It’s be short I said, quick and simple answers I said. Strap in we’re in for a some words.

Ospreyshire, cool guy. Thanks for the nomination. You can find him in half of my comment sections!

1. What is something that deserves a remake in your opinion?

Abel Edwards. At first all I knew was my answer to this would be an example of this era’s silent films and that’s early CGI/SFX projects. Like the earlier silent film version of The Wizard of Oz growing into a classic, I’m sure there was some project too ambitious for its time, but was brimming with potential.

Abel Edwards was the first film completely shot on green screen and while it seems it’s significance is only in that novelty, it actually has a deep story with a lot of engaging concepts to be explored. It truly is Sci-Fi Citizen Kane.

Abel Edwards is the tale of a Disney-esque mogul being cloned in future dystopia with the hopes of the clone continuing the thriving legacy of his animated films and “Wonderland Theme Parks”. The commentary and explorations of this film have more weight today then they did in 2004. I think if you had a more skilled writer adapt this and now having the capabilities to really discover this universe; what it says about legacy, and entertainment industry, and synthetic humans is all really an interesting springboard. Most movies I think are perfect in their time or for what they are but Abel Edwards is that rare case of it should be engaging today instead of forgotten yesterday.

2. What subject or topic would you like to see in a documentary?

Image result for london after midnight

I really kind of enjoy a good lost media story so I’d like to see a really good doc on London After Midnight. Allegedly America’s first vampire film, directed by legendary direct Tod Browning and starring Lon Cheney with razor teeth and a beaver hat is considered lost for ever. I think a doc that goes into the search efforts, the films historical value, and maybe play up the spooky and alleged “cursed” elements surrounding the film I would sit down and watch a riveting take on it.

3. If you could have a crossover between an anime and a Western animation series or movie, which two would you have together?

Avatar: The Last Airbender and Full Metal Alchemist

4. If you could play a board game with three actors what board game would you play and which actors would play with you?

I would host Clue.

  • Woody Harrelson- Colonel Mustard
  • John Goodman- Mr. Green
  • Saorise Ronan- MS. Peacock
  • MS. Scarlett – Gal Godot
  • Tom Holland – Professor Plum
  • Jessica Lange as Mrs. White.

Watch Out, Knives Out! my let’s play production is coming for ya!

5. Which book, comic, or video game do you think could work as a movie or TV series?

The Picture of Dorian Grey

6. If there was a musical based on your favorite band, what songs would you use and what would the plot be like?

I think The Killers actually have a nice narrative style to their music so I could see neat Las Vegas coming of age story starting with “Wonderful, Wonderful” album and then going into fame and romance probably ending with “Day and Age”. I might have to come with an actual set list, could be fun.

I thought Bruno Mars, “Doo-wops and Hooligans” could make for one of those Woody Allen New York Romances films.

7. If you can take one character from one series or movie and drop them in a completely different series or movie, who would you take there, what universe would they be in, and would they make it?

Nao Tomori from Charlotte, into Beyond the Boundary.

8. What is the most obscure movie you remember watching?

I can’t split hairs here, I promise you this list is complete gibberish to most people so you tell me, what’s the most obscure of my bottle of the barrel scrapping days?

9. What sport would you like to be featured in a movie, TV series, or animation that you think would be interesting to see if the story is done well?

I’ll win an Oscar adapting The Piano Cemetery, the story of Olympic marathon runner Francisco Làzaro. He was the 1st man to die during Olympic competition when he coated himself in wax which disrupted his sweat causing an imbalance. There’s a morbid poetic parallel to Pheidippides and the origin of marathon running and there’s something undeniably tragic about a man chasing glory, running away from his mundane life and meeting your demise because of it.

10. What inspires you the most about cinema?

Cinema is limitless, it can be a beacon of hope, a reflection of ourselves, or a comforting escape. It’s the infinite library of knowledge and emotional resonance that can enlighten us if we allow it to do so. Cinema connects us all through the traditions of storytelling and will continue to evolve to be whatever needs to happen to further the impact a story can have. Isn’t it great?


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Tell me why? (I won’t have my heartache) Tell me why? (Must have been a mistake) Tell me why? ( I kind of want to hear you say) That I actually wanted that K.

Two nominates for an internet villain to talk about love………. how did that happen?

So my intern was nominated by Pinkie, but she’s on paid vacation. Pinkie’s Paradise is a site I certainly appreciate, I like to think if you’re reading me you’re probably aware of how much emphasis I put on my sites visuals and coming up with neat graphics for most of my posts and Pinkie puts my efforts to shame. It’s bright, it’s colorful its completely Pinkie and you can tell that from the moment your eyes land on the page and that’s a quality I love and admire.

I can’t rule it out as a mistake, Drunk Anime Girl has linked the wrong blog before… so when she nominated K… there could be another one I’m not really sure.

If it is me as the link suggests its beyond surreal to think exactly a year ago I gave a silly blog award to a stranger who I thought wrote good content and here I am now on the receiving end.

Irina Ballerina specifically said “There’s a small chance K will answer something other then anime boys/girls so here’s for variety.”

*Puts away list of Waifus, not looking visibly disappointed*

Okay, here we go!

