This award post is starting off in typical fashion… with an apology. I’m a not so nice person so instead of doing the normal person thing and just commenting on the post from December 7…. I like to just randomly surprise people with out of the blue responses to being tagged. However, I wanted to watch crappy X-mas movies and talk about Star Wars and making friends so… this got put on the back-burner. After gas-lighting myself for a couple days thinking I made up being nominated for The Geeky Childhood Tag, I eventually realized wait, I remember now.

Aria over at Animanga Spellbook is simply one of the coolest. A School Day’s friend and a space buddy, glad I’ve gotten some neat opportunities to interact with their thoughts. I’m sorry, this is late and that I kind of forgot. I hope you keep sharing your brilliant insight, but you better watch out…. my blog is growing and we’re coming for you! In serious though, it would be a very sad day if I had a bigger base then Aria because that would mean a lot of ya are sleeping on some good reading material.

Thanks, I’m now going to answer some questions about being a dumb kid now.

The First Geeky Thing You Got Into

Scooby Doo and Pokémon. Gotta Catch ‘Em All, Gotta solve that mystery.

Favourite TV Show as a Kid

Image result for code lyoko stills

Well, the two previously mentioned are pretty high up. I watched a lot of TV and kind of just watched what was on, but I’m going say Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto, and Code Lyoko. Damn, I was going to do a haha funny week where I reviewed “anime” but not from Japan. I had revisited Code Lyoko and watched all of Miraculous but sort of didn’t know how exactly to write for them and it ran into October where I like to do spooky content. Spoiler: despite both of those shows having limited animation and very juvenile plots…. they’re great and I think they’re great fun. Hopefully I actually get to write those soon, I bet I can awaken your inner 8-year-old.

I also feel the more I reveal the more I show my age, I should really lie and say my favorite show as a kid was Archie Bunker’s Place or Crusader Rabbit just to make people question everything.

Favourite Movie as a Kid

The Lion King or Shrek 2

Favourite Video Game as a Kid

Related image

The Over The Hedge Game slaps! Shrek 2, Melee, Mario Kart Double-Dash, and NBA Live 06 where all fun times.

Favourite Book as a Kid

Warriors series was the bomb…. It was literally Fire Emblem but with cats. Specifically, I liked The New Prophecy because that’s what I read first. I believe Moonrise was the best part of that series I believe. I read the original series and it was also good fun, and then I started the Power of Three and it started to feel like Boruto and wasn’t that into it. That and you can only be 10 year’s old for so long, there’s like a hundred of these books and multiple spin-offs with bears and I’m just good, I had my two six book series and I’ll leave it there. However, if I could get an anime series or overly serious film adaptation I’ll be right there with the kiddos and the Furry Rule 34 artists.

7. Favourite Memory as a Kid

So many great memories to choose from. I loved all the time I spent growing up playing basketball. I was lucky enough to be a 3-time champion and there’s something satisfying about getting to band together and achieve your goals and I’m glad after each one I always wanted to strive for one more. I loved playing with competitive teams and with ragtag misfits that didn’t win often but it was still fun to go out there and prove something. There’s just so many happy times, all of them shared with others so I just appreciate getting to laugh with so many people throughout the times, I hold all these relationships and moments to such high value that to expand on each would be a post for a whole other post, a whole other blog really. Great times, very fortunate.

8. A Character You Looked Up to as a Kid

Steve Nash: Be efficient and do your thing with an unrelenting passion. Preserve with toughness and true value is not just in what you can personally achieve but how much you can elevate others.

9. A Character That Scared You as a Kid

I wasn’t that scared of horror much as a kid… I loved Courage the Cowardly Dog and Caroline and a lot of the spooky media stuff. When I was a wee lad (I’m Irish now) The Mr. Toad ride at Disneyland was a little intense. I wasn’t exactly freaked out more perplexed by the opening to Spirited Away, I had keen rationality at a young age so I knew that was a fictional story but it was kind of jarring to be like “I would be royally screwed if my parents just became pigs all of a sudden”.

Okay, the one that I think is completely fair was as someone who had a weird childish paranoia ( I would imagine burglars coming to murder me in my sleep, but since all robbers are like Home Alone stupid so as long as I hid under the covers and be very still…. I’m all good) listening to a dramatic audiobook of ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ in the fourth grade was very haunting. I just remember the narrator had this deep James Earl Jones voice and their was a single illustration of this slim lanky black dude (looking back kind of racist depiction of while I guess it doesn’t specify, I have my doubts that the Poe was imagining his vindictive ruthless character to look anything like what I’m describing) hunched over in sort of contorted manner. Did not like.

Of course, the stories themselves weren’t necessarily terrifying but slightly creepy was the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was a fun spook.

Image result for scary stories to tell in the dark
Haha hehe, It’s my face reveal guys

But Wait There’s More…

If you read my stuff, then I want to assume you’ve run into Ospreyshire in the comment sections. Ospreyshire’s other blog Iridium Eye Reviews, wanted me to recognize…. my delightful charm? My impeccable quality of writing? The feeling of joy you get when you look at those beautiful thumbnails… the ones that you thought weren’t bad for someone who’s 7 years old but since the childhood answers didn’t mention Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig you’re slowly starting to come to the urge to retract that statement? I don’t know, but Blogger Recognition Award…. I got it. Thank you for deeming it so, I am now going to do the obligation that comes with that award thing now.

