In a nutshell:

Scoob! ultimately lacks identity and constantly grapples with what to be. A barrage of homage to a beloved franchise while simultaneously showing no interest in the characters, mysteries, or heart that made it a classic to begin with.

Shaggy and Scooby-Doo go on a modern adventure which apparently means joining up with a discount Marvel hero while the film tries to fit in as much Twitter lingo and saturday morning cartoon references to make sure everyone feels out of the loop. (I really tried to write an earnest plot description there).

I just watch Scoob! and it was underwhelming. It is certainly a far cry from a bad time but when you’re plot is leaked and I thought that it was too ridiculous to be true seeing it actually be the case I find it strange that I would call it boring. Imagine hearing that Scooby-Doo was going to be opening the gates of hell and that movie is “bland”? I feel that something just doesn’t add up yet, here we are.

You’ll rarely see something as disinterested in the source material as this film is. It’s weird as the Scooby gang is treated like an after thought as the film producers ride the Marvel coattails with shoehorning the Blue Falcon. If you can’t beat them, join them I guess? I swear Captain Marvel has more lines then Velma in this film and that just feels kind of wrong. Even when going through their origin the film just breezes by trying to get it over with as fast as possible.

Disinterested in the source material you say? But the Easter eggs! Do people really just go to the movies to point at the screen and play an hour game of i Spy. The amount of people impressed with reading a Wikipedia page and naming things after things you find is baffling to me. I over thought the appeal of reference humor and intertextualility was how things get incorporated into it, not just existing. A poster of The Hex Girls is a nice nod, but isn’t something I think you should gush over or really marks the quality of a film. If that’s a case, why isn’t Disaster Movie the best movie ever? You can point and go “oh, yeah I know what that is” every five seconds with that film.

That said, I do credit the production team as the film is filled with Hannah Barbara sound effects and animation that pulls heavy influence from the classic cartoon. It’s a shame because I just feel their was little passion behind the story. I feel that the animators sincerely have a soft spot for Hannah Barbara and the fact that they brought that to the table was awesome.

It really shows that nobody approached the studio and was like I have a fun Scooby story I’d like to tell but instead someone was given a paycheck and a lot of studio notes like put Captain Caveman in the movie and went “the hell am I gonna do with this crap”.

I actually liked Kelly Fremon Craig’s writing for Edge of Seventeen so it was kind of disappointing that this film’s humor not really landing. I don’t think it was as cringe or eye-rollingly bad as some people want to make it out to be but I certainly didn’t find it funny. I honestly think that it was a combination of factors just not coming together. Was the voice acting bad…. no but at the same time their was a lack of charisma from the entire cast. The script really didn’t try to be much of a comedy so that it felt like you where in a dry spell often, and the timing is just off. I would not be surprised if all the voice-actors recorded their lines in one day and done separately. Just say the line and then you can go home, it’s fine it’s usable.

I am sorry, but Dick Dastardly is as shit villain. Too incompetent to be a threat but lacking any charisma to have any charm. He really comes across as a bargain bin Despicable Me villain which is a shame because if he would have been like Robbie Rotten or Doofenshmirtz or Goob he would have fit so well in this. Dick Dastardly just felt to me what it would have been like if Eggman in the sonic movie wasn’t portrayed by Jim Carrey. Dastardly should steal the show in my mind and instead he’s just there…Simon Cowell had a more commanding presence then him and I think that says a lot.

Also how does Simon Cowell’s inclusion fell off-putting. The same Scooby gang that has hung out with the likes of Don Knotts to Ricky Gervais, and Simon Cowell pops up and it just like why the hell is he here?

Unfortunately most of the movie is just explaining this unnecessarily convoluted plot. There is more time spent on explaining the film’s lore then Scooby & Shaggy banter. Scooby and Shaggy’s arc is the tired Wreck-it-Ralph 2 my best friends can’t have other friends plot. If you’ve ever seen a film that features 2 best friends, congratulations you’ve seen this film.

Spoiler Section: Zoinks!

The writing is so, so bad. Even for a kid’s film it really can’t do anything without spelling it out. So much telling instead of showing there’s no foreshadowing or character conflict that isn’t explicated stated out loud. It is almost Veggie-tales level of babyish writing, “wow Blue Falcon you ever struggle with the pressure of preserving a legacy and not succumbing to impostor syndrome?”. The worst part is that the ending just sort of happens, and then it ends unceremoniously. Shaggy sacrifices himself to the shadow realm and then 2 seconds later… nah jk that all was just padding the runtime. It’s the equivalent of Gone With the Wind ended with after “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn” Rhett Butler just walks back in 2 seconds later and is like “wanna smooch?”.

Scoob! is a movie that…exists? And I watched it! I’m sorry to sort of rant my Scoob thoughts at you but did you like Scoob, let me know why or why not?

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6 thoughts on “Scoob! Just Doesn’t Scooby-Doo it for Me!

  1. I think it is really weird they went wit this format for what is essentially a reboot. This to me basicly is exactly what Tom Cruise’s Mummy is.. but instead of the monster IP it uses all Hanna-Barbera IP’s . Most of those who watch this are way to young to remember all those things Non of them know Peebles Pet-Shop or Blue falcon.
    The more I think about it , the more this is excatly that Mummy remake. No consequences for the main cast, more focus on easter eggs than actual plot, catering to two different demographics missing both. The saving grace for this one is that most of the kids will not understand.

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    1. Haha yeah the Mummy and a lot of people have thrown Batman v. Superman at this film which is honestly kind of comparable. I only kind of understand it as a low risk-high reward situation that at worst you have a half-way decent Scooby film and if it works you can get hype behind a wide assortment of characters. I don’t know maybe it could have been really cool if the focused on selling you on characters or was doing something different like maybe bringing 2D animation back; instead it’s just a run of the mill superhero flick with a bunch of underdeveloped characters that are just kind of there.

      Scoob is really just an assortment of things, it really is the Goodwill of movies. It just borrows everything everything is either Hannah Barbara related or words that entered the dictionary since 2017…. I don’t know how saying “toxic masculinity” or naming a mountain after Don Messick is supposed to make me care about a plot the revolves around the reincarnate of Alexander the Great’s dog allowing a villain to discover the 3 heads of Cerebus to unlock the gates of hell… I do think the somewhat sleazy behind the scenes decisions are not gonna impact the kids in the audience and I do think it’s a decently enjoyable flick for young kids.

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  2. I probably wouldn’t be expecting much with this movie, but it’s disappointing how it felt soulless. I’m not the biggest Scooby-Doo fan, but at least the older episodes were entertaining and had fun to them. This just feels like a very cheap nostalgia grab.

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    1. It really is unfortunately… I don’t know Scooby works so well in the straight to DVD market because it’s a simple story it’s hard to make it seem grand enough for the big screen. I think if it was adapted better it would get the Captain Underpants or Peanuts treatment of staying simple and stylized and accepting that it isn’t going to be the biggest hit… but this industry isn’t about moderate success so let’s chase every trend, and hope a Tik Tok marketing campaign can make Scoob cool again?

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      1. I see. Yeah, it’s so weird why the direct to video stuff worked so well. I haven’t seen Captain Underpants or the Peanuts remake, but I see what you’re saying though. A Scooby-Doo Tik Tok campaign? Oh, wow…

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