Ding. Ding. Ding.

Hello there, I hope we are all doing rather swell. My apologies for a rather premature introduction, but who doesn’t like a DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE every now and then.


See the question of who is tough to answer you see. To me FABLE FOX is FABLE FOX but to thee, I am but a stranger and strangers come with a sense of danger. But oh no! nOt mE. I am not even a tad bit scary, I’ve just been summoned to be your MC, your Master of Cemeteries.


For all I haven’t had the pleasure of acquainting myself with, I’m Fable Fox and I was last year’s host for K’s little event ” 31 Spooks of October“. To get people in the spirit of celebrating spirits K reviewed a “spooky” short animated film each day of the month, creating a fun and diverse playlist to give someone something delightful and frightful to spend their Autumn month with.


Now K has summoned me early because he wondered if he should have all the fun this time. Obviously, short animations is rather limited to do another 31 so K is planning that this time around it be devoted to all things spooky. He also wonders if there’s any interest to join in the festivities to possibly ease the pressure of producing 31 posts for October.

Basically K is trying to figure out what 31 Spooks should be this year and he wants to hear from you. He’s planning to do his thing, though he might have to go say Hi to Mr. Atus in the process. In last years showing, K had done a variety of genres to try and find “something for everyone” and he thinks that to get a good diversity this time, it might be an interesting to get some “guests” involved.

K wants to judge interest so it can be determined whether to do it in a fashion of still doing 31 posts and promoting others’ post or if it could be a mix of featuring other creators and trusting them to provide a sufficient day post.

I think it’d be best to keep it vague, the only stipulation is it has to be “spooky”. You can check out last year’s lot to get a sense of what that means, doesn’t necessarily have to be horror and doesn’t necessarily have to be a review it just has to be “your content” you’re willing to allow me to share in the spirit of the spookiest month.

Now K thinks nobody is going to care enough to read this, but I have better faith in you. I’m not much of a gambler but I’d say I got 5 on it.

Please sound of in the comments if you may be interesting in contributing in some capacity and till the time comes, I’ll be lurking in the shadows. Au revoir.

A-hee-ahee ha-hee!

Always Watching. Always Waiting.

12 thoughts on “I’m FABLE FOX and I Want to GREET YOU

  1. What a great way to celebrate the season! Do the films need to be animated or can they also be live-action? For Halloween last year, I conducted a double feature of “The Case of the Whitechapel Vampire” and “Queen of the Damned”. Here’s the links to those posts:





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    1. Thanks for the fun reads, I definitely think it’d be fun to have you involved in this in whatever fashion. No, doesn’t have to be animated. I want to let people do their own thing and if they’d like me to curate their content this could be more of a hybrid blog tour then just my project of the month. I also know someone was doing like a Siskel and Ebert blogathon thing so maybe I’ll have to consider joining that if it’s still possible if I can find something to talk about, if not I’m definitely going to check it out and would encourage you and others to do the same.

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