It’s that time of the year again…. chain mail time! What’s that, you don’t like award responses and want actually reviews………

So when I first learned about these bloggers awards I thought that the mystery blogger was the one that made the most sense. I mean I post from an anonymous faceless persona and make strange content; made sense to me. However, I’ve done like 5 of these now and this is the first time it’s the mysterious one so what do I know.

You might not care about award posts but to be honest I’m probably only still doing this because of some of the cool people I forced to interact with me through using these as an excuse to say “howdy stranger, I think you’re pretty neat”.

I’m too lazy to iterate the rules so if you’re nominated at the end of the post and want do a genuine award post go follow these links to the rules:

Mystery Blogger

Liebster Award

Sorry, but I want to just have fun answering your questions and oh boy do you guys have a lot of them so let’s quit dilly-dallying and get into it.

Ospreyshire’s Realm – Mystery Blogger Award

Awesome writer and one of the neatest people I’m glad to call a friend here. Currently working on their Dear Innovare Album that has more tracks than questions I answer in this post which yes, is a lot. My biggest fear is that one day there’s going to be more comments on my blog from Ospreyshire’s Realm then myself and despite that sounding impossible… you’d be surprised. Always giving my posts an added bonus with bits of insight more insightful than the post itself. Thanks for the nomination, now let’s get into those questions.

What makes you an innovative blogger in your field?

Oh man I don’t know… sometimes I’m going to say that I’m completely derivative and nothing special but… I do like to see myself as somewhat of an innovator. I think part of my intrigue is bringing sort of a YouTube mentality to WordPress. I’m not going to pretend that I’m the only one that focuses on the aesthetic and presentation of their blogs but I do feel that from really early on I was someone who concentrated in making the site and the posts look the way I want it to and to get it to properly represent my brand in a way. The other aspect that maybe stands out is that we’re kind of a light comedy blog.

People come to see whatever topic you cover and stay to see more of you so I would be remiss in my duty if I didn’t provide sort of an entertainment quality to my writing/persona. I don’t want to subtract from what I’m talking about too much, but I’m certainly willing to play the fool and sort of make occasional quips and references even if it makes me look like an idiot instead of this authority on the topic. I don’t know, I just don’t want to be just another bland and boring bloke on the internet so I want to hopefully inform, persuade, and entertain you in an enjoyable way and in a way that it feels you can only get such content by visiting here at the movies!

Now looking at this question on the heels of the Evangelion review… that one is almost ‘performing review’. At the end of the day I don’t have a format, or a quota or a schedule; I take an interesting property and try to amplify the special aspect of it in a way that comes out from my own unique spin on it. Usually entails being a pretentious a-hole who goes on a thousand words too long each time…

2. What are issues that you’re passionate about?

“While, we’re talking can I offer you some free advice. Talk less, smile more: don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for. You want to get ahead, fools who run their mouths often wind up dead”

– Aaron Burr

Yeah, if you’ve seen or listened to Hamilton then you understand what I’m saying when I say, “I’m kind of an Aaron Burr”. Not very forthcoming on any particular stances, I’m kind of a stupid idiot so I’ll just say there’s a reason I stick to entertainment/media. There are many things to be passionate about, I’d encourage you to not be afraid to express your passions but try to understand others and opposing voices because nothing ever gets solved without effective communication.

3. Who are three famous people that you would want to have coffee with?

I heard this question and I can only think of one…. I WANT JERRY MAN. I want Jerry Seinfeld to pull up to my house in some 1970s Sports car and to spend a day complimenting me on my non-existence comedic chops. I’ll be drinking a nice hot cocoa because I don’t drink coffee and Jerry will joke like “You’d think an Emmy winning comedian could get some better service around here” and I’ll lean in and go “you’d be working that hard if you were working for minimum wage too Jerry”. That sounds awful enough to be an awkwardly fun time.

4. Why do you blog and what are your goals for your it?

When I started it was all just because I knew a lot of people doing a lot of neat stuff in their free time and I sort of wanted a side project to work on. I wanted to encourage myself to watch more movies, and to become more articulate in my analysis and opinions on media as well as experiment with editing, graphic designs, writing and just other things I want to be better at.

The goal is to just be better at this with each post we make, there’s so many ways to grow as a creator and I want to just see how far we can take it. I also like to think I made it to the point where I’m sharing content with individuals I respect, and people I’d never have any interaction with otherwise that I like to consider friends. I’m sharing my appreciation for media and my appreciation for critical thought and I’m learning so much from the stuff my friends are sharing online. I want to continue to make friends and share and positively influence others before I’m done.

5. Would you rather own a house that’s attached to an ice cream company or one that’s attached to a chocolate factory? Yes, that’s my required weird/funny question for this award. Haha!

Ice cream, unless I want to nitpick this and say that the ice cream place is like a corporate management building then that would be pretty lame but then again I want to say that a chocolate factory is probably loud. Regardless Ice cream no matter what the technical circumstances are.

18 Cinema Lane – Liebster Award

My partner in crime this October, 18 Cinema Lane is the Hallmark movie expert that everyone should go check out. Thank you for everything!

Who do you think deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award?

I honestly have no idea, most people I know personally have a lot of life still to go out and achieve and I feel that most people I can think of probably already have some accolade. I will recommend maybe reading up on Alice Guy-Blaché the French filmmaker known as both the first women director and bringing narrative fiction to film. Légion d’honneur and DGA Lifetime achievement recipient but overall and influential character that you should know.

