Just going to be upfront and say I wasn’t a fan. It’s a shame because the animation looks visually compelling and conceptually it shows the potential to much better. I like the idea of the cultivation of mythos and paranoia ultimately bringing life and reality into urban legend. It reminds me of Under the Silver Lake in that regard, which is a movie I love. It’s very “tell don’t show”, and it is more about orchestrating a compelling story than letting us the audience get swept into the action. A solid base if a season 2 were to expand upon it.

4 thoughts on “In/Spectre (K DAY 2020)

    1. I don’t know it’s interesting because it’s certainly different essentially being a story about storytelling but that just is too much tell don’t show for me that I wish it balanced it a little more. Certainly original and visually appealing but kind of underwhelming.

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      1. Fair enough. Meta-fiction can be a bit hit or miss for me. I do like 8 1/2 and Green White Green for example, but this might be a bit too on the nose even with the originality.


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