Ring Ring (2019)

Ring Ring is a 2019 Indie film that is sure to make you feel… meh. For a film on a decently cheap budget you are sort of impressed by the film’s bolstering of a 6.9/10 on IMDb; of course until you realize most of the accounts are only a couple months old, have only reviewed this and Adam Marino’s (Director, writer, and editor) other film Beneath the Leaves, and are filled with marketing language like calling it “a modern psycho” you understand the real horror is how easily bots can manipulate a system.

The problem with the movie is, I just don’t know what it wants to be. This film begins as sort of a plot driven comedy, that feels a lot like Horrible Bosses. Amber, Will, and Jacob are tired of working for Lou Ferrigno (I think he actually played a character but only existed for the meta hulk references…) so they decide that they’re going to steal the clients from their workplace and open their own firm. While this is just the catalyst to get our characters in a certain predicament and nothing more the issue is that this incredibly dumb idea is played a little too straight. They act that this is some clever plot but… this was an episode of The Office. I can’t take these characters and the writers of this movie seriously when they unironically do the same shit the Michael Scott Paper Company did.

How does this become a horror movie… serendipity? So, they steal the contacts which is on Will’s phone who proceeds to have a sloppy drunk one-night stand where he loses his phone. His car got towed and his phone was stolen by crackhead Joe who happens to be his uber driver the next day. They use a phone tracker app to find the crackhead’s home… some nice home in deep suburbia and attempt to break-in and find the phone. So when they go to investigate the basement, crackhead Joe makes sure to lock them down there.

To give the film some credit, I did appreciate how it wasn’t as typical as you might imagine. For a horror thriller to have the main antagonists be drug addicts instead of something supernatural and to take place predominately in well lit, broad daylight was a nice change of scenery. The cinematography was for the most part pleasing to look at, it did have some drab look and harsh lighting but overall the shot composition was well done. The effects were also very well done. There are plenty instances of blood, drug use, and bodies that were stunning effects that disappointingly deserved to be put to a better script.

Overall if you haven’t seen it, Ring Ring is an interesting film for someone who’s willing to put up an awkward balance of genres but get some applaud worthy moments of indie production despite a story that is severely leaving more to be desired.

Spoiler Section

I’m not doctor, and I wouldn’t recommend it, but I don’t think putting bleach in a syringe and injecting it into your bloodstream would instantly kill someone. It would most likely cause a tremendously painful experience, but you probably won’t die within 30 seconds. Death seems to be a little too convenient in this movie. If the plot wants you to live, then you can die for half a day and then just wake up and walk it off like nothing happened. The movie’s script is willing to smite people out of existence, killing off characters just because they’ve exceeded their purpose and die in kind of dumb ways.

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