I heard someone say these unpopular opinions floating around are actually not all that unpopular. Who better than me to come in and stir the pot. What’s that, you think I’ve gone soft. No…? Why would you think that? I’m not nice, and I’m still the cynical jerk that’s I’ve always been. To prove it, here’s my hot takes as a little reminder of who you’re dealing with.

A Popular Series You Don’t Like

B: The Beginning - Official Trailer (subtitled) - YouTube
B: The Beginning [7.4/10 on MAL, I dropped after 4-5 episodes]

“Just wait 4 episodes then it’s fine” It’s what all the comments say and I just didn’t care to stick around. The designs are just too gaudy for my taste. Excessively gory and edgy for the sake of it, just prevented me from getting to deep into it. I liked the concept of a real world detective and these supernatural battles but the execution felt those story-lines were competing rather than colliding. Ultimately just concluded I’d have a much better time watching almost anything else.

Beastars [8.2 on MAL, Dropped after 4 Episodes]

I was going to say Beastars animation is as stiff and lifeless that it compares to RWBY. Then I looked at clips of RWBY and jeez. RWBY doesn’t look good even if it came out on the PS2, but I digress. It seems like a fad, and I think people will see it’s more hollow then credited. Overtly melodramatic, and at some points it seems to explore subject matter but never really develop or elaborate on them.

Ao Haru Spring [7.7 on MAL, K at the Movies: 5/10]

I had somewhat of a difficult time reviewing this pretending to be Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime. Irina, typically is very positive and optimistic with series and I was kind of bored out of my mind. After episode 4 I was like jeez can something F***ing happen? For 7 episodes the most eventful thing is someone drops a sake of potatoes. I wasn’t disingenuous, I think it’s fine but I don’t really care for it.

Camp Rock 1 & 2

For the most part most people with a brain agree with me on this one, but I feel there is a “fandom” that will vouch for this movie. I’m addressing it not as a bad movie, it is bad in comparison to other Disney Channel Movies. I can see the campy fun of a High School Musical, and I get ironic pleasure out of something as horrid as Zombies. Nothing happens in Camp Rock, the plot, the characters, the cinematography, the everything is just stale and boring. Why some people treat it as iconic and not as the afterthought it deserves to be is beyond me.

13 Reasons Why

It is popular….not good but popular. It got exponentially vapid and tone deaf with every incoming season. What once a passable MTV-esque teen drama is now a culture shit stain. It is what it is.

Andi Mack (7.3/10 on IMDB 5/5 Common Sense Media)

Oh it’s so cringe. I think it’s incredible how poorly written it is. Let me just deflect the “too conservative” or “homophobic” accusations. I do admit I question the ethics of grown-adults paying a 15yr old kid to take up this responsibility. [I mean like I don’t know if the actor understands the nuances of sexual identity but more so the possible ramifications of online harassment and severity of consequences that a young teen might not forsee. Joshua Rush seems to be doing fine, but he has opened up about depression, anxiety, and dealing with his parents divorce. Also has come out as bisexual, still I got the feeling that Disney saw this kid as fodder for social brownie points and that feels a little icky.]

I think it was awesome that they wrote an actual gay character, who was a main character. They didn’t pussyfoot around it and he was a developed and well defined character outside of that identifier too. However, Andi Mack realized they could tackle social issues and began going on a power trip. Literally every single social issue was tackled in this show. It felt like they went down a checklist and handled them with the sincerity of a casual acquaintance asking how are you.

Don’t think I have no idea what I’m talking about. I spent enough time with Amber Alert and Marty from the party that I know which one of them is “mint chip”. I was in the weeds, I even know what happened to Andi Mack Dad. You wanna know? You don’t wanna know what happened with Andi Mack Dad.

