Chain Mail Time! I know other people consider these empty nothing awards, but when I’m prepping more ambitious projects I will gladly do a little Q & A.

Quick reminder: Annlyel James is awesome! Likes to play this little prank where she pretends I make good content…haha yeah I do haha. Check her out on her blog (Annlyel Online) or on Future of the Force.


What’s your favorite time of the day?

Photo by Harrison Haines on

I’m going to go with the Golden Hour, which is a photography and filmmaking term for the last hour of sunlight before sunset. It’s just pleasant outside and has a soothing vibrance outside without the harshness of the sun or the terror of night.

Are you a dog or a cat person?

I enjoyed the Warriors series and Puss in Boots as a kid, so I have a fondness for the felines, but I’ve owned dogs and they’re great. Personality wise I feel I align with the demeanor of cats, but dogs are so much fun so why not both?

If you could travel to any planet in the galaxy which would it be?

I think it would be fun to answer this but in the context of my galaxy the ole Space is the Place trek and which planet I would want to live on which wouldn’t be my own because I made it sound very lonely.

I think Lita’s planet would be visually, pretty cool to live on, looking like the Wizard of Oz Emerald city, same sentiment with Clara’s planet just because the surrounding space seems neat that it would be cool to look up and see such a fruitful splash of color in the night sky. I think Scott’s would be cozy, and I wouldn’t mind chillin’ with Crow and the crows so that might not be too bad.

I would probably go with Planet Tipsy designed for Irina, I don’t drink but it seems like a vibrant fun scene and I think Irina would host a planet down for a good time. Sorry to everyone else I wouldn’t pick.

No wrong answers here right! Except Joe’s…you will probably die immediately.

Which Marvel superhero would you want to be best friends with?

Despite his recent departure I’m going to say Spider-Man a relatable down to earth guy with humor and a decent grasp on pop culture. Plus most of my friends are in my same age range….( Wait I’ve never disclosed my age… how old do people think I am? I don’t want to break the illusion for anyone.) I mean umm…. next question.

Which Star Wars character do you find most relatable?

Anakin… because sand is coarse and rough. And it is irritating, and I’ve been to the beach enough to know it does in fact get everywhere.

You’re traveling abroad, which country is your destination?


The Mission: Impossible or John Wick franchise?

I haven’t watched any of these movies in full, I appreciate the world building and more sleek, stylistic approach so pencil me for team Wick for now.

What’s your go-to movie genre?

Suspense Thriller.

Are you a Star Wars or Star Trek person…or neither?

I was almost named after a certain James Tiberius Kirk (no that’s not where the K comes from) but I haven’t really seen much of Star Trek, Star Wars is enjoyable it has some great characters and some fun fantasy action… I’m not as much into as the cultural phenomenon around it but I see the appeal in both and respect them for what they are.

What’s your favorite fast-food chain?

I kind of lean towards the chicken tendy, fries, and chocolate shake as my determining factor and with that I’d probably say either Jack in the Box or Carl’s Jr..

What’s your favorite sweet treat?

Photo by Luis Quintero on

I recently been getting this new Kroger edible cookie dough and I always considered all cookie dough to be edible but I now like that I can enjoy my sweet treat without risk of Salmonella so yeah it’s pretty good, I like it.

Sigh, This was fun and all but….. the last few award posts have involved  the Sunshine Award and it’s a bummer not to have it this time…. BUT WAIT!

I follow a busy bee in Slice of Alfredo; admittedly like the Little Mermaid I’m just not part of their world, but they make awesome content and I’d encourage you to check them out. They discuss anime but they do a lot with music and pop stars which is cool and they put some good work into it (Plus they have great taste in pasta). But they made the mistake of making their Sunshine Blogger tag open to anyone…. and I’m anyone. You always want someone to answer those questions so yeah… let’s do it.

Is having a good opening/ending theme song in anime important to you?

I don’t skip them; I feel that it’s a valuable part of enjoying a show. I also tend to go back and listen to them as I review a series or just want to reflect upon the series so it’s always a good thing to have a good one, but I guess there’s more important factors towards liking a show.

If you could get a ticket to any entertainment event (past or present), which would you choose?

2006 AFC Championship Game Peyton Manning defeats Tom Brady in a comeback victory; a great game and a tension filled finish.

Which language would you be most interested in learning?

Spanish is more practical, but Japanese would be interesting to better connect with what I find to be a fascinating culture.

Have you heard of the Japanese virtual YouTuber craze? If so, which ones have you seen or enjoyed?

I don’t much about it, I have seen streamers with face-rig models and understand that it’s more popular in the Eastern world of the internet. I also think Barbie is like an animated YouTube Vlogging channel, so I’m not surprise with the passion behind Vocaloids that it is something present in YouTube entertainment. My technicality to this answer is I have gotten a good laugh out of Singer/memer Senzawa who recently did a face reveal using such a technology. It’s a fun guilty pleasure but a talented singer so I’d recommend it for some silly content.

