Today I bring you what I consider possibly the most chilling tale. The content itself is rather tame and safe to watch but… context is everything. Read with a morbid curiosity or spare yourself at your own discretion.

Like all modern horror stories we of course start on TikTok. Here you can get a sense of a Japanese viral sensation.

A compilation of silly dances and vibrant energy. Sort of typical behavior on Tik Tok nothing really out of the ordinary. If anything 21 year old Yuka Takaoka would probably fit in with the world of anibloggers. She seems to have our same weeb interest and a fun personality. Yuka’s Tik Tok’s are certainly something but they’re not the reason she has come to notoriety.

If you peek at her Instagram you have a collection of dare I say “cute” photos. @yuyuyunochan cosplays and takes a lot of selfies and has accrued 67.9k followers in the process. I’m sure most of us in the blogging game would like to now what her “secret” to success is. Is being a cute girl with an infectious personality enough to garner this much attention? Well yes, but actually no.

Let me offer you some tunes to set the mood, trust me it’s VERY Appropriate.

Yuka Takaoka – A Fatal Attraction

You see, Yuka Takaoka’s following is a little more “cultic” in nature. The most infamous picture of Yuka is her sitting on the floor, carrying a conversation on her cell phone, smoking a cigarette, all while drenched in the blood of her boyfriend.

Possibly the most harrowing detail in a crime can be the motive, what causes someone to commit such a heinous act? Love. I’m not kidding, Yuka has famously been quoting describing her motive being:

“I loved him so much, I just couldn’t help it…..After killing [him], I too, wanted to die.”

Most of us believe in till death do us part, but most of us aren’t trying to accelerate the process. Yuka lusted for the identity of a “tragic heroine” and has since been known as the “real life yandere”. Unfortunately her murder-suicide attempt was interrupted and both her and her victim survived the altercation. However, I mean all things considered things didn’t end too poorly for Yuka.

How much time does attempted murder get you these days? I’m sure many of you were guessing probably higher than 3 years and 6 months. I’m glad the normal consensus to this cautionary tale of deceiving looks has been met with repugnance and horror. However, Yuka has been the subject of many fanarts, and is regarded as many to be “waifu material”. It’s hard to know where the line between morbidly ironic dark humor and unabashed immoral simping rings true. The whole “fandom” she has occurred has been a rather odd result and one that shows the rather shocking detachment of reality we sometimes have.

We have such a concrete idea of what we should be afraid of, that true horrors lurk among us…

Shout out to the Tokyo Reporter Staff, they did an amazing job reporting on this incident in multiple articles so I could have a nice concise source of the facts. If anyone is interested in further looking into I have provided my sources down below:

Yuka Takaoka incident: Victim survives, holds ‘no grudge’

Real life yandere: Yuka Takaoka handed prison term for attempted murder

Yuka Takaoka incident: Gruesome details emerge about ‘crime of passion’

Stop Glorifying Yuka Takaoka – YouTuber PeppermintLoser

Stories From Our Disturbing World | Episode 5 – YouTuber Reignbot [28:55]

Just to be clear, thumbnail is from Sempai Bean’s little fan-art video. Just to be clear that I didn’t make it I just wanted something that could catch attention without spoiling the story.

4 thoughts on “The Chilling and Real Horror of Yuka Takaoka

  1. Ah, I read about this. Kinda messed up that Yuka has a cult following, but I kind of love how the guy who got stabbed started marketing himself as a yandere survivor. “The Phoenix returns to life,” apparently! Nice positivity?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Guess there’s always a silver-lining. Yeah I mean the guy apparently didn’t want to hold a grudge and press charges. Seems like a cool guy, unfortunate this happened to him but good on him making the most of a scary situation.

      I think championing survivors is better than stanning the mentally insane but people will have their strange and bizarre obsessions or feelings.

      Liked by 1 person

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