Directed By: Joanna Tsanis

Hi! Glad you liked the story 🙂 I’m from Canada and this film was heavily inspired by the oligopolistic nightmare that is Canada’s telecommunication and internet providers . Many Canadians I know feel frustrated and hopeless with their internet plans – almost like they’re been forced into buying them. So I thought a horror about an internet salesman who literally won’t take no for an answer would be a fun way to satirize that. Also, I feel like most people (not just Canadians) have at one point felt forced to engage in technology when they don’t want to or when it’s not good for them (e.g. social media). Thank you for watching 🙂

Director Joanna Tsanis in the YouTube comments

To all my Canadians in the audience I guess…. can you relate? As someone from the states, I can tell ya that this pretty accurate. Telecommunication/ TV cable companies are absolutely abysmal to deal with. I guess we really don’t have this aggressive of salesmen in the US but mostly because everything is sort of controlled. Between all the fees, pricing, and the fact that the company oligarchy that divides into regions the costumer almost certainly loses.

As for the short, it’s a nice satire of the irksome nature of dealing with sales people can be. I don’t know, sometimes I really do pity a person working in sales, or retail as they usually or someone trying to just get by or make a living. However, their is something utterly obnoxious about the phony, artificial nature of the people who commit to the “costumer” voice a bit too much.

In a weird way I don’t find this one scary at all, I mean I’m never going to answer my door so good luck trying to get me. I think there’s some good filmmaking involved with this one. I thought both of the household characters felt very authentic individuals and the salesman (who kind of looks like if Ted Cruz had Peyton Manning’s forehead) is exceptionally entertaining in his faux politeness.

I think the writing deserves a lot of credit. It holds the satirical weight throughout while be both tense and comical. Overall this one is a fun experience that has me not wanting to answer my door anytime soon.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Main Image: The Suicide by Édouard Manet 1877-81. (Photo: Public Domain)

2 thoughts on “Imagine A World – The Demon Salesman of Fleet Street

  1. Fun film! I did “eek” a little at the face peel, but I love it. And idk about salespersons because I can usually push it onto my parents, and my parents happen to be convincing at the “sorry we don’t speak English” line. But yes, there’s a reason I keep dying in AMQ these days!

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