History of your Blog

No. I just gave you the history of my life and I did a year in review a couple posts ago so, just check that out if you’re interested.

2 pieces of advice for New Bloggers

You’re gonna suck:

Sorry, it’s true. I can’t speak in absolutes maybe there’s rare exception here or there but most likely you’re very first post isn’t going to be good. I know a lot of my viewers look up to or respect Irina, Ms. I Drink and Watch Anime (Great role model, great friendo) but you have to realize is that Irina is like on post 972 billion at this point. It’s like being a kindergartner and saying you’re stupid because your older sibling is getting their Master’s degree.    

Allow yourself to grow, it’s something that you can see with blogs, artists, YouTubers, and filmmakers. Check out my first episode of shortcut and you’ll see how some of the great filmmakers started out. I don’t know how my fellow writer friends agree with sentiment, but I’m sure if I asked them to re-post their very first post unedited randomly among their quality stream of content they would have the same reaction I would have….. completely mortified. If you look up to some of my reviews, then you need more than two pieces of advice… but my work never was possible from the beginning. Mostly because my first week was as an Instagram page. Going from Instagram posts to epic length reviews didn’t happen in a day and it didn’t happen because I decided to change it up and that this was better content. Experiment with different styles, and expand your horizons, enjoy being small and not having any pressure to perform or to be criticized harshly and be able to comfortably engage with all your followers. I know there’s that insecurity that where your at now is as good as it gets; You can have your best you, I believe in you but everyone starts as a dumb baby and as long as you don’t abort that baby or forget to turn the stove off it’s going to develop into something special.

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Office Christmas Party, the 2016 released film co-directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck (Blades of Glory, The Switch) is in my opinion surprisingly better than expected. From first glance at trailers Office Christmas Party appears to lack plot but this could be to its advantage, while I wouldn’t insinuate that this film is good as Airplane (1980) it bares resemblance in attempting to allow writers a field day with a simple premise. Office Christmas Party, best attribute is balancing its cast, it’s an ensemble with many familiar faces (Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Kate McKinnon, Olivia Munn, TJ Miller, SNL members, etc.) each playing a quirky or easily recognizable character type and shares screen time well, allowing each to have a fair share of moments and interactions with one another. Oddly enough I would have to argue that the best parts of Office Christmas Party were the parts NOT at the Office Christmas Party. The first 20 minutes of introducing the character personalities in their everyday office interactions landed a few comedic lines more so than the 2nd Act the relied on absurd over the top humor that most recent comedies are seen pulling similar antics. In terms of it being a Christmas movie, I honestly would not be surprised if there was an early version of the script that didn’t evolve Christmas at all, besides the occasional joke or song much of the film would play out the same if it were changed to July 18th. There’s no real evoking the spirit of Christmas moment but that’s probably for the best. Is it predictable in terms of plot? yes, is there an unnecessary action climax in a comedy movie? Yes, how is the humor? Humor is subjective and I for one felt it had some good lines, some silly moments, and while not every joke landed it lacked the jokes the one would roll their eyes at has the opposite effect of what a joke should do and instead of making you laugh puts a frown on your face and questions all your life decisions. Ironically those Jokes can be found in another film released the same year also with Party in the title. #OfficeChristmasParty #moviereview #redbox #filmreview

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This is where I started… cringe, but dang I had some external traffic even back then…. is it time to revive the dead?

Who is Your Audience:

I had this bad mindset that I didn’t want to follow a lot of people because it diminishes sort of the respect the person has for you. Once you concede that you’re their follower, they will never see you as equals. So besides sounding like a Kaguya-Sama protagonist, I think there’s some truth in there. I think you should be confident in what your doing, and your own creative voice, and what you offer to the table before being overly eager to collab or expect much fanfare. However, if you hold this philosophy you will kill your blog. You can try gaining some views through targeting obscure topics and then hoping to rank high on Google search pages. However, WordPress isn’t like YouTube or Social Media apps in that there’s not a large lurker population. A lot of people use YouTube without necessarily consider themselves content creators, everyone on WordPress has an inherent respect and camaraderie with one another because we are all in the same boat. I think you’re truly missing out if you’re not actively attempting to try and mingle with everyone. It’s not enough to be just a supplier, you’re in the wrong district for that kind of thinking, but you can make some friends and colleagues even if you’re the black sheep to their community theirs a lot of open arms so just make an effort to put yourself out there.

Good job, you made it to the end. That might not sound like an achievement but it is to me so congrats on being awesome as always. I have to nominate some people too, so I guess if you want to accept it as a geek, or as deserved recognition, or both go for it:

I don’t like these awards because I’m not really a first draft pick so by the time it gets to me it feels like it’s been passed around a lot of places. But while I don’t have a great deal of history I recognize the talent and effort behind these blogs. So, hey I’m K at the Movies, and though you may not know me well……… or at all, I respect your work, and I’m wishing you best of luck in your endeavors. Hopefully the year is young, and I’ll be reading many more things to come.

