Last year I covered the BBC/Netflix horror series Creeped Out, and it was fun but in my earnest opinion nothing special. It had potential but didn’t seem to have much of an identity of whether it wanted to be creepy, or moralistic, or modern so I figured I would never talk about it again.

When I posted my episode breakdown last year… nobody read it. But Google has decided that I’m pretty cool or something because that review is now one of my most popular. I felt kind of bad that I titled that ‘Every Episode of ‘Creeped Out‘ Ranked, and that’s click-bait now because it didn’t feature the then non-existent season 2. Let’s correct that. Here my thoughts on all of Creeped Out Season 2 because those 2025 views are gonna be really nice.

One More Minute

Just one more minute mother, I am having an EPIC GAMER MOMENT! Don’t play many video games guys, you might turn into… an Instagram model? Same problem as last season why is Netflix front-loading this show with the worst episode of the season; it is not even how it’s aired! One More Minute is not only kinda cringe with a very basic “video games bad” message and surface level portrayal of addiction but it also just doesn’t make sense. I understand the children watching are probably just more enamored with the concept of growing old in a minute’s time, but why does the future of him have a haircut and clearly workout if all he does is go to school and play video games? Shouldn’t they show how that had an adverse effect on his outward appearance? The twist that I won’t spoil, also is just nonsensical and doesn’t add anything besides a factor of “WHAT?”. This was the worst episode, but it does get better than this.

The Takedown

Then we get The Take down which is one of the better episodes of the season. Alexa wrestles for what feels like the Anchorage, Alaska high school wrestling team and she wants to be the very best like no one ever was. The only thing standing in here way… this wrestling program doesn’t have weight classes and regional eligibility is based off selecting a representative instead of performance over a season. IDK can’t cast that many actors for a wrestling meet so I understand why that is the way it is. When a spooky chain mail gives her a chance to wish for something she wants, the plot becomes pretty much Wish Upon.  


I like all the little practical effects they use to show Alexa’s strength. I think the twist of the one guy pulling a big brain play was effective, I kind of felt that she was going to lose her mind but the fact that the guy who we thought was being drained wasn’t was a good moment. Also…. What kind of bs does this curse operate on? This dude just lost his sense of smell… I feel that some people are getting a better deal with this thing. When it comes to the final twist…. I approve of the shock value but boy is it silly. You’re telling me that this chain mail curse went around for 16 years and all you have to do to break the curse is say “Aight Imma head out” and no one had done that before?


Help, I need somebody. Help, not just anybody. Help is a very done before episode but admittedly feels a little fun. Maybe if Smart House and 5 million parodies of Hal 9000 didn’t exist already I would have felt that this was more inventive or modern, but it is just “reliance on Amazon Alexa bad”. I think it’s funny that these kids are pretty much forced to play The Match Game and I the audience can answer the questions better than these siblings can. I think it’s a sincere message about family and it does have some nice camp with this Rosie the Nosy neighbor to keep it fun.


Is it just me, or is really kind of messed up that the kids seem more concerned about the well-being of their home operating system, than their neighbors? Yeah neighbors suck, but when you rather have them die so your toaster can live you might not have your priorities straight.

The Many Place

This is probably how all those kids who leave the hotel room to go refill the ice but don’t remember the room number before they leave feel. For this one the message/morals are probably the best they’ve been implemented all season. The “don’t be a jerk and press all the elevator buttons” does lead itself in a fun horror twist and the responsibility of the eldest sibling to act more mature was handled nicely. The practical and special effects are as great as this show gets and the twists were unexpected or kept me guessing at least. This episode might be the one I’d say shows this show at it’s best and would recommend it to be the episode of the season.

Only Child

Not good. I don’t know when your plot is very reminiscent to the Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends episode, “Everyone Knows It’s Bendy” (an episode Lauren Faust apologized for writing) and treads similar waters to the Oscar-recognized cinematic masterpiece Boss Baby you got a lot going against you. Some of the effects were fun, and that baby is admittedly quite the actor, but this episode is very skippable in my opinion.

No Filter

I’m going to say the second-best episode of the season as it does create some great imagery and does feel the most like the mishmash of Goosebumps and Black Mirror the show wants to be. Unfortunately, I found the moral ham-fisted to the point of being irritating and the characters being unlikable or bland.


The resolve is just annoying, why the heck would you make it so abundantly clear that this character understands the consequences of potentially agreeing to a service agreement and being told to be wary 2 minutes prior to her getting faced with one and choosing not to read it at all. Like WTF, how? I don’t know all I can think about is how South Park already did this concept kind of perfectly and while it isn’t plagiarism or owned by them it still is kind of awkward to be attempting to do that very thing in a less caring manner so much farther into the future. Great moments, despite me having problems with the episode.

Splinta Claws

Sort of a strange episode but I kind of dig it. The Energizer Santa isn’t very intimidating in his movement but makes up for it in his appearance and ability to present real peril. I always approve of a show that at least eliminates some rational thing, my initial frustration of not whacking the crap out it was quickly remedied with showcasing that Splinta Claws is for all intents and purposed indestructible. The shows resolve is unnecessarily convoluted and while it does get real and the child actors are some of the better ones in this show I’m mostly scratching my head at the end of this one.


Speaking of head scratching… this episode, right on cue. I’m curious as to why all the episodes this season seem appropriately rated similarly within the 6-7 range except for this episode which is currently listed at a 4.8. Maybe it’s just the really lame and nonsensical opening of the dorky protagonist being afraid of crawling into dark/confined spaces; this is understandable, but the tube is like a small one that a dog at a dog show would go through. You can see the light at the end and honestly the character seems tall enough that he wouldn’t even really be in there for more than a second. I thought this was sort of a fun childish play at the zombie genre.

Tilly Bone

If you want to get called out for being an amateur filmmaker, pretend that out of order chronology makes you original. While I stand by that, this episode actually is one that does have a purpose to why it is created as such. The Tilly Bone is admittedly a unique and interesting horror device. It does have a nice amount of mystery even if it is disappointing in terms of using the device to raise the scares.

The Unfortunate Five

Oddly lit like some horror noir version of The Breakfast Club, let’s make kids unintentionally afraid to speak to the principle because he’s going to verbally abuse you and afraid to speak to a counselor who is going to eat the black tar out of you. The scariest episode of the season and an effective finale but never feels special or compare to the magnitude that the circus episode of last season finishes the collection.

That’s it that’s my thoughts on Season 2 of Creeped Out. Now I am no longer clickbait and can say, that is every Episode of Creeped Out Ranked in the following order:

  1. Cat Food
  2. The Many Place
  3. A Boy Named Red
  4. Kindlesticks
  5. Sideshow
  6. No Filter
  7. The Takedown
  8. Tillybone
  9. Spinta Claws
  10. The Unfortunate 5

After that who cares. Thanks to everyone who has checked out my thoughts on this series… I do talk about other things so maybe scroll down and follow me on WordPress or Via email, I want to be your mildly opinionated friend.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you were effectively Creeped Out!

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