Ready Freddy, here we go! Here at the movies… Ain’t it just groovy…. the best blog of the fall.

No fear K is here….with plenty of riddles to solve. Put that big brain to the test, here to help ya.

All of us are living “in a society”….everyone is committing strange murder mysteries. If you got a problem then call on detective K and…. know that I’ll understand.

IQ’s 3, but go ahead and trust me!

shout out to my hype girl and lack of shame for the execution of that bit. Let’s do this!
  1. The Music seems unnecessarily intense. They’re having dinner not caught in a Saw trap please calm down. They’re drawing a lot of attention to the saltshaker so in their logic that’s probably it but I have too many questions? Why does it look like they’re eating Longhorns Steakhouse meals when they are at home? Don’t tell me that’s not their house, it was the same background as the 5 year marriage slide and it’d be weird to do that at a random restaurant.  Why didn’t John finish his food? Why didn’t his wife just throw away the food and say he finished it? Why is salt not considered “in the food” it would still be on the food? Wouldn’t it make more sense for like the fork and spoon to be laced with something poisonous?
  2. What kind of question is this? I think anyone teaching preschoolers in 5 inch heels is a little psychotic. The blue one has a hand in her purse, but she could just be an amputee and wanted to bring in her spare for the class. It could be A because she has a head in that trash bag….. but should could just be an amputee and bringing in her spare for the class. OMG is she gonna handcuff Woody to a chair?!? It’s the one on the right because the boys have their hands bound together. The left one just has a really fancy laser pointer for teachers in America… or something. Please anyone who has their pants rolled up like that isn’t someone intimidating.
  3. Mary has an N-A-T on her but that’s way too obvious. I buy the other driver being like “I at least would dispose of him after I needed him to finish the job” so Luna because she clearly lying in her testimony. How can you hear someone when the train comes to a screeching halt as it does in the movies? ANSWER REACTION: I don’t get how this is like fun, what criminal practically leaves their name at the scene of the crime?
  4. Crooked Hillary what did you do? If someone held your nose and your mouth just breath through your ears stupid. First the answer is probably something dumb like, it was a knife that was missing from the kitchen, second I have a hard time believing anyone who screams at me that they didn’t touch anything not even the door knob or any surface. My fingers are crossed that it was actually the cop who did the murder and he’s trying to blame Hilary in hopes she gives a self-criminalizing testimonial evidence in questioning. ANSWER REACTION: I’m right on this one, what the heck! Even if he was turned over Hilary’s probably seen enough Criminal Minds to know what a stab victim looks like despite being turned over. Presumptuous maybe but someone delirious might jump to conclusions IDK
  5. I don’t know, my money is on the kid from Hotel Transylvania, maybe running with the rifle shoulder strap bruised it up a little. Answer Reaction:Close enough.
  6. I thought they where going to say smile because NOPE NAH-UHH I don’t know about that one. It should be Fred the freaky barber… I see he’s being naughty again. It’s Mr. Clark because he has her hair in the window of his shop.
  7. Is that John Cena? Dang this officer is jacked. Arthur doesn’t have any bags or luggage with him, and he looks like JD from Heathers cosplaying as Sonic the Hedgehog, so his mind is probably unholy.
  8. How FFECKIN’ Stupid are you that your alibi was that you were cleaning the deck of a submarine, and I just realized that I’m the real idiot because they are just calling the floor in the submarine the deck and it has to be Michael because you wouldn’t have a internet connection in the ocean… unless your James Cameron but are you James Cameron… Michael. I don’t think so?
  9. It’s Larry because he sets his pencils on the left-hand side but the detective also holds his notebook in his left hand so Larry could just be ambidextrous like me and the detective is framing him… the plot thickens or the author’s chicken am I right??
  10. You have a painting of her you liar!
  11. The cat!
  1. However, I came this close to a creepy murderous clown in the first place is beyond me. I’m scared guys I don’t want to have my head “chopped of”. Can I not walk away I feel like dealing with a school bully that’s probably your best option? Can I just not speak in statements? What if I just said “neat” pointed an old finger gun at him and went on my merry way? Could I speak in questions or possibly just make weird noises?  I would say “Schrodinger’s Cat is Dead” and that is neither false nor accurate because it the outcome of a theoretical thought experiment so I’d either win the challenge or get strangled so hard my head with come clean “of”.
  2. I’m a need these Juggalos to stop eating each other’s meat. The one clown is a cannibal I guess, seems straight forward.
  3. So, this video is essentially just regular riddles but instead of just some guy it’s a clown… for reasons unknown. I have heard this one before it’s the room with the lions because the lions died of starvation.
  4. It’s in the ice, heard it before yawn.
  5.  So, I was confused because I was like… is this actually a clown riddle and not a re-purposed one. I liked to have imagined the clown shut off all the lights to the circus and that he turned off all the attractions and like that caused them all to malfunction in some ways and I had to stop myself because that sounded incredible dumb… but that is pretty much the answer. Stupid me, clowns don’t sleep at the circus, they live in light houses… of course!

Speaking of clowns, that’s how I feel after this mess. Want more of this circus act, come back tomorrow as I’ll have another spooky post and you’ll have to see if I want to go back to writing a real review or if I’ll keep making a fool of myself because… it’s fun for me at least. Have a good one folks, and stay spooky.

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