I finally watched the movies everyone made a big deal out of… it was mediocre. Certainly, an engaging and gripping character piece that was enlightening towards societal abandonment of the abnormal and the underlying unapathetic cruelty that plagues us all to some degree.

Despite that it just doesn’t demonstrate enough depth in storytelling that the themes just come across as derivative. Too much criticism is targeted that it is derivative of King of Comedy and Taxi Driver. Let’s be honest everything is derivative. Plenty Hollywood flicks are pitched as x meets y. The problem is Joker is just so murky in it’s messaging that it never affirms its identity of its intentions instead of pulling inspiration from better laid out predecessors.

5 thoughts on “Joker (K Day 2020)

    1. I don’t know I love the top liked letterboxd review is: if you’ve never swam in the ocean then of course a pool seems deep. It’s a little harsh but it sums up the movie kind of well. It is fine as a pool very surface level thematic exploration but it’s engaging and presented well. It just doesn’t have enough presentation of its message or a great through line that it does seem like it Sparknotes some great cinema and used what they got out of that than speaking it’s own unique or personal takeaway. It’s not a bad movie, but something about it just rings shallow.

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      1. Understood. Some movies aren’t as deep as they seem, but could work in that “pool level” with what it has. I did hear about the Taxi Driver comparisons, but I hope it doesn’t rip it off though. Joker didn’t look like a bad film, but I think some people may have made it look greater than what it actually is.


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