I am going to be doing this on the blog this time, oh wow. Usually this is a Twitter activity where I watch a series with fellow Twitter folks and we all throughout the day comment on the specific thing we watched. So go follow me on Twitter, do it I’m really cool and stuff just saying. Putting it here this time because the site needs content while I work on….something for October. What could it be? This time we are watching the classic anime known as Sailor Moon [Yes the one that I can not draw].

It’s open to anyone so here’s the schedule if you’d like to get involved in watching Sailor Moon with us:

EPISODE 8: The Brainwashing Cram School of Horror

Bishôjo senshi Sêrâ Mûn (1992)
Best Girl Time?

Did you know that Sailor Moon’s real name is Usagi Tsukino, and she’s a 14 year old girl in middle school. Usagi is a Cancer with blood type O, her birthstone is a pearl, and she is a bit of a klutz. The joke is they tell you this every episode.

Find yourself something you enjoy as much as Usagi enjoys that comic jeez.

I’m actually with Usagi someone has to bring up the rear. I can and can’t relate because I was the “dumb honors” kid so even though I can’t fathom having all bad grades I was doing worse than some of my peers. I don’t know school doesn’t account everything sometimes subjects won’t be your ish but like apply yourself and work hard.

OVER 9000! Y’all don’t like Ami, then I don’t like y’all. So unnecessarily rude.

GAMER FOCUS! Ami literally picking up the joystick and started seeing into the code.

I love how Tuxedo Mask is literally dropping subtle advice. Don’t talk to your cat in public, be more suspicious of all these businesses popping up.

Why would the monster reveal herself like that….for no reason.

First question….What is your favorite color! Blue no wait

Ami actually having strategy and outsmarting the monster, she really is going to be my favorite ain’t she?

Final Thoughts on Episode 8: Sailor Mercury, pretty cool. I think she is the perfect foil to Sailor Moon and that relationship will be a fun one. I don’t know how in the mix Ami will be but a very welcomed addition. Was a traditional maybe standard introduction episode but it did what it needed to do and introduced potentially my favorite character so not bad, not bad.

EPISODE 9: Beware of the Clock of Confusion

Fair enough, I am very confused.

Go check out all the Sailor Moon clocks on MoonSisters.org that has a whole page dedicated to umm…whatever this is?

I am tempted to just review all these clocks during the episode.

I feel like if I was Sailor Moon I would have deep trust issues of my local economy. Anytime there’s a flash sale I’m like must be a monster, time to smash up the joint.

Luna just said the clock fails the vibe check lol.

Haha animating people running is hard.

Hahahahaha animating people walking hard….but again.

My man is going to run to Paris, good luck with that.

This reminds me of the dancing disease thing were people danced themselves to death by exhaustion. I don’t know the full story if it was more just an urban legend or if it was just archaic account of what was probably something causing irrational muscles spasms.

I like how Usagi pretty much just wants to relax all day but that’s her version of being busy.

Oh no that lady was one of the KISS vampire’s from that Australia Scooby Doo movie. Now they’re in a Salvador Dali painting.

I like to imagine Tuxedo Mask always just shows up to the wrong location like that. Shit not again.

Final Thoughts on Episode 9: Wow some real tension in that episode and one that took the whole team this time. Interesting playing with time and some surreal environments. It’s a shame because I think this would have been one of the better episodes if the budget just didn’t completely disappear. It’s like this episode felt the real “time crunch”. I like how the sporadic pacing matched the episode overall it was an alright time.

See you next time, probably back on Twitter. I will leave you with the gif I made for my blogger friend Lita Kino who probably has some interesting Sailor Moon content to check out. Until next time I will see you, under the moonlight.

4 thoughts on “#FightingEvilByGroupWatch Sailor Moon Episode 8-9 Thoughts and Commentary

    1. Having any expectations of what I’ll post was your first mistake. Twitter is doing a little weekly watch along and I thought it would be a good way to round out my pallet and use it as an excuse to give an older classic a shot. It’s been fun so far.

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