Today’s episode we’re going to learn about bridges…and the best way to burn them. Lately I’ve been battling my greatest rivals: ENG/LIT Struggles and a growing inferiority complex to literally everyone on the planet who not only can draw a better Sailor Moon then I can…but has decided to make sure I know about it! I also maybe made a post where I used an intern to make myself hypothetically fight all my competition around here (also a great way to make enemies). But today, we are going to address my greatest rival…Movie Babble.

Movie Babble was actually the 2nd follower of K at the Movies and was one of the first sites that I kind of looked to in order to understand what other movie blogs existed. I remember 2017 Movie Babble actually looking pretty crude and I almost didn’t want to follow them because their site looked like a site that would try to get me to download 4K HD Movies that were really just Trojan viruses or credit card scams. I honestly really liked the branding and just the idea of the site of just being a place to discuss movies, so I supported them, and it’s been incredible seeing them grow…until it wasn’t.

You see Movie Babble is my rival because they are successful, and I am……not. Full disclosure I respect the heck out of them, they’ve worked hard and do produce some fun nice write-ups, but we’re kind of competing for a slice of the same pie and I wouldn’t mind if a share the wealth card was played. I don’t have legitimate beef with the MB crew, I think it’s a shame because I don’t read a lot of their stuff as much as I’ve veered away towards blockbuster films and I don’t think any of them read me anymore because… it doesn’t take that long to figure out I devolved into a strange and sad corner of the internet.

I think if anyone is new to creating your own site here, I think looking at MB and looking at K at the Movies is a good example to help figure out what you want. Essentially is your site building an enterprise or a persona. MB is founded by Mr. Nick Kush, but it’s expanded beyond him, and is its own brand making certain distinct content by a staff of writers. Meanwhile I am sort of the antithesis to all of that. My stuff is sporadic and unconventional and almost establishing a cult of personality. I feel like it represents both ends of the content spectrum, and I feel like MB is like a pizza shop and I’m like a stand-up comedian. There’s always a market for pizza, and MB makes sure you know they got the goods. Meanwhile, I feel like I operate in a way to convince you to come see me. MB’s audience comes to hear about a certain movie topic, K at the Movies is “oh geez what does this stupid idiot have to say this time”. I don’t think one is better than the other, I can tell you which one will be more effective in getting results, but I don’t consider myself a failure either…not completely.

 My success is all the opportunities to meet a lot of people behind the blogs and behind the sites and get to genuinely interact with a bunch of fantastic people. I still don’t know how my power of “why not” has inherently tricked a lot of people that I’m worth any of their time because I just show up, but I’m always thankful to be forging these connections.

Speaking of “why not”, I am finally deciding to cave in and if you can’t beat them…join them? I’m going to be real… I think I am an awful fit for MB. I don’t know if there was low expectations I think some of my milder stuff like my Kiki review or the most recent Invisible Guest review but I want to stay true to myself and I don’t want to compromise creative freedom. I was tempted to join MB way back before any of the anime people knew me, and it was when Movie Pilot shut down. Nobody knows but I had a freelance opportunity to make money and I wanted something like that back. I loved Creators.Co because I felt legitimate and I worked to get my work promoted on a real website and I could make money, and I could and did sometimes pulled in 1K views on a post. And I also sort of was conflicted because I was being pushed by these incentives to make crap and to make click-bait. I didn’t want to sell out, and I didn’t just want to not make something I wanted to make because it wouldn’t perform well or be loved an editor. It honestly made me sad to see hundreds of movie fans and passionate writers all writing fluff pieces about who’s on set of the next Marvel movie…

But apparently because it’s quarantine and I’m bored… time to send them an application and see how it goes? Why not I thought it would be funny. Here’s what my application looks like:

name: Kat Scamaton

Copy and Paste a Content Sample Below (Writing Sample, YouTube Video, Podcast Audio, etc.)

