Can we just appreciate The Infinity Train Soundtrack, it perfectly captures the mood of the show

Infinity Season 3 was the riskiest and most ambitious season of Infinity Train yet. I expected it to kind of hit a bump in the tracks. It was certainly the biggest deviation from the formula and is a great departure from the original series. Yet, it is what I consider the best season. It took many questionable and bizarre directions yet it all comes together in the end. Infinity Train Season 3 is one of the darkest and morally ambiguous bittersweet series that it honestly gives Bo Jack Horseman a run for it’s money. Piece by piece let’s breakdown what I consider a masterpiece.

The Musical Car

A huge ton setter, and a greater look at who this season revolves around. There’s a good hint of dramatic irony as we’ve know that the train intends for the numbers to go down. However, Grace’s interpretation is understandable especially given the believable naivety she entered the train with. The world outside the train is cruel, and uncaring. Some people don’t want to believe in their faults or need to change and from that perspective the train is potentially “heaven on Earth”. It’s this warped mindset that sets the major theme of this season “empathy”. Grace has lead an empire and manipulated a whole faction to lack empathy and consider the spoils for themselves. The train is full of “nulls” or “denizens” that only exist for the passengers to use. They are objects or things and nothing more. It establishes a lot an sets up a lot for the rest of the series to knock down.

The Jungle Car

Another new turn that adds a lot to the series that I wasn’t expecting. We now get the largest gang that the show has had (counting one-one as well 1) we now get a group of four as two parties eventual team up. There’s a lot of conflict in this group especially compared to the others. Tulip, Jesse, and even MT cared a lot for their travel companions from the train while Grace and Simon show a great apathy for Tuba the null that a child Hazel travels with. Even Hazel is a strange anomaly as her number is static and not light up. Something is clearly wrong but dysfunction is how most of the other teams started so I’m sure it will all work itself out….right? (hehe….nervous laugh). Also this cart had a tremendously vibrant environment and it was very cool visually.

The Debutante Ball car

Well aren’t they just fancy. It’s the standard cart has an obstacle car but this one is more subversive than most. While the cart does force our “heroes” to play by the rules, it is more an excuse to give Grace some time with Hazel. It’s a cute episode that gives you a little bit to attach to each character.

Le Chat Chalet Car

No I won’t explain the following picture. A surprise cameo from a certain someone made this a really cool episode. A lot of unexpected reveals occur and it definitely enriches the experience having a group that has more history on the train then our previous protagonists. It’s interesting as while Grace and Hazel got a lot of focus in the last episode, this is the one that solidifies Simon as integral to the plot and dives into his character quite a bit. However, this snow storm is ironically the calm before the storm.

The Color Clock Car

What’s the big idea, mine is being creative! Dreadfully ironic that this clock invokes the Don’t Hug me I’m Scared series as that’s my reaction to this episode. Everything is quite cheerful and bright in this little cute color world. What could possibly go wrong? I think this was an interesting episode, especially as it provides some much needed character development as Simon and Tuba are put in a predicament where they have to work together. There’s certainly more tension then the image invokes but at the end of the day…. it was a much needed episode that had lasting impact on the show. Who couldn’t use a reminder that “teamwork begins with two people trusting each other”. (Haha hehe nervous laughter).

The Campfire Car

Wow some of the visual metaphors are a little too much in the foreground, but the directing for this episode was something special. This episode was a feels train and one that really exacerbated the differences between all the characters. It was honestly beautiful like a sunset and a tense emotional journey that is starting to prove that things are only going to get worse.

The Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes Car

One of the weaker cars in terms of identity, it’s a generic desert biome with some winged snakes. We get another twist and it was awesome. It a lot of characters having to confront their believes and convictions and choose to stand by them or adapt as a person. Some are better than others to say the least. It is so interesting to see each character trying so desperately to try to amend the predicament they are in, but the sad thing is that they might just find that things are too late.

The Hey Ho Whoa Car

I think Infinity Train is a rare show that explores the tragedy of trajectory. Actions have consequences and sometimes the wheels were set it motion long before you realized you were going down the wrong path. The show believes in redemption but not full 180 and certainly not devoid of consequences. Sometimes you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube, you can clean up the mess but the mess existed for better and often for worse. A episode full of revelations and in a dower sense everyone’s path is set from this point on.

The Origami Car

It’s too late to apologize isn’t it? It looks like Season 4 might be teased in this one as the next book might of been set up (Not to say this wasn’t a great trilogy regardless, but a fantastic season 4 is something I wouldn’t be disappointed in). Another clear but important visual metaphor with this birds and how the characters respond to them. It the classic backstory reveals that shape the characters further than we’ve known them up to this point. A truly great segment that puts the character into a new light and really explains a lot. No matter how surreal the experience is the characters always feel real. No matter how much they change or adapt to the train, their origins, motives, and feelings are always deep and understandable. I think it shows how deep the characters relationship is, making the current state of affairs just that more painful.

The New Apex

Honestly it felt like it would be impossible to write a satisfying conclusion to this ordeal in 10 minutes. yet, the show does the impossible and fosters up nearly 10 minutes of absolute perfection. A great conclusion that addresses the major themes of empathy, responsibility, and willingness to change. Each character is faced to confront their issues and either grow as a person or double down. The ending is intense, dark, and in some regards morbid. Plenty of surprises and turns but ultimately an ending that feels genuine. Also the elephant in the room, “OH MY GOD, WHAT THE F-CK! THAT REALLY HAPPENED AND I’M PROBABLY A LITTLE TRAUMATIZED BECAUSE OF IT”. A kind of bittersweet ending, and one that ends on a different but fitting note.

Hey, watch Infinity Train if I haven’t convinced you enough. Let me know in the comments, what your favorite episode, characters, or seasons of Infinity Train is. I wish I could talk about this all day. I’ll be back tomorrow with more spooky content, so like and follow if you’re up to get spooked!

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