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  • Unique Particle (Look at the Trees)
  • Karandi (100 Word Anime)
  • Terrance Crow (Crow’s World of Anime)
  • Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)

May in retrospect was so wild I have a hard time believing that all of this happened in one month. The birth of shortcut my short film exploration series which is fun and different; something I should do again soon. Fixing Sonic which low-key, I won’t spoil it but maybe the funniest photo edits I’ve done all year.

Beyond the Boundary/ my first episodic review and what an amazing show. I appreciate so many different aspects of different series and often find it comparing apples to oranges but if you were to ask me what my favorite anime is the first one to come to mind is Beyond the Boundary. Sunshine Blogger Part 2 was fun because it was a pseudo-Anniversary special/excuse just to congratulate a few people who I think deserve a lot of credit for being phenomenal at what they do.

Then I had the responsibility of reviewing the biggest movie of all time with Avengers: Endgame and I think I did a fine enough job doing it my way. I think the quote poster sums up my existence on WordPress pretty well, obnoxious out of place bright red comic sans text.

However, if you thought all that image had to offer was a quick visual gag then the joke is on you, because I MADE ALL THE QUOTES. They’re all quotes from other bloggers around the block, which was a nice nod to my main focus being how massive this film was and how the pre-release stuff that might be forgotten as time forges on.

A Critic’s Critique of the Critics’ Critic: Are You Allowed to say Endgame is Bad?” is my favorite title of the year and is a rare argumentative post but I think I did a sufficient job of poking holes into this guys arguments while keeping it in my typical humorous, irreverent voice.

I don’t even remember what I did to get these titans of blogging to follow me in May. I think Crow first interacted with me over Beyond the Boundary, but I swear Crow is so good I was already in his database of anime sites before that…. Somehow. I believe Karandi thought I was cool after the Anniversary shout out, I don’t like that Karandi has seen one of my first reviews…that’s knowing too much. I’ve even repressed those awful memories, so I don’t even remember how bad early K at the Movies used to be.

I know I followed Scott, because I remember in the comment section of one of Irina’s post, Irina spoke very highly of Scott having some of the most well thought out posts or something along those lines. I don’t remember how he eventually came to me, sometimes it just sort of happens.


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  • Movies Matrix
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June will forever be the month of weird yet totally real collaborations with my well-respected colleagues: Bill. K Scamaton and Donnie Lemonie. I think I’ll have to bring one of them back again soon, I really need their professionalism to liven this place up. If I have to make a top 10 posts of the year, I have a hard time thinking that Paint Broad Strokes and the Clannad Collection don’t make that list. Both where massive projects and were some of the best organized posts with a lot of ideas creatively and critically respectively.

I think the most shocking post is Sleepaway Camp because it seemed strange to cover a campy 80s slasher, but I had a lot of fun with it. I think it’s shocking because I admit at the end that I was contemplating retiring the blog and doing so unceremoniously by just ending it.

I felt I promised film reviews, anime reviews, and creative writing and this month I was able to provide an all time high in each department, so naturally I saw it as a sendoff point. I feel that I only exist for novelty sake, and novelty wears off eventually so when does this dog and pony show go stale and both: people stop caring and I progressively get worse ideas. I don’t think I was legitimately going to disappear into the nether, but I feel I would probably go out this way. No big announcement or going out with a triumphant final act, I honestly don’t deserve that so I think I would recognize that yep it’s run its course and I’ll be here today, gone tomorrow.

But as I said, K at the movies had the best character arc of the year. It appears it’s about to rain, but the sun always comes back eventually.


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  • YumDeku (MyAnime2go)
  • Raistlin0903
  • Pinkie’s Paradise
  • Ospreyshire’s Realm
  • Arthifis (Anime Shelter)

So, we should address how does someone go from thinking they’re reaching their end to becoming the busiest and most productive they’ve ever been with this hobby. I guess I’m like that mouse that you think you’re just giving him a cookie but then you’re owing the bank multiple mortgages on your home after you got swept up in gambling offshore assets in attempt to use your lottery ticket earnings to become the major stockholder of the largest cookie company in America (Is it obvious I haven’t read the book?).

So, I cover a little anime now, and I got to thinking that I really should explore a sci-fi or something different then the typical stuff I covered prior. Then comes Scott, who says he’s putting together a little space theme event. I don’t know Scott, but I kind of got that whim again and just commented that it sounded interesting and maybe I’ll have to join in.

