I feel like my awards posts is like watching the sad painter with dementia just slowly devolve into hardly making anything at all. And if you’ve seen my Sunshine Blogger Award graphic you know we definitely did not start with making art.

First thank you to Voyager from the Galvantic Team, who you might remember is strong enough to kill me in some dark alley… if you’ve read my intern’s popular article. Thank you for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award, recognized for what…. I don’t know but I will take it. Unfortunately I am not Batman and probably don’t need my origin story told numerous time so I’m just going to link to:



Thank you, Megan over at Nerdy Rambles for bestowing me with a Mystery Blogger Award, if this opening has reinforced anything… it’s that I’m a mystery. Megan has more good content tabs then I have good posts so if you learn anything from this it’s hey… go check out that cool person.

I don’t care about the rules guy, I know I’m horrible but at least I’m trying. No nominations…. probably should have mentioned that sooner I know most people probably clicked this with the hope that their name will show up. Nah, I just want to answer questions…sorry.


What is your favourite troupe?

Token Romance, Everyone Laughs ending. I don’t know the first thing I think of in terms of a troupe is 2 dates to the prom so sure why not that one!

If you had to be any fictional race, (ie Elf, Vulcan, etc) what would you be?

Oh Druid…duh? I haven’t really played D & D but if I did I would find a DM that let’s me finagle the rules a bit because I would want to be a Druid and those guys have an Animorph ability where you could turn into animals once per day or something. I would like an animal companion like a cat or a dog and then transform them so I just become like a Pokémon trainer. They don’t wear metal armor so I’m cool with being nimble and having agility so it all works out for me. I stay out of danger turning my dog into a bear and then just have like a dagger or a bow to fend for myself. I don’t know it seems cool to me and that’s all that really matters.

Which Hogwarts House are you?

Slifer Red!

Who would you rather fight, Jason Vorhees or Micheal Myers?

A rope and chair……….. These both sound unpleasant. Michael Myers is “less supernatural, but Jason is weak against water types.  I’m assuming that I’m safer in Halloween because I won’t be in the middle of an abandoned camp ground so there is a clear path to 7/11 or safe public spaces. I take Myers… unless you mean Austin Powers/Shrek Mike Myers then I take him on baby.

What apocalypse sounds the most fun to you?

COVID-19? None of them, the world is ending and people are dying it’s not exactly my idea of fun. Zombies, scientifically unlikely but being eaten sounds like a no thank you. Volcano? No. Mars Attack No. Rapid Climate Change? No. Hotel? Trivago.

Favorite Post:


I looked back at this post and I think it’s one of my better attempts at balancing attempts at humor with some thoughtful analysis. It’s one that I could only hope to do an incredible series justice, and hopefully this wasn’t too bad of a try.

That’s all the questions for today. Thank you for stopping by I wish I had more content to share with you. I am pretty active on Twitter so go on their and support my good content train, and general dumb thoughts. @k_at_the_movies.

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