Hamilton is a beautiful musical that took almost the mythical tale of the American founding fathers and given that history a new lens. What seems like an odd casting choice for the group of white political figures; actually becomes a resoundingly powerful message of how this is OUR HISTORY. Where racial division divides us, our flawed humanity unifies us. Hamilton fleshes out these figures paints them in a manner that you really can yourself in their shoes or find aspects you find admirable or relatable. I also am really in love with the musical portrayal of Aaron Burr showing someone who went down in the history books as a villain and displaying him as this passive insecure person (I’ve thought of potentially comparing and contrasting the relationships of Hamilton/Burr and Mozart/Salieri because that’s a dynamic that I really enjoy dissecting).

Why can’t we tell the story of the passionate, driven, wise men and women that played a role in shaping America while also acknowledging them as petty, arrogant, and ultimately flawed individuals that they were. It honestly going to be a generation defining musical so I’m glad that millions of people went and watched this and…LEARNED ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING! How does Hamilton preach the ideas of: putting ourselves into the narrative and that history is important but it matters who tells the story; and people go to show probably the biggest disregard for history in its aftermath. I just get this growing sense that we’re putting such a reductive outlooks of who people were and what things used to be like that most people are satisfied with letting the past die. As they say, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it so I’m glad Hamilton is a great ode to the fact that there’s always someone’s story to tell. So how are you going to tell it?

Top 10 Hamilton Tracks (no particular order)

  • Non-Stop
  • Burn
  • One Last Time
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
  • Dear Theodosia
  • Satisfied
  • Wait for It
  • My Shot
  • It’s Quiet Uptown
  • Your Obedient Servant

That hurt, I’m not confident in my list and I’m sure you’re going to let me know why I’m wrong.

8 thoughts on “Hamilton (K DAY 2020)

    1. Haha I mean I just listened to the music and to be fair unlike a lot of musicals there’s no intermediately bits the soundtrack covers they entire show, I finally got around to it because I realized whoopsie I didn’t cancel my Disney+ subscription after Artemis Fowl oh well might as well check out the Hamilton Pro Shot. It is wild how many people went out of there way to see this one on Broadway or one of the traveling shows.

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    1. Neat that you’ve seen it before, and I agree with the music. It’s an odd beast if you get into it, it’s fine for mild edutainment but is certainly not a credible source. In terms of the history, I give it credit for dismantling this monolithic status of the great historical figures and bringing aspects like the Reynolds Pamphlet into common knowledge as well as putting emphasis on Hamilton being an immigrant. I do agree with the notion that it is sort of a sanitary depiction and kind…odd depiction of a grueling time period with severe issues and glossing them with almost a zany reality TV-esque depiction.

      Regardless of what it is depicting and how it approached it, the main takeaway should be the resounding thematic statements. How do we write history, the importance of legacy, the faults of ambition, the power of forgiveness, and ultimately people are flawed and morality is often grayer than we think.

      I don’t know I’ve always found our faults and failures to be pretty valuable lessons, History should be remembered, not romanticized, but not erased and ignored either.

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      1. Yeah. Granted, it wasn’t the original Broadway cast due to geographical reasons, but everyone did a good job with singing and acting. It was entertaining which I won’t lie, but the logical historical side of me counteracted a bunch of it (especially George Washington and Thomas Jefferson which I won’t go into detail why). I do agree with the addition of the Reynolds Pamphlet and Hamilton’s immigrant status since the real life historical figure was from St. Kitts & Nevis back when it was still a British colony. When I reviewed a short film from that Caribbean nation, I found out that there’s a tourist spot of his birthplace. That glossed-over aspect certainly hampered some of my enjoyment even though I get why they did it.

        Interesting points about the themes. Sometimes I do wonder if anything has any real takeaways if they do have problematic elements.

        I do agree that history shouldn’t be erased or ignored. You’ll certainly see me saying the opposite especially after learning so many historical things over the past few years. Sometimes, they involve real life stories I never learned about in school.

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