Ayla Spaans brings us an experimental short from the Netherlands that is just delightfully imaginative. I enjoy a short fix of imaginative film making and this is certainly one to grab your attention. The amount of effort that went into directing extras, constructing an atmosphere in a large set location, and just the color explosion that was the costume design. It functions off this concept that is vividly imaginative, though I must admit feels more clever in its organization than in its depth. I think the piece can go beyond its intention and work as a drug metaphor or other topics of losing a euphoric feeling. There are some minor quick fixes like white text while your main actor is wearing white directly behind her. It’s an interesting watch, and a surprisingly effective piece.

3 thoughts on “When We Were Strangers Short Film (K DAY 2020)

    1. Yeah they’re good if you want to review something quick and they’re really easy to highlight certain technical aspects. I really want to bring back my shortcut short film series so maybe there’ll be more in the future.

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