Don’t you just hate dealing with a conniving fox and their malicious intent. James Stewart and Nev Bezaire perfectly capture such a predicament in their short film Foxed! The endearing doll like designs of a Rankin/Bass special meets the dark and eerie designs of Laika in this stupendous display of stop motion. While the short is limited, it is mostly so in it’s very short run time. But for the budget and resources they have, it is quite impressive how expressive Emily animates. A lot of credit does go to Athena Karkanis who gives an incredible voice performance filled with panic and worry.

I wouldn’t necessarily consider Foxed! To be a great short film, but only because I feel it is more of a proof of concept. With that distinction made, the art direction and the fantastic tension filled universe they were able to create in such a short time is awesome. Foxed! Has had incredible success on the festival circuit as it been selected over 100 times, and has been featured top picks on iTunes, Short of the Week, and Vimeo. As much as I can appreciate some of the artistic choices made: the foxes being a different medium to seem other worldly, how the film chooses to have high paced movement which is impressive for the stop motion medium, and the prowess in how the cinematography captures the action in so many interesting angles but at the end of the day it’s not more than a brief introduction to a twisted tale.

Foxed! Seems like a very interesting cold open to a delightful feature waiting to happen and if Stewart who seems to have taken the effort to go to so many festivals and accumulate press desires to do so, I think it certainly deserves it. The passionate fans of Coraline will enjoy this delightfully similar world of falling down into a rabbit hole and entering a creepy world. It reminds me of one of last year’s featured short creators Noella Borie who took the character Faceless Neil from the creative short ‘The Face Shop’ and was able to make a 10-minute short that you can find on Amazon Prime.

I decided to google James Stewart 3D animation (I’m not dumb enough to search James Stewart movies) and found some interesting things that might be happening. Martin Katz, a producer who’s worked with David Cronenberg did buy the rights to the short Foxed with hopes of making it a feature film……. But this Hollywood Reporter article is from 2014.

I find it weird that there’s almost no reference to this on the short film’s website which makes me a little less optimistic that this is happening. However, when I checked on James’ twitter account he recently won best screenplay for the Foxed! At the Vail Film Festival. Either Vail has really lax rules on the standard time frame for when a work has to be produced to be submitted or there is a Foxed screenplay and then are entering it in festivals to bolster prestige to secure additional funding.

I truly hope to see this get made, it would be a wonderful story to follow down the fox hole. Please consider checking out the Foxed! website as it does contain a lot of cool behind the scene character sketches, interviews, and other bonus content behind the artist process that appeases my inquiring mind. That’s all for today, be sure to like, follow, and comment in preparation for tomorrow’s spooky, peace.

3 thoughts on “Foxed!

  1. Really good article! I just watched the Foxed! video in your post and I can definitely see what you’re talking about. It does feel like a visual premise of a feature-length film. However, I found the short video to be very intriguing! If Foxed! was a full-length movie, I would consider watching it.
    Did you receive my message about participating in ’31 Spooks of October’? I sent you an email about three days ago where I shared my idea for contributing to your event. This message was sent from the “contact” page on your blog.

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    1. Glad you like it.

      I believe I sent you an email. Basically don’t worry too much about it, I’d love to feature and endorse your spooky content which if that is reblogging or letting you select a post to feature a link is up to you. Sorry, I’m traveling atm but will be better to communicate after this week.

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      1. Thanks for letting me know! Unfortunately, I did not receive any emails about ’31 Spooks of October’. Despite this, I am looking forward to contributing to your event! My first post will be published this weekend!

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