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Hitchhiking is a lost art, and that’s probably for the better. Now you can’t even go out in public without the slight fear that one such stranger could be potential dangerous. Horror has suffered in the battle of increasing common sense. Maybe don’t let a strange man you just met on the middle of the highway into your car? Maybe you should lock your door at night? Until they find a way to make modern stupidity frightening (tales of a child mutating after eating a Tide Pod, or maybe Fortnite dances are some demonic ritual, possibly even anti-maskers being aliens sent to invade Earth) the charm of yesteryear horror does have a charm to it.

If you enjoyed this telling then the channel Chilling Tales for Dark Nights has got you covered. Unfortunately I will only be covering this one, as their productions can be rather lengthy and exceed the “spook” charm. They have many hour long radio shows filled with plenty of voice talent and sound effects to give a decent effect.

It’s hard to get really into this story because, it is beat for beat an episode of The Twilight Zone that I’ve seen before….

It’s a pretty classic tale. It a build up to a reveal that keeps you in the dark long enough, and is a satisfying conclusion. I think this adaptation had some original humorous bits to kind of keep the tale campy which better suited me and my familiarity with the piece. Like I think they added a line where the guy says something about not being able to take him to New York because he’s heading to California which is a nice little gag on how he’d lie not to give the guy a lift.

It’s campy done right, almost leans into corny but I think it’s fine. I don’t know if you can take it all too seriously with that “Mall Santa” sound they use for the hitchhiker. That’s not that scary, it just sounds really jolly for a looming presence.

Overall the lesson is to never pick up strangers, and that an untimely demise can come sooner than expected.


Don’t get me wrong, I love doing the spooks. It’s a bit of a choir but it’s fun to offer a variety of spook-tacular media. However, I do find it a shame that while I’m doing “fun-sized” posts that I miss out on going after the king-sized candy bars. That’s why I will occasionally point you in the right direction if you want something a little more to satisfy your spooky cravings (because apparently my daily antics aren’t enough for you).

That’s why I’m endorsing that you go and check out Pinkie’s Paradise review on the Condom Monster movie… yes you did read that right. Pinkie’s done a whole spooky make-over of Paradise and it rocks. Gets my spooky approval. I’m not going to lie, this post sounds like a K at the Movies review and I’m a little disappointed it not. If this was a trivia question: Who reviewed the condom monster movie…. I would be the bait answer.

Disgruntled sour grapes aside, Pinkie did a really good job giving the film a fair shake, and breaking it down for what it is. A really solid review that stretches to great lengths but adds good commentary.

So go check it out, I’ll be back with another spook tomorrow. Be sure to stay spooky!

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