One of the most intriguing setups is that of a Faustian bargain. Making deals with the devil and what consequences it make bring. What happens when this Russian with a literal Napoléon complex makes such a deal?

Ivan Turgenev, the Russian realist writer actually indulges in quite a humorous depiction of the devil. Some of the outlandish imagery conjured up makes this a fun read. It almost reads like a Mel Brooks films, finding comedy in an unlikely duo up against an absurd reality. The narrator actually does a great job with this one. I like how his Bubnoff sounds like Kelsey Grammer in Anastasia. Then he almost sounds like Mark Hamill’s Joker for the devil.

Both the video and the story itself are best because it doesn’t take itself too seriously making it a breath of fresh air in the genre. Comedy horror is maybe one of the hardest genre mash-ups to do well. I mean they’re polar opposite so that should make it easy to exaggerate for comedic effect, but at the same time it’s hard to have a consistent tone or mood.

Bubnoff is a more comical telling of encountering the wrath of hell. It kind of reminds me of Tenacious D which is another silly iteration of this kind of premise.

Bubnoff is a decently quick read, a nice amusing tale.

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