Directed by Ben Tillett and Jake Cuddihy

Bloody Cut Films have a real gem on their hands with this gothic bed-time story. This one just flaunts production value that really elevates this one from the typical horror short. From the animated title sequence, to the masterful voice over that presents that dark deep voice it’s great. The voice over kind of sounds like Red Letter Media’s intro for Wheel of the Worst but it makes the tone of this really well. It’s a nice touch to keep the narrator even for bits that other characters are saying, it really keeps perspective consistent.

It’s one of those where you know what you’re doing. Usually the mix of CGI and live-action footage could be poor, or the overbearing music could be too much. For this one it all comes together perfectly, to be a really dramatic and boisterous horror. I like the twist, it both is a neat practical effect and a satisfying conclusion.

I really enjoyed this one, and I hope you did to. But if you suck your thumb, I might just have to make you know who comes after you.

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