So I know for my friend over at the Moyatorium, having odd dreams is a regular occurrence but for the rest of us they can be rather strange. Dreams are devoid of logic and it’s logic that often brings a sense of safety. Then there’s also the act of sleepwalking, which is a strange anomaly in which people act subconsciously. Here’s some horror shorts that show the strangeness of sleepwalking and dreams.

Sleepwalker (Crypt TV)

I would probably wet the bed if the fricking Undertaker was coming to get me. What gets me is the just uncertainty of what’s going on and the futility to avoid it. We all kind of understand that if you die in the dream you die in real life. This idea of having to protect you unprotected sleeping self and your conscious self from a likely omnipotent being that can do who knows is something I’d rather not come face to face with in real life.

This is another amazing creature feature from Crypt TV that what they lack in story the really sell in the effect work and presentation they bring this world of cryptids, urban legends, and freaky anomalies together.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sleep Walker (Night 55 Films)

Tense, but effective. I can’t take the crazy women with teeth too seriously, it reminds me off that one time I watched a woman act like a dog for 90 minutes and it was called a feminist masterpiece (I forget about that movie way too often). Everything is really dark and the really do telegraph that very underwhelming jump scare at the end. Maybe it’s a breach of social distancing but breathing on someone isn’t as scary as this movie may think it is.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Somnabule (Studio Movie)

It’s a foreign film, oooh. I’m going to question that they got the rights to use Mr. Sandman but it is a chilling song in the right context. Nice little subversion of using sleepwalking as more of a vessel of possession. Honestly this did seem like a complete story that could have been extended for a full feature length. Not a good one, I like it better in this more compact fashion but we’ve all seen a horror movie which was maybe an interesting idea. Then you suffer to watch it for a full hour and a half as the movie just drudges itself to a conclusion. Simple but sweet, it’s quite the spooky treat.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Until next time, sweet dreams.

4 thoughts on “Sleepwalking Spooks

  1. Oh you totally have strange dreams too, you just forget in the morning. If you record them like I do, you will 100% start remembering them. Not watching beyond the first few minutes or else I might have spooky dreams…

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    1. Haha interesting, Thanks for the tip but I might pass in remembering my dreams, as they often try to tell you something and I might not like the message. Well, I assure you the shorts play better if you watch them all the way through but I understand. Have a good one, thanks for checking it out.

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      1. Kyaaa they were scary! Especially the second one, despite probably being the most predictable out of the three. Jump scares, no matter how underwhelming, always get me without fail. The first one is probably my favourite too. Very neat story.

        Aww…I love remembering my dreams. They tend to tell me terrible things about myself. 😂

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