Which actor or actress would you like to see star in a Hallmark movie?

Sabrina Carpenter and/or Elise Fisher

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Ben & Jerry’s Half-baked (vanilla with cookie dough, chocolate with brownie).

Is there a movie you’d like to see a sequel to? If so, which one?

Blade Runner 2049, brimming with potential as it has the world and the characters. It also left Jared Leto and other Villains mostly unexplored so that could amplify the threat that wasn’t all that menacing in the original.

Which book is your least favorite?

I remember not being fond of a story called Catherine Called Birdy (It was basically like Pixar’s Brave but only the boring parts) and honestly maybe Heart of Darkness (The vague impressionist style can be kind of frustrating and it’s kind of racist. Don’t care if it inspired Apocalypse Now, or that it introduced me to the history of the atrocities that occurred in the Congo… unfortunately showing the victims of those atrocities as spear toting unga-bunga savages is… no bueno in my book).

Where would you like to spend the day with your favorite fictional character?

Let’s create a goofy cross-over, let’s spend a day with the Elric brothers (Full Metal Alchemist) in the Unknown (Over the Garden Wall). Sounds like a fun day full of mystery and adventure so I’m all for it.

Has there been an event you’ve always wanted to attend? If so, what is it?

The Oscars

Did you receive a prized possession since you started blogging? If so, what is that item?

I got a DSLR Lens Coffee mug and a tiny plastic golden statue because I apparently wrote the professor’s favorite short film screenplay in the class and I don’t know it makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice in terms of creative writing was that instead of being able to elaborate your story, you need to be able to understand your defining principle. Not just what your story is but what it is about; what is trying to be said or expressed.

I always feel that advice is less about enstilling these words of wisdom but rather just hearing the right words at the right time. The best advice I can give is that you only get nervous about stuff you care about, and you’ve overcome every other time you’ve been nervous and came out alright so you just got to trust yourself that this time will be no different.

Do you have a wish for a fellow blogger? If so, what is your wish?

I kind of have an answer that is going to sound maybe wrong or mean but hear me out… I want to see Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime go a day without posting. The drunk anime girl has been posting daily for a long time and I trust her to keep it up and to keep that passion and drive going on for a long time to come.

When I imagine her not posting I see it as a Good Will Hunting scenario where I’m Ben Affleck and when I notice they’re not there that there must be a good reason. They’re going after what makes them happy, and they’re enjoying the finer things in life and was able to step away from blogging for a moment and smell the roses. Don’t take the metaphor too literal, you get maybe a week or two and then get the heck back to making the stuff but I believe something particular special would happen to cause such a vacation. I feel that not even death itself will stop Irina from posting but if that day comes I hope it’s cause she’s having a great time.

I hope everyone keeps enjoying what they do and make content they can look back and be proud off. I do especially look at Karandi (100 Word Anime) and Nick Kush (Movie Babble) who I believe are working towards that professional or legitimacy push and I hope they get further and continue to be sort of key figures on WordPress.

What is one of your goals for next year?

Don’t die. Keep improving and continue to figure life out. Hopefully I’m still around to do 31 Spooks next year or create new traditions and milestones to my story.

Average Joe – Mystery Blogger Award

Cool guy, certainly someone who’ve I’ve appreciated getting to know through my little space adventure. One of the most interesting pop culture blogs you could stumble upon, thanks for the nomination and be sure to check Joe out.

What franchise do you feel has had the biggest impact on you as a person?

Tough question, I don’t feel I have one that I’ve been uber fanatical over anything. Maybe the most original answer you’re going to get, but a sports franchise. I was a devoted Suns fan growing up. I admired Steve Nash a lot, really value him as a special player who was incredibly efficient at what he did and someone who was able to rally and bring the best out of his teammates.

I think that level of dependability and selflessness has always stuck with me in that’s how I want to be known. They were also one of the greatest teams to never win a chip, so I guess that was a great important life lesson for me. Life isn’t fair, working hard and have a fiery passion doesn’t guarantee you’ll have your moment in the sun unfortunately. Still, while waiting for something that never comes isn’t fun, I feel that you do gotta appreciate what you have. Even if you’re not the best or a champion of whatever, create memories and inspire others and you’ll never be a failure… not completely at least.

What anime do you think has the best Opening and Ending tracks? You can have 2 separate anime, one for opening/one for ending, or one anime representing both.

I kind of broke down how I felt about a lot of the shows I’ve watched and which ones stood out, so you can go and check out what I like here. However, I did finish this little obscure series that you’ve probably never heard of, but it consistently produced bangers for the OP.  So yeah if you’ve ever heard of this show it’s called…. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (It’s great, and you don’t need me to tell you that). The best ED is still Beyond the Boundary.

What anime franchise do you feel had the biggest influence on you?

There are many motivating and inspiring anime out there…. And they have obviously failed me. That’s why I want to say Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (Say WHAT? Bobobo). It’s such an unapologetically silly show and I think there’s a virtue in having a sense of humor and trying to make people have a good time. That’s a message that feels unique to the show, and has certainly made an impression on my no matter how utterly ridiculous that seems.

What is your go-to comfort food?

Edible Cookie Dough (why are bloggers so interested in each others’ snacking habits?)

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? (This is the weird one :P)

Sure, I don’t see why not.

My Nominees (AKA Cool People Who Deserve Your Attention More Than Me)

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