What upcoming technology fascinates you the most?

I’d probably say camera and screens to capture greater resolutions, 2K-4K and beyond. It’s definitely improving rapidly it will be interesting to see what happens especially with how already there’s too much vivid detail on close-ups but landscapes and locations can look so picturesque so it will be visually intriguing going further.

If somehow an anime about your life was created, who would voice act as yourself (Japanese VAs)?

Ooooh, tough because I do not speak that language so I kind of just picked a character reference and I think it works. I’d choose “KENN” Kenichirou Oohashi which I base pretty much on his work as Jaden Yuki  (Yu-Gi-Oh GX) and Akihito Kanbara (Beyond the Boundary).  Operates on a lot of modes transitioning from goofball to snarky cynic to conflicted angst to passionate declaration I’d love if my story was “fleshed out” and I trust KENN to deliver on all fronts.

Do you play any gacha games?

No. I’m sorry not for me… I see the appeal it’s like opening a pack of cards and hoping for something good. There’s ecstasy in that form of reward but I see it as a time hole with little substantial gameplay but…. Prove me wrong.

What’s your absolute favorite anime OST (official soundtrack)?

Tough, I always find a couple in each one that stick out or I appreciate. In terms of a collection that stood out and had a major impact on scenes or the overall presentation my go to would be either: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya and/or Clannad.

If you could reboot an old TV show (cartoon, live-action, etc.), which one would you choose?

I can’t think of a TV show… but if I can cheat it… I think Cats Don’t Dance (hit it out of the park) could be a fun TV series. I think it has fun characters and could work as a series parodying more aspects of old Hollywood with its anthropomorphize universe. I could see Amazon Prime or a streaming servicing bringing it back as nostalgia-bait and it probably wouldn’t have the same great hand-drawn animation but… do it, have fun with it.

What’s one big problem/issue you have about anime?

I guess I don’t like how categorization and labels seem very dismissive when it comes to anime. There seems to be a bit of negativity once you identity it as just Moe or another Shonen or just another Loli/tsundere type. It sometimes bleeds into the industry itself where they try to recreate success with an elementary understanding of why certain characters or shows worked outside their initial troupe or foundation. Problem within any entertainment medium but I think there’s an extra layer with anime because the genre itself is perceived as being niche and only fulfilling for certain people when it’s capable of diverse stories, characters, and animation if you get past the sort of reductive preconception.

For a person interested or starting out with blogging, what’s one piece of advice you’d share to them?

This might sound harsh, but I guess I’d say if you look at the content you make, and you think you can find this somewhere else… why are you making it? I think there’s many ways to express yourself through the premise/concept of posts, to the thoughts and opinions you share, to the layout/images used/ organization of ideas but make sure you are expressing yourself. You’ll start off (Or if your like me forever be) making crap but worry less about the view count or influence but finding your voice. So many people talk about Marvel and Anime it’s exhausting but when you can present your passion as well “your passion” and not just the ramblings of another nobody it’s elevated in my eyes. Finding how you can place a personal touch on everything you write and make presents you as someone to relate to or connect with or be interested in following.  But I’m kind of a starved artist around these parts so listening to me was your first mistake.

You can’t win everyone over regardless, so find the people who will stay and appreciate you.

Did You Nominate Me?

I’m not nominating anyone (BOO! YOU STINK!)…. I’m busy making stuff for my big and spooky October. I will leave you three questions and you can answer them in comments.

What would the movie title be of the film using your fear/phobia?

What is your dream Halloween costume/cosplay?

What is the origin behind how your blog got its name or your name?

Liebster Award is all about discovering cool peeps so just know that anyone in my comments is a real one (probably a much more interesting person, I have to try so hard to make these not boring) Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate this and I’m always watching, always waiting here at the movies!

Images used:

Beyond the Boundary (Kyoto Animation/ Sentai Filmworks)

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (Kyoto Animation/Kadokawa Pictures/ FUNimation Entertainment)

Kotoura-San (Anime International Company/The Klockworx)

5 thoughts on “Answering Questions is Fun – Liebster Award

  1. Congrats on the award! I thought that planet answer was great, too. Funny you mention languages since I took Japanese classes during my high school years (Nihongo o hanashimasu ka?) and I’ve been trying to learn Spanish whenever I can given one of my jobs, but that has taken a backseat to Lingala over the past several months.

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  2. Ayyy, thanks for answering my questions! And I appreciate the praise and for reading my posts, even though I feel bad for not noticing you before (lol). Also I completely agree with the blogging advice you provided, I feel like that’s one of the biggest things people should know about (going off of personal experience). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ayyy, no problem, it was fun to come up with some answers. Don’t worry about it, the internet is vast getting noticed at all is pretty neat. Thanks, hopefully if anyone sees it they too find it to be sound advice, I definitely think you’re someone that you can see believes in the content philosophy I encouraged.

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