I saw Expelled from Paradise was on Netflix, so I figured I’d watch it and if I thought I could turn it into a decent post I would go with it and that was the case. I knew that I had to link to a couple people so I was like, wouldn’t it be fun to maybe make a quick little planet design, have some fun with the theme when encouraging people to continue to other collaborators. I made a couple using the sphere effect in Photo POS Pro 3 and just testing it with different colors, textures, gradients just to make sure I could do it. The plan was to make them very simple, generic looking alien planets (HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA).

I’m sorry, it’s just this project grew far beyond where I initial thought it would be and that’s fantastic. What originally was a surprise element that showcased what ‘K at the Movies’ entails became this huge collaborative effort. I barely knew anyone I was collaborating with, and I’d never executed someone else’s idea quite like this before. Scott encouraged me that we should see what people wanted and I was game.

I thought people would have requests like “make it red”, it didn’t go like that at all. Honestly, truly was a blessing to be working with such creative minds because it was actually easier to execute a description which gave me this image in my head of what that should look like. It was so much fun with how diverse of a challenge it was: some people had clear depictions of what it should be (AJ, Sirius, Joe), then some gave me like a conceptual description which was interesting (Arthifis “Shelter”, and YumDeku “Peace & Chaos”) and then with some I had a lot of free range (Zainou, Crow, and myself). I genuinely had so much fun crafting the galaxy and shouldering this burden beyond being the sort of opening act I played and do something that tied everyone’s posts together and demonstrated the energy everyone brought to this collaboration.

The kind of sad truth was behind the scenes, I was not in a good head space during this time. I was probably the most stressed and anxious I had every been in my life and my thoughts where I guess to not get much into it could be described as being dark and self-critical. My only real solace was self-induced isolation where I would everyday for about 3 hours at a time, forget it all and focus in on getting the editing of these planets done. I’m very grateful for the people putting trust in me to execute their wishes and for just allowing me to cement myself as a de facto member of a very charming and supportive community.

That group of noteworthy followers is a great list of examples of the great people who’s innovative writing and posting have inspired me to continue to grow. Why stay isolated when there’s an entire galaxy to explore filled with wonderful people to meet.

Also…. The Lion King Remake sucks.


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  • Laura Williams (LAU.WILL)
  • 1832Rashidul.huda (Enigma Debunked)
  • Takuto’s Anime Café

August was sort of playing off the recent buzz of being this strange new person of interest to people who saw my name floating around the Space tour. I leaned heavily into community engagement with this month probably being some of the best engagement I’ve seen across multiple posts. Another awards posts, Space is the Place Tour DLC, “Mason Murders, Demonic Dongs, and Devil Daddy”, and the announcement for 31 Spooks of October all received an appreciated amount of comments and likes.

The only thing I want to comment one is my Koutoura-San first episode review. I really love Kotoura-San, that first episode is truly something else. If you haven’t watched it is this weird mishmash of melodramatic and juvenile perverse humor, but it does have some legitimately interesting ideas and has some sincere moments.

I however do have to apologize though because I was in fact wrong. In that review, I said Anime mom’s have to be rated on a scale of Kumiko to Sanae which is more just a joke because it’s the same voice actor playing to polar opposite characters, however I’ve seen the light and Kumiko is no where close to being the worst anime mother. If Kumiko is a 1 on the mother scale, then Kayo’s mom from Erased and the Mom from Your Lie in April are -147. There’s never been a fictional character I’ve wanted to die in a house fire more than those two. Kumiko at least its bitterness and selfishness not pure evil incarnate. Everyone in anime either has the worst parents, the best parents, or parents that I don’t think even exist. What is up with that?

To be continued…

9 thoughts on “K at the Movies 2019 Review – Part 2

  1. Thanks for the shout out. That’s cool to know that I’m a notable follower, I guess. I’m glad I discovered your blog. You have a great sense of humor as well as mixing up the obscure and popular when it comes to your reviews. Even though we have our differences, I have enjoyed a good majority of the posts I’ve read and even learned things about movies from you. Also, you’re the first person I’ve ever referenced a review that was Disney-related ever on Iridium Eye and it involved the LAST franchise I would’ve ever expected to link to even if it added to the relevancy of a certain Netflix documentary I covered. That and because of the #OneTrueKing, too. Hahaha!

    Hope 2020 becomes awesome for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, given how frequently and substantially you contribute and engage with this site’s content I would have to be constantly asleep at the wheel to not take note of what you’ve brought to the blogging experience. I respect and appreciate all my followers, even ones not mentioned (everyone is a thread in the tapestry but I’m going to make the ones that I believe there’s a chance could actually read it feel special) but I’m sure if for some arbitrary reason I had to shorten that list of names you’d be far from being removed.

