This is probably Nicolas Cage at his craziest and that’s saying something. Cage is a delusional misogynist who thinks he is becoming a vampire. It’s interesting to watch because I almost get the sense that the book it’s based off of isn’t as shallow of material as the film is. There’s multiple occasion such as a bunch of mimes in the street; I feel these are more elaborated on and have certain symbolism involved where they just feel thrown into this.

It almost achieves a surreal thriller type of deal, comparable to the likes Mulholland Drive or Nocturnal Animals. I can’t recommend this to anyone looking for anything besides Nicolas Cage screaming the alphabet or having a phone call with Chuck E. Cheese prize vampire teeth in his mouth. 10/10 Cage doing what Cage do like a 5 or 6 out of 10 in terms of a movie.

4 thoughts on “Vampire’s Kiss (K Day 2020)

    1. I find it very entertaining, I think it’s mostly underwhelming from a film making perspective but I love the portrayal of insanity and some of the pieces are like you said well constructed and fantastic. Glad someone appreciates it.

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