Stranger Things After Season 1

In fairness Season 2 came in a very busy point in my life. I was watching it and I realized that I just flat out didn’t care. Nothing was happening, it was just retreading stuff from Season 1. A lot of the new directions were baffling or meh. It seems like a show that does the bare minimum to keep you interested until it can have a big climatic episode at the end that leaves the door open for the future season. I just stopped watching and I really have no interest in going back. The fact that they did a fake character death in season 3 also kind of just shows how annoyingly inconsequential this show probably has gotten so…

A Popular Show/Film Everyone Else Hates But You Love

This feels like I’m cheating but I actually do like some really low brow comedy movies. Some examples of comedy films I enjoy that critics apparently don’t like: We’re the Millers (47% on RT), Step Brothers (55% on RT), Dumb and Dumber (67% on RT). I think those are absurd given that less than stellar comedies are highly rated: Blockers (83% on RT) K at the Movies: 4/10 Booksmart (97%on RT) K at the Movies: 6/10. I get it, comedy is subjective but it seems like some critics are a little too snobbish and seem to reward films just on the basis of certain crew or politics of them.

A Popular Show/Film you hate but everyone else loves

take your pick:

A Love Triangle Where The Person Ended Up With The Person You Didn’t Like

Just Because!

I actually am usually fine with the canon pairing, that’s how things work out and things develop to make it seem fair. Just Because was maybe the one time were I realized that the math didn’t add up, and someone was going end up getting hurt. I’m fine with how it ended but someone got done dirty and I wish that wasn’t the case is all. This show is really somber and down to earth; I find it slightly slow but more peeps should give it a chance.

Pretty in Pink

This one because like what even is this movie? Why is Duckie even there? No one remembers the other dudes name and it’s just so shallow and vapid. I don’t get the appeal of this movie there’s plenty of John Hughes movies that actually tell a story.

A Philadelphia Story

Oh C.K. Dexter Haven! The ending to this movie just feels a bit clunky. I don’t know Carey Grant already got Katherine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby, should have shared the love and let my man Jimmy Stewart get the girl.

A Beloved Character You Don’t Like

Yuta (Chunnibyou)

One of the worst anime protagonists, and I feel that no one ever acknowledges it. Season 1 he’s fine I liked Yuta he was a cool and compassionate dude. His struggle with embarrassment was empathetic and in the end he had to make some tough decisions. There was the red flag in season 1 where he made Dekomori cry. I understand that it was motivated as a realist but jeez if someone were to confront someone who is obviously distressed by losing their best friend by: pushing them to the ground and shouting God’s not real grow the hell up. That’s kind of a dick move, that’s only forgivable because it was a spur of the moment thing he instantly regretted.

Season 2 comes and they completely assassinate his character. Yuta just becomes so tunnel visioned on becoming Rika’s babysitter that it really becomes apparent he doesn’t give a shit about anyone else. He completely forgets his best friend even exists, can’t even remember his name. Then he is so painfully unaware of the Sofia situation that it’s just irks me. Kumin could have been in the hospital dying and this dude would go check to see if Rika needs help making breakfast. He’s a generally nice guy but his character becomes less interesting with nothing to do except focus on Rika. Which would make him boring but they also just have to make him a bit of an asshole.

Scrappy Doo
Funko Reveals New Scooby-Doo! Scrappy-Doo Pop! | CBR

On the other end of the spectrum, I actually don’t mind Scrappy Doo as a character. In fairness I more knew him from the movies such as Ghoul School or the Boo Brothers which I think he’s fine in. I have recently seen an episode of The Scooby and Scrappy Doo show and I can see why he is so vehemently disliked. Yeah, he does kind of go against the show’s principle of being afraid of the monsters, and he does outright spoil the mystery on occasion. Plus that is just not the best Scooby series so I do see him being the glaring change to pin it on. I do think the erasing of Scrappy from the franchise is kind of funny so I do like the gag it has become.

Burt Landcaster > Humphrey Bogart

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Bogart he’s a very suave actor and has given a lot of iconic performances. I just think he’s a bit of a one trick pony, portraying the same rugged stone face character. There’s nothing wrong with that but I do credit someone like Burt Landcaster who just was doing more ambitious roles at the time (Birdman of Alcatraz, Elmer Gantry).

