has to do nowadays. Seeing the clown interact with the child is one of those creepy thoughts. The piped in scream was kind of lame, like c’mon you could get something better than that. It was the longest one, definitely effort was put in and they did a nice job of rounding out the edges but probably could have trimmed some fat.

Did I write a full article for 31 spooks, wow that’s crazy! Which version was your favorite? Let me know with a comment below and I’ll see you tomorrow for the next spooky feature.

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