I find Konosuba to be a pretty enjoyable character driven comedy. I think I had the advantage of watching both seasons of Konosuba consecutively as I could see some disappointment of anticipation the second season which is an underwhelming repetition of the same old shtick.

Honestly, that’s framing it negatively when I found the characters quirks to be rather endearing. The characters are so well defined and have such chaotic personalities that the show practically writes itself. As a concept I feel that it’s a little limited that I don’t know if it can sustain itself much longer, but I think it’s a fun isekai for sure.

4 thoughts on “KonoSuba (K Day 2020)

    1. NICE! Yeah I saw Crimson Demon it was a little odd because I had to switch from Dubbed to Subbed but I liked the movie it felt appropriate in scale for a feature length, pretty decent in humor and progressed the story and developed Megumin & yun-yun a bit. I thought it did a fair enough job of giving all the characters there moments, I could see that being a complaint but since S2 gave Darkness her backstory and the last arc focused on Aqua’s church I think it was wise to focus on Megumin.

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      1. For sure. Personally I like Megumin and Yun-yun the best, so that was why I went and checked it out. I’ve only done this show subbed btw, I didn’t like the dub T.T A rare time for me.

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