Do you like short films, and do you like them spooky? Let’s rewind, get shameless, and dig up my past that… really should remain buried. Now in one convenient place it’s the 31 Spooks of October [2019 Edition] viewed how it was meant to be viewed……. in September.

If you want to see the horrific sight of my writing ability a year ago then I’m promoting it in the only way I know possible, taking quotes out of context. So below is the list with a random quote from my review and you can click the title to see the short film and my accompanying thoughts.

1. Return to the Carnival of Souls

“gadzooks! One of the worst movies ever”

2. Foxed

The passionate fans of Coraline will enjoy this delightfully similar world of falling down into a rabbit hole and entering a creepy world.

3. Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

What if your neighborhood was infiltrated by someone or rather something truly horrifying? Someone on the registry? No, well yes.

4. The Fantastic Works of Mr. Edgar Allan Poe

So Poe was like that’s a great idea me, but there wasn’t enough animal abuse so…

5. Infinity Train Part 1

Tulip has a great multi-layered conflict that is about: testing your patience, logic vs irrationality, the necessity to open up emotionally and be vulnerable in some instances and appreciate the little things that we cherish along the way.

6. Infinity Train Part 2

This episode gives me serious Celeste vibes and that’s a very good thing.

7. Infinity Train Part 3

It’s a great representation of memories being subjective and as much as we’re led to believe that the tape is twisting the memories, it’s also easy to interpret that Tulip herself is changing her own memories in a sense.

8. Uzumaki

I have to say, they got the wrong room if they’re looking for fear, ain’t afraid of no squiggly lines that’s for sure….

*After completing Uzumaki….*


9. The Mind is a Spooky Place

Mental wounds not healing, Life’s a bitter shame… boy I wish I could be estranged.

10. Vampire Tales That Will Leave You Spooked

Them Twilight Vampires have nothing on my Danny DeVito looking guy, now that’s a good looking vamp.

11. Freaky Fred

(honestly could be a model citizen if he just became a sheep sheerer)

12. Solving YouTube’s Spookiest Riddles (Part 1)

I want Ringo and the Ashes of George Harrison harmonizing All Together Now at my wedding that sounds dope!

BONUS: Best Episode of Creeped Out Season 2

Just one more minute mother, I am having an EPIC GAMER MOMENT!

13. The Spookiest Name is Emily

Ladies (and fellas too) you now have the unrealistic expectations of cuddling with your dearly beloved’s stinky rotten corpse until you’re also deceased and you have William Faulkner to blame for setting the bar so high.

14. Suspicious People Are Spooky

The greatest horror story about wearing green after labor day.

15. CUT/SHORT Dance Macabre

It captures the human body in a way that it feels ethereal, delicate yet refined. It’s poetry in motion using the cinematic language to captures the process of death in a way my mere words would certainly fall short.

16. Spooky Tales of Supernatural Horrors

I guess it’s important to remember that snitches get… the remains of their corpse stitched together.

17. Scooby Doo Movies Tier List

but do you remember: the confederate solider ghost, the southern bell that tries to make-out with shaggy, farquod, the weird police officer, and the GORILLA! Please watch this movie, strange story but it is the weirdest Scooby movie and I appreciate that.

18. Scooby Doo Series Tier List

Without further a DOO, here’s my thoughts on the Scooby.

BONUS: Ready Up For A Bit of the Ultra ‘Violence Voyager’

This odd-looking fetus Golem with some boom box shaped head and the eyes of a salted slug reminds me of something out of 50’s EC Horror comic or something that would battle with Jason and the Argonauts; it is certainly a sight that grabbed my interest.

19. Kakurenbo

I don’t know if that’s a spoiler but considering literally everyone came grouped up, I’m not surprised the black sheep was well the black sheep.

20. Solving YouTube’s Spookiest Riddles Part 2

Ready Freddy, here we go! Here at the movies… Ain’t it just groovy…. the best blog of the fall.

No fear K is here….with plenty of riddles to solve. Put that big brain to the test, here to help ya.

All of us are living “in a society”….everyone is committing strange murder mysteries. If you got a problem then call on detective K and…. know that I’ll understand.

IQ’s 3, but go ahead and trust me!

21. Spooky Stories About Spooky Women

Imagine the kind of “CHAD energy” you have to have to smack your girl and punctuate it with the phrase “Garbanzo Beans, Baby”!

22. Ring Ring Review

They act that this is some clever plot but… this was an episode of The Office.

23. A Musical Journey Through the Works of H.P. Lovecraft

So let the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family be in charge of Jeffrey Epstein’s basement and that’s pretty much the frighting premise of this one.

24. Horror Stories That Are Really Weird….

Being attacked by squid monsters in a public restroom isn’t what I assumed would be my demise but if it did come to that I would be quite spooked. 

25. Riddles 3

Honestly you ain’t falling in love with a girl you’ve only meet on the internet but when you can find out if ya girl washes her hands… she’s a keeper!

26. Cabin in the Woods Review

The Cabin in the Woods is literally as shallow as just that “horror clichés bad, horror clichés stupid” and is just as guilty of them without any nuance or exploration.

27. Random Spooks

Ah yes a story about the horror of…. foreign currency exchange rate?

28. The Smiling Man

So I wanted to be scared and now I’m crying.

29. Under the Silver Lake Part 1

The Yakama tribe describe “the Tah-tah-kle’-ah” as being woman who were large in stature and possessed the appearance of owls.

30. Under the Silver Lake Part 2

I fricking love this movie, please go watch it. It’s bizarre, thought-provoking and is such an interesting deep dive into a sub-culture that usually isn’t explored.

31. Anohana

if there’s anything I fear it’s little ghost lolis and being in tune with my emotions so….

That was our retrospect of all things spooky covered last year. 2020 has been a turbulent year and doing this many posts is quite the commitment that I unfortunately have to say that…..

the fox will see you in october

2020 31 Spooks Coming soon…

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