A Popular Show or Series You Can’t get into

My Hero Academia
Boku no hîrô akademia (2016)

So I have caught random episodes of MHA on TV and I really do blame the poor random selection I’ve been dealt. I have maybe watched like 5 episodes and they all been really bad.

  • Apprentice Day: Deku visit Gran Tarino which is basically if a hero was Clint Eastwood and Danny Devito combined. All the other young heroes are shadowing a professional hero.
  • Dark Alley Brawl: Some knight guy fights a poison guy. Todoroki comes to save the day, as well as Deku. Deku then learns he doesn’t have to use 100% of his sauce in one punch but boost his jump or kick or something
  • Everyone sits around a table all episode, congratulating Deku and Tin tin for almost getting Eri but tell them to stop doing all the work so this plot-line can drag out.
  • Loose your power thing is introduced and there’s a guy who has the power to get hard.
  • Todoroki’s dad fights a random monster thing.

It was that least episode that really gave me the epiphany, this show is kind of bad. It’s a fight with artificial non-existent stakes and the episode literally treats it like it’d rather be anywhere else. This fight is really boring but let’s see what Todoroki thinks about it, let’s see what Deku is doing, let’s see what the news is saying about it. Then the fight ends by picking up the monster and dropping him. There’s no fight choreography, there’s no tension, the animation is really standard. It seems like it has a lot of fun character designs so I do see some of the appeal. I just can’t get over that Deku seems like the most bland and generic hero underdog protagonist possible. Deku and Hinata from Haikyuu maybe I am underestimating them but I feel they are the most generic protagonists conceivable.

Big Mouth

Visually it is an affront to God. This show is just the vulgarity and sexual innuedo jokes that are so low effort and predictable that I would rather just not assault my eyes with a show that I don’t think is funny.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Queer Eye, Below Deck

The Kardashians are as asinine and insipid as our culture gets. Maybe it was alright at some point to watch but recently they really started milking certain aspects of their life to drum up ratings and it’s so stupid I hate it.

I have nothing against the Queer Eye gents, they seem like they’re loving life I just ain’t really into fashion so I don’t see myself ever getting into it.

Below Deck, or as I call it…The Deckening. I’m really cynical so I can watch really bad TV like 90 Day Fiance or the Bachelor and make fun of the stupid people. I feel like Below Deck is just like work drama. I’m like who wants to come home from a long day of work just to voyeuristically watch people who seem obnoxious to work with. It’s less brash, most of their drama just seems petty so I’m not a fan.

A Popular Show or Film You have no interest in Seeing

Keep Your Hands off Eizouken
Misato Matsuoka, Sairi Itô, Mutsumi Tamura, and Yumiri Hanamori in Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! (2020)

Apparently I’m the only person on the planet who looked at this show and said “this is really ugly”. It’s just strange having these caricature running around a really realistic setting, that kind of clashes. I don’t think there’s anything exceptional about the story it tells so if I find it off-putting then I don’t see if there’s anything to get me over that hurdle.

Medical drama’s ER or Grey’s Anatomy

I just don’t care much for the genre and the million episode commitment. If I was to watch a medical drama I would probably choose something with a strong character like House or something more historically significant like St. Elsewhere.

House of Cards

Just another genre I don’t care for. I’d probably find it really stark and now that it’s over I don’t know if there’s an interesting angle to go revisit it.

Doctor Who/ Battle Star Galactica

Heavy sci-fi is also not really my thing. It’s just too detact from reality that even though I know their can be some fun metaphors and allegories. I think sticking to movies makes more sense for a sci-fi fix.

The Umbrella Academy
Colm Feore, Dante Albidone, Aidan Gallagher, Cameron Brodeur, Eden Cupid, and Ethan Hwang in The Umbrella Academy (2019)

I feel like this is just the strange, awkward quirky than the original weirdness I kind of like. This is a series I’m glad to see it’s successful, but I don’t see myself ever watching it.

18 Cinema Lane’s Liebster Award Questions

1. What is your most unpopular movie related opinion?

See above?

