Have you ever been channel surfer late at night, and just stumbled upon something truly bizarre. Maybe you found yourself watching longer than anticipated just to figure out the mystery put on your television screen. There is some rather strange and bizarre programs that could be running late at night, and you might catch yourself watching something kind of unsettling.

However, as it turns out the joke might be on you. The late night block Adult Swim (shared channel with Cartoon Network) has actually had a tendency to air rather jarring black comedy short films that ensnare unsuspecting viewers to watch some truly odd stuff. Imagine flipping the channel to a paid programming slot and finding yourself witnessing one of these.

This House Has People in It

It’s such a stupid premise but it’s weaponizing the mundane to make something truly bizarre. Something in your brain just hurts when it tries to come to terms with something so strange. Why is this surveillance system in place even installed in the first place? Why do so many people live in the house? What is wrong with the girl on the floor? What was that creature?

Is this the evolution of cinéma vérité filming, I’m not sure. It’s really a simple piece to direct, but there are tons of uncanny moments that range from odd to surreal. I like this one as it is almost a successful piece under strict Dogma, little manipulation with score or lighting. It exists as it does and that is something so oddly satisfyingly. Is it a glitch in the matrix or some truly sinister forces at work? I guess it’s up for you to interpret.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Too Many Cooks

Controversial opinion, I don’t think there was enough enough cooks.

I don’t mean to spoil the broth but if you can get behind the constant insanity, “Too Many Cooks” is pretty awesome. A twisted homage to the dying art of opening themes and the iconography of 80s-90s television. “Too Many Cooks” is a parody blender that crosses shows of all sorts with a comedic spin but an unnerving dark underbelly. I guess what makes it effective, is that it sets your expectation and warps it. We know the formula in which an opening credits roll, but when things exponentially deviate into chaos it’s increasing unsettling and bizarre.

Adult Swim honestly does an uncanny job of looking incredibly cheap, yet having an outstanding amount of detail and craft in it’s productions. It’s got plenty of editing tricks, the song kind of slaps, the large cast, practical effects, the different locations. This isn’t something that anyone could make on a lazy Sunday, and this premise is so large and bizarre it’s a questionable investment for sure. It transcends that WTF shock value and it is just an interesting production that I support such unfiltered creativity that can only be achieved when too many cooks get in the kitchen.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

2 thoughts on “Adult Swim Horrors: This House Has People In It & Too Many Cooks

    1. I agree, I think the other one is a little too long and uneventful but it is a neat “unique beast” doing a surreal horror with a really grounded atmosphere. How can you not like Too Many Cooks it’s so wild I love it.

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