Directed and Written By Shelly Lauman

Ah yes, I remember Fox Searchlight. Actually surprised to learn that despite the Disney Acquisition Fox searchlight is still running distribution independent of Disney interference. A lot of horror revolves around monsters and creatures. Tales of the supernatural or odd phenomenon. Sometimes you got to take a step back and realize that the world we live in can be frightening enough.

Framing the everyday outing as a suspense ridden encounter certainly puts you on edge. It can be a little underwhelming, as not much all happens but that’s kind of the point. You’re on pins and needles because sometimes being alone in a public place is all you need to feel a little unsafe. I wondered if this was character driven paranoia, is there a past encounter that has maybe led to the paranoia or over-cautious behavior. Again, I feel that’s against the point. I feel like for any woman, heck any person in general to be traveling in this scenario could easily be put on edge.

With the amount of real world horror stories out there, you can never be too safe. Always be careful and aware of your surroundings, you never know who might be getting on the train.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Thank you hope you enjoyed the spook, really interesting thing is I am testing out WP’s Twitter abilities as it now functions as spewing out your post as a tweet thread. It is actually really interesting, it shows you indicators in the editor as to where the tweet breaks are so maybe you can plan and know how it will look in twitter form. I wonder if I do stuff like #WILLITHASHTAG or just leave it as regular text who is to say? Also I’m not really trying to reformat this for such a purpose this is just one spook where I didn’t have much to say. Interestingly enough another cool feature if I am interpreting this right is that it is autodetecting sentences so it’s not going to cut of mid-sentence due to character limits it seems like it is trying to make it clean as possible. I’m worried about the video or how other embedded, linked, or photo componets will show up but I think this is a good enough dry run. Will I debut my entire Pandamonium series as a Twitter thread? Maybe, who knows. Thanks guys, have a good one and stay spooky!

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