Ah well they say there is a great fear of the unknown, and what’s a bigger unknown then how the sausage gets made. The world of fine dining is certainly a peculiar one. This however, turns that up a notch presenting some bizarre culinary fight club establishment.

I have no qualms with BBC Radio production of this tale, it was a pleasant listen. Even if the accents were a little much. It’s hard to judge the story in the sense that it feels done to death. However, this story may have bucked the trend. I don’t think there’s anything delectable to sink your teeth into in terms of the characters or descriptions but it is a serviceable broth. Maybe they needed some more misdirection or escalation but the story seems to hint at a conclusion fairly early and it never really challenges you to think of other possibilities.

When you finally get in the kitchen:

So I am under the assumption that this establishment might not be serving what’s advertised. Even if it is a cannibal café would that even detour business? I’m sure it could still pass a health inspection better than many other places. I mean some places are surprisingly not as strict on the whole cannibalism bad taboo. Like take Japan for instance. Issei Sagawa or The Kobe Cannibal literally ate a person and became a celebrity for it. After not being imprisoned due to a plea of insanity, Sagawa went on to become a published author selling his autobiography, a magazine restaurant critic, and an made film cameo. I mean eventually people caught on to the fact that you’d have to be incredibly morally bankrupt to hire a known cannibal. Sagawa said that being stuck in unemployment and trying to find a job as a cannibal was punishment enough….sure.

I feel like this tangent is kind of a slap in the face to anyone reading this that would like to do freelance or publish a book. Maybe y’all should try eating people. They do say there is no such thing as bad publicity.

I don’t know, would you eat at this restaurant? I probably wouldn’t because I think In and Out has to limiting of a menu and I have very bland taste buds. I could never work with this whole you eat what you get Soup Nazi thing they’re going for. A delightful tale that reminds us to always be weary of what’s on the plate.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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