Person you love:

I love my two sisters, two people I’m glad I’ve gotten to enjoy my entire life and most of my life with.

My Older Sister: I used to hate my older sister growing up, typical sibling rivalry stuff. Everything was always my fault as kids, and the bar was always set extremely high. I eventually became a straight A student and never even considered myself smart. Cause you go home everyday with a class Salutatorian and I was friends with a lot of top 5% of my class; I was never the smartest person in the room. I’m glad to have had that experience to learn humility and respect the intelligence of my peers. However, I in part resented eventually getting teachers who had expectations I couldn’t live up to and just watching someone who rarely fails really makes your own shortcomings feel not so great.

I really often felt like Salieri living with Mozart, accomplished but constantly overshadowed by genius. Over time I’ve matured and I put petty notions aside (my feelings of inadequacy are more complex then to blame on one aspect of my life) and I’ve really enjoyed having a great friendship with someone I’ve gotten to do everything with. She’s a huge cinephile, has a great sense of humor, and is as kind as they come.

My Younger Sister: Annoying but in an endearing way. I’m going to ruin this kids life, I’m maybe not the best influence. Kids in class apparently where talking about NO NUT NOVEMBER and I said “oh, yeah that’s when you’re not allowed to eat peanuts and stuff” in such a convincing tone that she took it at face value. Older sister was always too busy reading a book, so I’ve enjoyed having a player 2 around, and I have been watching a lot of these anime series with her and it’s been fun to have someone to talk about them with. She has only ever picked out 2 series, being Charlotte and Orange so I think she has decent taste so maybe I’ve done something right?


I think if you were following during my October special you wouldn’t be surprised when I say, I love Scooby-Doo. I love its lite horror elements, I love that its a cornerstone of the mystery genre and its characters are truly iconic. I love the Scooby Fandom because it is maybe one of the least toxic groups, for some reason. The James Gunn films are a steaming pile of poo and everyone just loves those films ironically. I see so many ridiculous stuff from annoying fandoms (crying over character inclusions, and complaining about character birthdays) and to that I say: We did it first, Scrappy Doo got buried (too many Doo sword-fighters) and Scooby-Doo just does ridiculous stuff like team up with Kiss or turn Shaggy into a world-class fighter and we sort of just roll with it.

My current twitter bio, “I am a lover boy of George Clooney-an proportions.” Is from the live-action Scooby movie. Through the rocky lows to the great highs I love the Doo and it’ll always have a soft spot in my heart.

Character I Love:

I don’t know if I could say I “love” the character particularly because that’s not the point but I love what the character stands for and how well they’re written. That’s arguably one of the best written characters of the decade and that’s Bojack Horseman. Bojack is a rare character that truly challenges the audience, as to sympathize would be to be complicate in all lot of terrible actions, but I think a genuineness shines through that you do hope for some redemption or some finding of peace.

Bojack is a character all about complexities and it’s almost this huge subversion of the crude adult animated character. What initially seemed like a caricature of the washed up has been celebrity, evolves into a brutal honest and engaging vessel coping with depression, alcoholism, and past traumas. Bojack always carries a tremendous weight to it, and it’s earned all the praise it has gotten, I’m glad I got to witness it run it’s course and I think it will and should be remembered for a long time to come.

Piece of Media I Love:

This Cat. At first I just thought it was a silly thing to show people but I can’t deny that it’s so ridiculous that I can’t help but smile. It’s just so darn sassy, and I strive to have the confidence that this furry furniture possesses. So I bought it, and I’m probably going to give it to my sister to put on a shelf in her new apartment.

Self Love:

Arguably my most noteworthy review is one where I relate to a character who very explicitly hates himself… so um no?

I’ve been told I’m pretty modest but you can’t really brag about that one can you. I do like that though, a compliment you can receive and can’t say about yourself.

I think I’ve been complimented as being “nice” the most and I hate it. C’mon we all know nice is the emptiest compliment you could give, it’s pretty much synonymous with boring. I think it’s fine when you’re describing a blog post or like shoes but when that’s all you have to sum up a person it is a little ouch.

This was actually the plot of an episode of Disney Sitcom Good Luck Charlie:

PJ has to fill in for Bob at his job when he gets bitten by a spider and has an allergic reaction. PJ discovers that Bob talks about his kids a lot. Teddy is smart and popular, Gabe is sharp as a tack, Charlie is a cutie, and PJ is just nice; this makes PJ mad.

I’m not crazy, and I’m sure this is not just me who takes it that way. However, this episode honestly has a great and genuine resolve that I hope others can take away.

“C’mon when I said you were nice that was a compliment…I think that says a lot. As a father the most important thing to me is that my kids are good people. Kind-hearted, genuinely concerned about other people. And nice. Hey, by that standard, you’re the kid I’m most proud of”

– Bob Duncan

So, I’ll take the words of Bob Duncan over my own any-day. I don’t know if I’m one to know the the weight of sincerity those who loft “nice” at me nor do I feel comfortable in any position to claim myself to such kind words. All I can really say is that I try, I try to fit this description and live my life to be a positive interaction in others, and I hope I am seen to be, nice.

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