Beware, beware the childer come. Into the forest, and you become one. Have you ever wonder what it would be like if Wes Anderson and Ari Aster made a horror flick together. I mean I’m gonna ignore the fact that this role is suited for a great Toni Collette performance and say that this actress gives a fine performance. I wish there was better enunciation of that flip switching. It’s serviceable in being unsettling but it never quick stirs up panic.

Speaking of performances, I like the kid. He’s the perfect mixture of funny and frightened and innocent yet aware. It’s a performance piece but the level of production makes it a grand spectacle to be seen. Their location is beautiful, both the interior and exterior have a lot of personality. The scene transition calendar, the childer masks, and the frog all display the art department is on full duty.

What’s interesting is that you’re led off balance by the duel storylines. You would think that the childer, whatever supernatural shenanigans they are up to is the real danger of the piece. Usually the supernatural is the cause and the insanity is the effect. In this one you never quite no which is influencing the other more but it certainly aids in making the outcome less predictable.

Overall this is a stunning short, that is superbly done. A little bit of a longer short but one that makes ever sec well worth the watch.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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