So, this is it, my train has returned to the station. I feel like I just want to explain myself a little bit. I never expected good content train to be as ongoing of a thing as it turned out to be. I guess I’ll just answer questions that might be on your mind I guess that’s a good format to do this right?

Am I an Asshole?

Maybe, in relationship to this though I don’t like to think so. I feel bad because If you want to misinterpret this as opportunist that I was just looking for Twitter content or a gimmick for blog notoriety…fair. Knowing my particular brand, I could also see people thinking am I doing this ironically but that wasn’t my intention. I was always self-aware of these things and even confided with Irina on whether I was doing more harm than good.

I never wanted to keep the wound open in a sense, or potentially be pressuring Karandi to force her to return. All I know is that the train didn’t start right away, 100 Word Anime’s last post was a month and a half before the train started. In between then Karandi did post on Twitter only revealing that she wasn’t dead so I took that to mean that this wouldn’t be a séance.

What was the Original Plan?

Oh man did this evolve, I’m a be honest I expected this to last a week. I was under the belief that Karandi was coming back, so my endgame was let’s keep going until she comes back. I believed that due to changes in her work schedule or personal matters this was not a priority. But I believe and still do believe in that passion and drive to become a professional site or at least to grow as big as possible. Karandi’s previously talked about how a 2 week vacation is demoralizing because it’s such a stat hit. I don’t think stats are everything, but I get that and I’ve always been against the reader mentality that a lot of us have that you’re only as good as what you posted today.

I had a couple potential cut-offs maybe after a month let’s pack it up, but I didn’t like the thought that I was giving up on someone. I kept going and going and then it just dawned on me even if the blog retires, we should at least have a commemorative thing. 100 Word Anime inspired me in many ways to be better at this, so let’s not consider it a failure if it ended before reaching its goal, let’s celebrate it for providing years of reviews, and advice, and collaborations. I think the blog doesn’t have to post again ever to be considered something to be proud of.


It’s right there in the first tweet, I’m just sharing good content, it’s what I do. I don’t like self-promotion I’d rather just let my reputation and character speak for itself. I like to use my tiny itty-bitty insignificant voice that I have here to uplift others. Life is only living when we’re living for each other. So if I could try to help even if it was just convincing one person to help reduce that drop in views, even if that one person was just me then I just felt it was the right thing to do.

I mean let’s be real it was ode to my folly of stubbornness as I amassed a colossal monument of failure. It really didn’t achieve anything, it was a bridge to nowhere that collapsed on itself midway. That said, I kind of knew it would fail. The point was never what it can accomplish, it was more so if I can do something that could be helpful or endorse positivity than isn’t it worth a try?

So the Train Rides Off Into the Sunset?

All things have to come to an end, I’m just glad it wasn’t 10,000 word anime. It gets to the point where good wasn’t a strong word to begin with, but it can’t be all good content. I’m sorry Karandi if you ever read this, I think you’re a great writer but even you’ve had some duds. It’s okay I’ve had about 300 duds…. I’ve had 23 in the past day haha.

I feel I’ve done all I can do, and I’ve been such a nuisance on Twitter that the GC Train needs to stay in the station until I can get more steam for the engine. If it does come back, this was a special occasion…. 1 month is probably fine. I’ve had ideas of maybe doing a Twitter poll to see who’d you’d like me to explore their backlogs next or even using Crow’s database to go over some retired blogs to sort of pay-respects to the great content creators who’ve moved on.

What Do I Think of The Conspiracies?

This has been fun for me, apparently it is so out of character or out of expectations of a writer to endorse another writer in a fun way. Am I Karandi? Am I Karandi’s brother? Sure.

It’s funny because I had a conspiracy of my own. Auri (my sister) did this Twitter thing where she was allowing people to submit a friendly message by describing people as different flowers. I was kind of shocked that I got one of these…because I’m just some asshole on the internet I don’t deserve kindness. The person decided to submit it anonymously. I’m 90% sure it was Aria (my sister) or it could have been Irina (my other sister) which I think is like 9%. But yeah since the message was like thanks for helping in your own stupid way you dummy and it came like 2 days after I helped Aria with a post, I’m pretty sure it’s Aria. But it was also the day after I talked to Irina as to whether GC Train was me being an accidental asshole. Part of me wants to think it was Irina trying to pretend that she was Karandi so I’d feel better about it, and part of me wants to believe Karandi sneakily wrote that to give me the thumbs up on the train.

I’ve read Life of Pi so I know to take the option that sounds more interesting to me, but Aria if you could just tell me you wrote it I’d like to come back to reality.

One final share in there:

“Natsume always feels like he is taking without giving anything back, which isn’t true but it is how he feels, and he’s incredibly grateful for the friendships…”

Karandi, 100 Word Anime – Natsume’s Book of Friends Manga Review Volume 16

That’s it that was the big finale to the GC Train and to K Day…hope you had fun. Thank you, good night. I hope your happy.

10 thoughts on “100 Word Anime, This Train Has Returned to the Station

  1. I’ve never heard of the tweet you’re talking about so your probability thingy is part of the remaining 10%, but that flower thing sounds like a good idea. If I were to describe you as a flower, by the way, it would be a violet: apparently, the violet in hanakotoba means things like “modesty” and “faithfulness” – I think you do need to take some pride in yourself, even if humility and self-denigration does help keep larger egoes in check.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Well the plot thickens….better not be lying to me. Nah I can’t be a violet that’s too pretty for me….okay maybe you have a point. I don’t know Aria some would say claiming a day for your blog persona is sort of a massive ego? I don’t know I never take pride in shallow victories and if never being satisfied keeps me humble and moving forward than maybe it’s not all that bad. Thank you for your kind words, I very much appreciate it.

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  2. I loved the conspiracy bits in the Discord lol. That was really funny. Good stuff, checks out. Of course, you’ve talked about this before with us, so I’m not surprised. Anyway, cool way to show respect for another person who really did do a lot for the community.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I loved the conspiracies, I’m glad it could provide some levity to this topic which I know was a touchy subject and given that I was being self-accusatory and critical in some of the previous sections.
      Jon Spencer I might need you to play Detective again! I don’t know who was nice to me…considering the crime you have no leads to work with but I am determined to find out who used Auri’s flower delivery tweets to be nice to me… of all people.

      Liked by 1 person

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