      I’m glad we do have differences, neither of us our Shepards so I’m sure you’d agree it’s nice not have blind sheep who accept everywhere you lead them. Even though we have distinguishable differences, I think you’re one of the most identifiable writers I’ve come across. Sharing that joy of championing obscurity, and handling everything with a great analytical lens,

      Thank you for the kind words, and for that mention. There’s a lot of people around here pushing others to go beyond what they believe and make the impossible happen.

      All the same to you, hopefully both sites continue to grow and prosper.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww! Thank you so much, K! Yeah, I certainly have a habit of leaving comments, having dialogue, and looking at a bunch of archived posts from many bloggers I follow. I really enjoy these conversations about so many different topics.

        Exactly and nor would I want everyone to be the same. I can definitely say the same about your writing and reviewing style. I’m certainly passionate about exposing people to obscure works and being able to use my film background in my reviews. That’s not even getting into cross-referencing my other interests and passions, too.

        No problem, K. I’m glad to have encouraged you.

        Thank you so much!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Notable? When? To be honest, I don’t remember how I followed you either but I’m glad I did. I think that you have some of the most fun and unique point of view in this blogosphere of cool people.

    And I’m sorry that your July was tough. I hope that getting you involved in the tour helped you in some way. It certainly helped me out.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Of course, my Captain being as humble as even… last time I checked this rinky-dink blog isn’t followed by many people who have earned 1k followers. Don’t get the wrong idea that I think your noteworthy because of the metric, the metric represents the personality, and outstanding character that’s recognized beyond just me.

      That’s the weirdest thing about this post, I almost can’t fathom how many cool people I’ve only just really met. Like really almost unsettling how every name listed didn’t exist as far as I was concerned exactly one year ago. How does this happen, how do I become a wrecking ball in Jon Spencer’s Twitter chats, and he’s not even mentioned until part 3?

      Thank you I appreciate both fun, and unique something I like to think I strive for. And thanks, Jeez July certain was…. something. As much as this post is shameless self-promotion, I think it does function either as a showcase to new writers or a remind to anyone that: gains happen and you’ll progress in a year’s time, have patience because Rome wasn’t built in a day, and with that part especially sort of address the disillusionment with the constant internet personality. I don’t know exactly how I typically come across but I’m sure if you went back to the designs, or the reviews, or even the DMs I sent that month, I’m sure they don’t come across as being any different.

      While most content creators out there have the same demeanor/mood consistently, I know outside the content it surely isn’t, I know for me it’s not. And that’s okay, I found working on the tour to be a healthy and therapeutic way to manage and I am grateful I got to be a part of it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. For some odd reason – I couldn’t comment on part 1. (Odd reason, lack of skills and/or intellect…potato – po-TAH-toe)

    But I wanted to say, I’m so lucky you gave me the chance to discover your blog and I don’t take it for granted. I had no idea that you had actually read Thank You, let alone that it was the first post you read. I can’t explain it but somehow it fits. And it’s oddly significant to me, that such a post would allow me to meet someone I appreciate and that has entertained me so much. It’s sort of pretty. So once again, I’ll say thank you for taking the time to talk to a stranger, even if you didn’t necessarily feel comfortable with it.

    For the record you were never a bother.

    Also this year in review is incredible! Good job. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Don’t worry I’ve also had blog token unavailable for comment sections sporadically as well. I just head to the Reader viewer instead of the actual site if I want to leave a comment.

      That appreciation towards our luck is mutual, though I guess we should give ourselves some credit: you made plenty of wonderful content to find, and I made an effort to look for such great content so maybe it was destined to happen at some point.

      Maybe I’m spinning a narrative, I remember when I covered Haruhi for X-Mas I think I browsed some Anime Top 5 X-Mas episodes but the Thank You post was the real first and when I began following.

      Thank you for such nice words and vice versa, its oddly significant to me that one of the supposedly “meaningless” awards gave me the chance to introduce myself to someone who I find entertaining and admire greatly. Thank you for being the first domino, I don’t know if I come even close to meeting and interacting with this great community if you didn’t unknowingly welcome me to it.

      Also… Your hair was actually white this whole time? I thought that was just a character asthetic thing, the new avatar looks nice though.

      Thank you, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading. I’ve certainly enjoyed reflecting upon it.

      Liked by 1 person

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