I was a little skeptical whether a fan-favorite side character was going to be able to carry a 40-minute special but gosh darn BMO is just adorable. I think this is the perfect way to revive Adventure Time and HBO Max might of hit a nice nugget for its original content. This special reminded me of everything I really like about adventure time and some of the things I don’t like.

I like that they essentially placed BMO inside someone else’s story and balanced it well so someone else has the character arc, while keeping BMO very much involved and center stage. I love all of the silly and imaginative designs and the childish humor just worked well for me. It also just reminds me of just how convoluted of a mess Adventure Time grew to be and just how it departed from the simple show it once was. That said I think this was an above average episode so if you’re a fan I encourage to grab a friend and go check out Distant Lands.

3 thoughts on “Adventure Time Distant Lands: BMO (K DAY 2020)

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