As someone who has a lot of writing samples to choose from, this choice was not easy. The hardest choices require the strongest will so I had to go with what is obviously my best work.

So of course I’m linking PANDAMONIUM (PART 1)

However, I would feel remiss if I just disclosed my writing. Here are samples of a video review I made as well as an appearance I made on a podcast if you are interested in different skill sets.

Linked my Carnival of Souls Review and if you haven’t seen it…. I hate it but there’s maybe a good gag in there if you can get past the cringe of it I think there is some nice research about the a true hidden gem of the film.

If you ever wanted to know how strange my taste is, this is the perfect way to find out. Honestly, this was fun because it was just talking about a bunch of different movies and I tried just to talk about all sorts of film so that I think you’ll at least find something to spark your interest or will agree with.

What is Your Favorite New Movie from the Last Year? (Released in the Last 12 Months) Why?

I’d have to go with The Lighthouse, there is something perfectly symbolic given how that film just thrusts you into the middle of the sea seeking the answers of what it could truly mean.  I think it is a rare film that might not be too appraised now but I think it upholds a timeless quality given that it already has a sort of dated aesthetic and its simplicity mimics elements of theater performance well. At the end of the day, I’m just fond of Dafoe’s lobster. Whatever, him and Pattinson are cooking I’ll probably at least take a bite out of given that they’ve been having some tremendous work of late.

If you’d like for more in-depth thoughts then here’s a little write up I did on it:

Anything Else You Want Us to Know?

I want to be as upfront and honest as possible and let you know that I have my fair share of weaknesses that I should divulge:

  • I have a crippling struggle with Eng/Lit.
  • I can’t draw Sailor Moon (I have tried and failed…)
  • One time I wrote a movie review so bad I got accused of being a top-class surgeon.
  • I wrote for the now defunct Creators.Co/Movie Pilot fanzine site for a couple month but once I got on the payroll the site shut down almost immediately so I can only assume that that was on me.

I think that’s all I have to say about that. Honestly, I think you have a top-notch staff here that I don’t really know if I would add anything….anything useful at least. However you respond to this best of luck running your site, I hope you continue to grow and prosper and have fun with it.

(Each day I inch closer to just sounding completely out of my mind) Well, wish me luck. What do you guys think, am I a catch or should I be promptly be thrown back at to sea. Let me know how you feel about your site in comparison to this discussion and if you like managed sites like Movie Babble or following silly internet personalities such as this site. Thanks for reading and as always I will see you, at the movies!

Also P.S. Movie Babble Staff if any of the 400 of you read this on accident, whatever spam/hack happened I got a ton of emails from you guys and if that was a clever marketing campaign, nice one but what was that about? Also, advertising a Scoob podcast only for nobody to have seen the film…kinda whack? Seriously, keep up the good work, and you know feel free to come back anytime.

7 thoughts on “I’m Going to Join My Greatest Rival?

  1. I wasn’t aware about the history between you and MB. I’ve heard of the latter in passing, but I haven’t delved that much into their page. There’s no need to feel down on yourself with your blog. I cover a ton of unknown things in general on my review blog and my main blog despite having more followers only gets attention for certain types of posts. That and I don’t have as many readers for my fiction. You’ve been able to get some dedicated followers on here and to contribute to multiple reviewing communities.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah and at the end of the day I’m grateful for what I’ve been able to write and all the people I’ve got to read their stuff and discuss and have fun on and off WP. I don’t think statistics is the only measure of success and I think me, you, and even MB show a lot of the benefits of this writing habit outside the financial and viewership success.

      Well if you haven’t delved in Movie Babble much…maybe you might want to start. Rumor has it that they might be getting a new writer added to the staff and kind of a different and interesting guy. I think you’ll enjoy it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You certainly should be. Yeah, I don’t have a huge following and I’m thankful I have viewers on my myriad of blogs.

        Oh, really? That sounds interesting. I may check out that blog.

        Liked by 1 person

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