Underwhelming but cute. Interesting the antagonist isn’t necessarily a malevolent or scheming, just doing his job that has dire consequences for our characters. That allows the solution to be found by remedying the internal conflict. Enjoyment will depend on whether or not you can emphasize with the main character who is kind of crass. Maybe hypocritical because I love A Silent Voice but having your character harass someone on a daily basis because they care is off-putting. It’s a childish attitude so I forgive it as it supports the message of learning to better emphasize even if we communicate poorly.

I Just found out my friend Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime has also reviewed this movie today and I agree with it and it goes a little bit more in-depth so if you’re interested in a further reading than I highly recommending clicking here.

6 thoughts on “A Whisker Away (K DAY 2020)

    1. What is K day, good question… I’d say clever promotion for a subpar product? Haha I would definitely check out a Lita day. Everyone has been not enthusiastically committed to this movie but welcoming all the same. It’s fine, it’s good I’m waiting to see someone have a really strong opinion it eventually.

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    1. True I feel that I’ve created a monster and if people knew how kind of well this did someone might try to replicate it. I don’t know for me it kind of made sense for me because I don’t daily blog so I kind of had all these things that I thought I could write a review for but never felt strongly enough to dedicate the full 1000-3000 word essay to any of them. And I cover such a variety that it is interesting to see what he covers next, I think it’s a list that appeases most people who I’ve maybe not satisfied them with enough anime or film discussions.

      I mean I only did this kind of short noticed because the good content train was ending and I wanted a proper send-off, Karandi once talked about how fun of a challenge it would be to do 24 posts in a single day (all on Evangelion)… I modified that idea to be more K original. I don’t know I know a lot of people probably don’t think this makes any sense because I essentially could of had content for 23 more days or just combined them into one SEO optimized post but to me it was all about the fun of it, as much as it’s just a paragraph hot take it is a well packaged, promoted, visually appealing thing that grabbed people’s attention so there’s that.

      Yeah, honestly I kind of want to see us coordinate a month where we all just dedicate a day to each person and just let them go for it.

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