That will do it for me, do the things that let me know you want me to make more stuff. Help me reach my follower goal, we are so close to whatever number you see it at, plus one. Same goes for Twitter, and my comment section. Thanks, peace out [Insert Outro here]

12 thoughts on “I’m Recognized as a Freak and a Geek?

  1. That was a great read. I did think that part in the opening of Spirited Away was creepy with the parents turning into pigs, to be fair. Your advice does make a lot of sense and I can definitely speak from experience when it comes to covering obscure topics and even then it’s not as abundant as it’s cracked up to be. I was shocked when I got all those searches on my Finding Gaston review and the fact it was my most viewed post of last year despite posting that in 2017 is baffling to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. That part in Spirited Away is wild and weird, more bewildering than scary. I’m glad you liked my words of wisdom, I don’t like claiming expertise but I do think I might know a little more about SEO and “the blogging game” then I let on. Google SERP traffics is so wild, my best performing stuff is ‘Before I Wake’ and ‘Creeped Out’ which I don’t consider my best writing, think you would agree.

      It hard to compete in google market, you kind of have to luck into the balance of obscure enough that there’s not a lot of competition but popular enough to generate traffic. Personally, I take comments as the most valuable metric as it shows that not only is your work being acknowledged but people are responding to it.

      People care too much about follower amount when there’s all those disingenuous sites that will follow you if you put “blog” in the tags, and will never read anything you ever write. People care too much about views without swallowing that pill that pages have high bounce rates of users who immediately open and then click off. My favorite thing recently was hearing the concept that “professional reviews have an opening synopsis” like you’re a better writer if you do this and that it’s not a way to keyword stuff your pages with relevant phrases such as character names, settings, plot descriptions, etc. and expanding your word count without having to do any work analyzing the material or articulating your opinion just relaying what happened.

      I feel like I could plug into the machine better and “optimize” but I love how liberating and genuine it feels to kind of play by my own rules. My philosophy is sort of work on becoming a better writer, demonstrating a personality or shtick, and just being a better person you can implement better practices. The people, your people will eventually come to you I think chasing the audience is just a way to feel unsatisfied and ultimately will bite you when you amass more then you can manage.

      Right now it’s all for the sake of dumb fun, sharing interesting media, and connecting with some of the great people around and for now that’s fine by me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. It was wild and weird, but it did creep me out a bit.

        You do bring up a lot of truths. I’m a small blogger on all my channels here, and I have to keep telling myself not to be obsessed with my view and follower count. I do my best to have fun with writing, but I do have more of a serious slant for my fiction blog or the main Ospreyshire one on occasion especially when it comes to the news topics I’ll put on there or promoting my work.

        I’m certainly in the same boat of sharing various media around whether it’s my creations or reviewing movies, anime, documentaries, etc.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have been putting a lot more thought into how the blogging community operates and by what principles it operates. Blogging is definitely much different from social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram. What I really enjoy most is the freedom that having your own blog means, and what you can do with your own creative processes to bring your best ideas forward.

    It feels great to have creative ownership in your own small corner of the web. I enjoyed your advice to new bloggers and I certainly have much to learn. I am learning the ropes bit by bit, but its not easy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think it’s always good to exercise an awareness of how things operate. Freedom of the creative process – Amen. Part of the fun is everyone is learning at their own pace and value different attributes of the process. Since we’re all learning it’s great to be learning together. You’re welcome, I’m glad you got something out of it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha jeez… you, suck? Blasphemy! Sounds like you have a very healthy relationship with all your children, I think it’s great to have a fondness for the memories of the past and where you came from, it’s a sign of truly having joy for what you do.

      I think it’s true that you’ve become well regarded, and looked up to in the community, so you definitely don’t suck now and I hope you continue to inspire others to suck-less.

      P.S. If you don’t start submitting your work to the JCS showcase….. one of us will.


      1. Oh there’s a reason. It’s suppose to promote blogs and I have been lucky enough to get mentionned by a lot of wonderful bloggers (cough cough) so i would feel bad getting someone’s spot.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sounds, like a nasty cough hopefully it’s just reverse flu. I respect what you’re going for, but I think your martyrdom is misplaced. They seem to really enjoy upping the ante and featuring as many works as possible so I’d be very surprised if there was a spot to steal. I trust Jon would just double up host/submission reviews when the project gets unmanageable before turning people away.

        Maybe it is promotion, but I like to see it as a celebration of all the creative and dedicated work that appear on all sorts of places. I think you should look at it the other way, I’m sure people who do get nominated would feel great seeing their work featured alongside yours.

        I’m also pretty sure people would find it more an honor to be nominated alongside Irina the Great, rather than K the Stupid. I’m already lucky enough to get some attention and unwarranted compliments anyway, and I don’t like self-promotion and having to chose between my… what did you say, slow children? If it really is about self-promotion, rather than about celebration then someone should change that.


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