I think meme culture has made the Star Wars Prequels far more entertaining than the sequel trilogy. Disney’s Star Wars asked questions in a unsatisfying way while the prequels leave me with burning questions; What about the droid attack on the Wookiees? I don’t think I can watch the prequels without laughing my ass off at this point, the newer stuff is just sort of an embarrassing mess so yeah prequels>Sequels to me at least.

2. Which sport would you like to see receive Olympic status?

Cup stacking

9. Which song is the most recent one you’ve heard?
10. Have you participated in blogathons? If so, which one has been your favorite?

No but I have participated in Space is the Place Tour and did a Kappa Mikey super review with a ton of peeps.

11. Is there a blogging goal or milestone you’ve reached? If so, what is it?

Got to 1K comments, so thanks everyone who’ve had lovely discussion with they’ve been kind and awesome….for the most part.

Ospreyshire’s Realms Question

If you could get one singer, band, or composer to score a movie based on your life, who would it be?

I feel like Ben Folds would have that perfect balance of witty commentary, comedic upbeat while also being able to have some softer undertones. I thought he did an incredible Job with Over the Hedge so I think he checks a lot of the boxes to rep my personality right.

Which three countries would you like to visit that you have never been to before?

Canada, UK, Australia.

Describe how you feel at the moment when you post this award post in a haiku form.

Losing Following

Unpopular Opinions

Are Just too Spicy

BiblioNyan’s Sunshine Questions

What is your preferred sockie-style? Ankle socks? Tube socks? Knee-highs? Or are you an adventurous type who goes *GASP* barefoot?!?

Tube Socks

What kind of munchies are your favourite while watching films or serials? Do you prefer salty or sweet or a bit o’ both, no munchies at all?

I go to a dinner theater and still just get a popcorn and a soda. I have had candies such as Mike n Ikes, Reese’s pieces, Snowcaps, and junior Mints.

If you could have any flavour of ice-cream right now, right in this moment as you’re typing/writing this up, what would it be? If you’re not a fan of ice-cream… how? Why? (No judgement, just genuinely curious.)

When I first read the question it was mint chip, now it is cookies n cream. I am usually a chocolate shake basic bitch so these answers are uncommon.

What is the one film, anime, or TV show that you love to shout about when people ask you for recommendations? The one that almost always immediately comes to mind.

The Revenant, Beyond the Boundary, Malcolm in the Middle.

You’ve just been zapped into the last video game that you played by bored-out-of-their-mind aliens who have invaded for funsies. Finding that you are now the protagonist of that game, who are you and from which game? If you’re not a gamer, then you’re the protag of the last anime you watched, film or serial.
Steam Community :: Guide :: DST: A Wendy Guide

I think you just killed me?  I am Wendy from Don’t Starve Together. I will have my ghost sister Abigail to carry me, but I’m dead I can’t survive a Deerclops attack.

Name one piece of technology that you would love to invent yourself if you were able to do so. It can be as realistic or as outrageous (or as inappropriate) as your heart desires.

Covid-19 vaccine sounds nice, I’m actually going to go with that I was trying to make that and ended up accidently finding a cancer cure.

If you had the chance to see a real-life giant sea creatures in person, which one would you prefer to see: the megalodon, a kraken, or Jörmungandr (Midgard Serpent)?

Cthulu, not really that dude is gonna eat my dreams or something but that’s my answer.

9.) Which mythologies do you think are more interesting: Nordic/Norse, Greek, Egyptian, or any other ancient one (example: Ainu or Fijian)? If you don’t like mythologies, what is something you love studying/looking up for fun?

Greek myth, it was the one I learned the most about and The Lightning Thief made it a thing.  I do kind of like knowing a little bit about different mythos though. I’ve read up a little bit about Ratatoskr and Jing Wei as I play theme a bit in Smite. Overall I do sort of like Internet rabbit holes: topics of unsolved mysteries, paranormal phenomena, lost media, and disturbing Mindhunter stuff.

