I missed the ability to watch this with a childish wonderment…and chance for trauma but I don’t feel any particular connection or attachment to Princess Mononoke. Yet, ask me to describe it, the first words out of my mouth are “beautiful masterpiece”. Incredibly nuanced with mature storytelling that it’s a remarkable thing to witness. You’re not told to protect the forest; you see how vast and gorgeous it. The plot demonstrates the destruction people bring. It never points the finger by demoralizing and dehumanizing the provocateurs. It is right there with The Prince of Egypt as truly breathtaking animation epics.

6 thoughts on “Princess Mononoke (K DAY 2020)

    1. I haven’t seen enough to make the call, it’s close between Kiki and Mononoke and all of them see to have merits of their own regard. Certainly these are very interesting movies that people should give a chance when they get a chance.

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      1. Ghibli is actually kind of my blind spot, I’ve seen the two aforementioned ones recently and I’ve seen Totoro and most of Spirit Away when I was like in grad school so I barely feel they count. HBO Max is coming in clutch to fix that though.

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      2. Alright. Can’t go wrong with Totoro or Spirited Away. I guess HBO Max had to get in since Netflix didn’t do so in America unlike Europe or Australia with the library.

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