It is an honour to host the JCS. But….

You know what!?

  1. I like making people happy
  2. I love making people shine
  3. And I think I might just be crazy!!

I say that with affection but also a modicum of truth. I decided that for the month of July I would host the JCS and in my own style CREATE a magazine. This is no easy feat. This is actually madness. This is too much for someone struggling at the moment. But she did it, even when she thought she couldn’t….because….it matters to me. You matter to me. The creators who have the strength and fortitude to continue regardless of praise or payment.

DISCLAIMER: It’s perfectly imperfect. It’s by no means saying one creator is better than the others it’s just me presenting you with a keepsake in gratitude.

I’m probably got page numbers wrong. I know there are pixelated images. And I probably forgot to add all the authors and photo credits (ignore that I am remembering it now as I type). I don’t even know if I included the links to all the posts. Just shout out if I need to fix anything.

Hello, Mr. At The Movies here. I am the defacto distributor of this month’s showcase. The best way to experience this month’s showcase would be to go directly below and click MAGAZINE. Clicking that will direct you to a PDF. This is the best way to view as you can click on a bunch of links and send you to all the lovely sites featured. But K I don’t have a Google Account or am having problem with mobile, or some problem you didn’t think about. Sucks to be you, is what I would say if I didn’t think about that.


Under I have composed a gallery of all the pages. These are PNGs so there’s no interactivity with all the links found on pages. You can click on a page and that will bring up the image, enlarging it so it can be better read. Inconvenient but, an alternative so that everyone should have a way to view. But K, that’s not a gallery that’s a hideous mess of html code……well if that’s the case….drats.

If all else fails, go to the top right of my site. There should be a small search bar. Type in “Pandamonium”, this won’t help you find the showcase but you will find something just as interesting. Everyone be sure to give thanks and show some appreciation to Taryn (@Cyriopag0pus). This was really rad, so I was glad to be able to distribute it. Hope you enjoy, and who knows…maybe I’ll be back to host…. someday.


This page is larger because it’s my favorite, definitely not because it didn’t upload properly the first time. Hey Kids, how about you cut me some slack and respect the hero?

Just in case…


12 thoughts on “Jon’s Creator Showcase: July 2020

    1. I mean it was really my pleasure, it’s gonna generate some traffic and it’s nice to support the JCS without all the work that comes with hosting. I know it was nothing work but not to me. This was scary, even though I checked ten times over I was worried that just because it worked in preview the gallery would brick. I wanted that because I wanted to do it justice, I can’t replicate or embed the document so it wouldn’t have felt good to be like here’s the link….go away. Taryn deserves a lot of credit this was dope, so I hope I did a serviceable job of just making sure it’s presentable and accessible through the best of my means.

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      1. I am? No way! Hahaha! I’m honored to have that achievement when it comes to that comment. Then again, I’ve probably left a lot of comments in the past.

        That magazine certainly is a good idea.

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    1. I don’t know as Taryn did the document, I would maybe reach out on Twitter. Seeing that the document has interactive links as a PDF, something I looked into when I did the Space Tour Mapping I would say more than likely this was InDesign but I can’t say for certain.

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