Hello everyone, how are we all doing? This is a quick little announcement, so if I could have your attention that’d be nice. I just want to let y’all know that I am contributing a writing posts for MovieBabble now! It’s official as my first post just went live today where I reviewed and discussed a bunch of streaming services and even did a follow up getting even more into the weeds of what’s available on the market.

Let’s Build the Ultimate Streaming Bundle!

Ultimate Streaming Bundle 2: Bundle Boogaloo

I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew about that, and maybe encourage some of you to make sure the post gets some likes a comments as you guys are the best. Also just be clear, this site is still going to exist I am not abandoning ship and this is still my main focus. I would still recommend following MovieBabble as I think I’m going to keep my contributions exclusive to over there but might give you guys heads up and links to keep you in the know. Also they have a bunch of other writers posting some pretty neat stuff. A little hard right now with the lack of films being released but we’re finding a way.

Please go check out the post as I’m really happy with how it turned out. I mean it’s more of a tamer topic then the Pandamonium I get into over here, but it is still very much a K article. There’s still jokes and snarky comments so I don’t think it feels like a neutered at all. I’m excited that I get to peep into a more established site and I’m excited to maybe let you guys now about some of the things I’m learning from Yoast and other such plugins. There’s things like how my 10.1% passive voice usage is compromising SEO because that’s higher than the recommend max…..10%.

I always don’t like to get too bogged down by SEO. I write posts and reviews for people, and not for algorithms or Google. Still, I think that’s an interesting thing to talk about and if I can use my experiences to give sound advice I think that will be pretty neat.

As for now that’s it go check out my stuff on MB, don’t unfollow me, and in fact consider checking me out on other platforms. Find me on Twitter or on Discord if you want a more casual interaction. You can also find me on Pintrest which is a great way to explore my backlog as I board an image from everyone of my reviews. I also have a Letterboxd account which I’d recommend if you want to know my thoughts or recommendations of all sorts of movies (it’s ratings which is more gut reaction then analysis but still go check it out).

Thanks to anyone who is checking out any of this stuff. I appreciate all you guys, and hope everyone reading is doing well or is at least trying their darnedest and if that’s the case good luck with that. See you next time, here at the movies!

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