10.) What film or serial (live-action or anime) has a brilliant soundtrack? Video games work too.

I like a lot of soundtracks but I guess I will highlight 2 as I’ve repeatedly gone back to them to draw inspiration. Whenever I want something atmospherically unnerving yet sounds triumphant I love the Nocturnal Animals Soundtrack. Most specifically the Trailer music, Wayward Sisters, Field, and Table for Two. Basically Abel Korzeniowski is perfect for a grandiose, gothic style especially with his Penny Dreadful works.

Then for a folksy somber tone nothing beats the score for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. It’s got a good balance lift to inspire passion but moments of levity to induce melancholy. I listen to a few other good ones but these ones are distinct and have helped me with certain writing projects that I keep going back for certain associations. It’s got a good balance lift to inspire passion but moments of levity to induce melancholy. I listen to a few other good ones but these ones are distinct and have helped me with certain writing projects that I keep going back for certain associations. melancholy. I listen to a few other good ones but these ones are distinct and have helped me with certain writing projects that I keep going back for certain associations.

11.) Name three things that you love about yourself. Anything at all, whether it’s physical or more personal and deeper.

I don’t know how to do that, honestly not a fan of myself. I appreciate that I’m very empathetic and diplomatic that I always try to do right by people. I mean it might not be any good, but I do like that I have a sense of humor and at least try to keep things light and positive. I don’t know I’m glad that I have whatever it is that keeps people around. Tagging me in this nonsense, and reading my stuff, and keeping things chill. I don’t know if I really see the appeal but if y’all see it then I’ll buy it.

It’s like Elvis said, “5 fans can’t be wrong”. It was just 5 right, that’s the surmountable number to invalidate criticism? I don’t know I’ll keep doing my thing and we’ll all learn to love me eventually.

Thanks to:

Pinkie’s Paradise

18 Cinema Lane

Ospreyshire’s Realm



Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you next time. Here at the Movies.

18 thoughts on “Hot Take! My Unpopular Opinions and Other Award Questions

  1. Lot of stuff there lol.

    To your comments about B: The Beginning, it eventually does get to the blending point but sadly the promised second season never came so I don’t think you made a bad call here. Netflix has a nasty habit…

    Beastars I mostly agree with, but gave a good rating too purely for character acting, which is the one thing I think it really excels at. S2 might fix the other issues, but it’ll have been a long wait and I likely won’t care or catch as many things as I otherwise would have. Netflix has a bad habit…

    You might be surprised to learn that your thoughts on Blue Spring Ride are actually pretty common btw lol.

    Lots of things I have no real comment on…

    People /liked/ Ralph Breaks the Internet???? No way.

    Casual Just Because! Spoilers…

    Dissing on Yuta (don’t agree)…

    Nobody gonna fight you on Scrappy, he’s one of the most hated characters of all time.

    As somebody who doesn’t think MHA is the hottest thing around, I do think your sample absolutely did not give a good impression. Your overall thoughts are more-or-less accurate EXCEPT for how you discuss the fights. The show really isn’t about those, and when it has them, they are more a representation for a more metaphoric conflict than the physical one if that makes sense? I don’t think you’d enjoy the show though, especially with the latest season and the slog start. In short, you aren’t missing much but there is some good stuff there that your sample actively detracts from due to lack of context.

    When it comes to EIZOUKEN, you are not alone in this thought. It’s actually pretty common, well the “ugly” part. Yuasa’s stuff never looks conventionally good, especially as still images so I can’t really fault you for that. However, this is one of his more “normal” looking shows with Japan Sinks 2020 being the only show that beats it in looking more “normal”. Setting is more fantastic than it probably seems, but it is going for that plausible range. You’d find very quickly that the series explores finding the fantastical in the ordinary, so this works out in the show’s favor. Overall, decent show but you’d probably enjoy Shirobako a lot more for a show about making anime even though both series cover entirely different ideas.

    House legit good, you would almost certainly like. Scrubs is good too, but that’s more a comedy, but I recommend it. I don’t really like medical dramas either but I have found exactly 3 I have enjoyed, but the 3rd one let me down with the finale (can you guess)?

    I do not have further comment on the rest of the responses to random questions though, but I did read and enjoy them 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t just type out a lengthy response addressing all your points in an affirming way only for WordPress to fail to send it and erase it….
      Cool, cool thanks for giving me some knowledge on some of these series,

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The science fiction media thing is a deep cut, but I respect it. I do agree about Umbrella Academy because I never really got anything from it when trying it out because it feels like it’s trying too hard.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha no one unscathed, one of these is gonna leave you miffed. I don’t know it’s not like I hate it, just doesn’t seem to be what I gravitate towards. It’s sort of a sometimes food for me, if I were to watch a sci-fi series I think RahXephon would probably be what I’d watch.


  3. Way to combine everything into one post. Thanks for the shout-out and for accepting that award. I was definitely impressed about the unpopular opinion tags. WOW! I thought I was rough when I had my list on Iridium Eye, but I should’ve put more examples like you did. Seems like I avoid a ton of popular or critically-acclaimed stuff. Hahaha! With Gray’s Anatomy, you’re not missing much, so don’t feel bad.

    Very good haiku as well as having Ben Folds scoring your life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, thank you. I think I’ve retired from doing a legitimate rewards posts but I think a Q & A is always fun. Yeah IDK I thought unpopular opinion would be a fun one especially because my reviews can get negative or critical so it fit that brand. Then there was some fun other questions to maybe round it out.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. That’s fine if you’re not into award posts anymore. I agree that unpopular opinions can be cathartic. I have my moments of being critical and it shows when I talk about issues with mainstream films or compare/contrast different things. I could see that tag working so well with your blog. For me, I’ve bottled up a lot of unpopular opinions, so I had a ton of fun with that post.


  4. Glad to know is this is a safe space for not liking Beastars. I would honestly say give House of Cards a chance, even if its not your preferred genre. Then again, if you don’t care much for U.S. politics than it probably would be a waster of time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was just one of those situations with House of Cards that I didn’t have the streaming service at the top of it’s popularity and then just didn’t want to play catch up. It does seem like a high quality show so I’d never say never.

      Yeah, Beastars for sure, honestly I’m cool with people liking/disliking whatever as long as they got their reasons and aren’t being too rude about it.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wait Sausage Party got GOOD reviews?! I hated it sooooo much! Like I have always been open to my friends having their own opinion but when I found out they loved that movie I was properly vexed.

    I never minded Scrappy Doo that much.. but then they made him a villian in one of those life action movies. Like a proper one.. I REALLY hate that Scrappy. I do get why people dislike him ..he’s just like a Pokémon that could speak for me I guess so I dont mind as much.

    Beast Stars I dropped after 1 episode! I tried but I felt uneasy with it for some reason alll the way I hated the style like I allmost always do drop after episode 5.. if I drop.. but this was just 20 minutes of my life of me telling me that nope this is not for me.

    People all really praised Toy Story 3 as the best one.. or maybe the best one but I was very bored by it and I found the new characters to not be very appealing.. and one of them is PINK! That is the one movie I always pretended to like because my friend really liked it.. but actually I was like “Oh you want to watch it again”… yeah I really liked it.. so I would prefer not so see it again so soon I might like it less.. and they were all like “oh yeah we might get bored a bit .. nah lets watch it on my birthday then….and then I made very sure I suggested something else to do xD.. ‘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t how Sausage Party was considered good but I was just in a permanent state of wincing just realizing it was sex jokes and food puns and it got old so fast.
      Haha that’s true he is kind of like Meowth.

      Same, Beastars makes me uncomfortable.

      Toy Story 3 is just a worse version of 2 but with a really nice ending to the franchise. Toy Story 3 was nominated for Best Picture it wasn’t awful but I think the “this is the best Pixar movie” crowd is crazy to me.

      Haha I’m glad we can be open about are feeling and unpopular takes. Thanks for getting me to do it, it was a lot of fun.


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