I hate all of you. Do I usually start these off so rude? Okay, I’m sorry…. I hate most of you. Allow me elaborate in this edition of Chain Mail Time! I mean a celebration of more blogging awards.

A while back I was nominated by the wonderfully talented, and fun blogger from Annlyel Online. I was like cool, thank you so much I will get to this but I have be in space so I will get to this when I return. Annlyel is one of the coolest people to follow and is one great spot for Marvel and Star Wars related post. But she made one mistake by also nominating my rival 18 Cinema Lane.

Since when is one of the nicest people around in Sally Silverscreen my rival, I mean considering we’ve both exchanged pleasantries numerous times, she accepted one of my award nominations, and I even edited her current avatar image…. that doesn’t sound like a rival. We’ll before I went up in space, I was going to nominate a really cool gent in Reely, Bernie…. but Sally Silverscreen has already nominated him now. How dare she unknowingly mildly inconvenience me! And she’s not the only one.

Also when I made my list of potential people to nominate prior to my space trip, the first person on the list was Umai Yomu Anime Blog. This is the best blog ever… or so I’ve been told. So imagine how I felt when like a day later Yomu comes out with an award post…. and to rub salt in the wounds, lemons in my eyes also decides to nominate me. WILL SOMEONE HERE JUST LET ME PICK UP THE CHECK! Stop being so nice around here.

I am doing two award posts, and I’m just as surprised about it as you are. Let’s hop to it.

Share 2 pieces of advice you have for new bloggers.

For this I’m just going to cheat because no one should be following my advice. Instead I’m going to link to two sources where you can get some pretty good answers.

  1. My friend? Acquaintance? Fellow internet stranger? Irina (I want to say friend but she can decide that) over at I Drink and Watch Anime made a clever, collaborative post that is perfect for such an occasion. Basically a ton of talented, and thoughtful bloggers…. and K at the Movies give advice to bloggers just starting out.
  2. I have been honored to be chummy with an expert blogger, author of the totally real book “Bloggles the Mind: Tips and Tricks for Better Blogging”. He did a guest post on my blog and basically explained some resources, and information that can help someone think about different aspects of blogging they might not have otherwise.

Again special thanks to Umai Yomu…. I don’t actually hate you. I think it’s impossible to hate someone so positive and fun. They have a great blog that’s reviewing some anime I’ve talked about and they asked some pretty interesting questions that I’m glad to answer.

What’s your favourite card game? (Playing cards or otherwise, although I need some good ideas for card games!)

Haha, you came to the right person! I have fond memories of playing many card games in my macroeconomics class… I probably learned more about card games then economics. I have two distinct categories of “games” the first is for more of a party games for like 5-10 players if you can get that many friendos and some of these are in Tabletop Simulator so your online friendos could also maybe get together. My favorite game is Secret Hitler which is a deception-based game that is that perfect balance of RNG luck and great strategy. It’s essentially a team-based game, but you don’t know who’s on your team and one of your friends is Hitler. There’s great replay-ability because everyone plays the game differently and there are so many factors and possible outcomes it rarely feels like a repetitive experience. You can buy the game for $35 on Amazon or they do have a PDF of all the game pieces available if you want to print it and test it out. Other party games I’d recommend is Code Names which is a fun team-based word association game like Password and Exploding Kittens is another fun one.

As for deck of card games, that is more for a couple of friends I also got you covered. I love Village Idiot which is a light strategy game with some fun luck elements that is a fun game of trying to get ride of your cards in an Uno fashion before everyone else does with an escalating difficulty to do so with some special cards to keep it interesting. Mao is a really creative and frustrating game, basically Uno except your not allowed to talk at all, and the twist is that after you win a round, you get to add a rule to the game without telling the other players. It’s a battle of wit, and creativity and it can be really interesting to see how the game builds into it’s own beast after a few rounds. If you don’t have any friends today, then solitaire is a decent time waster. Hope this enough in sparking your interest.

How many anime have you watched in total?

Not a lot if we are being honest. I think it’s changing with my growing interest in exploring media and becoming more open to subtitle work ( I feel I almost only watch stuff with them now). I haven’t been counting, Especially let’s not forget stuff from childhood like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Zatch Bell, 4Kids stuff. Probably around the 20-40 range but we’re slowly but surely finding more that’s yet to be discovered.

What is your favourite anime genre, and favourite anime from that genre?

To define is to limit, hate calling things my favorite as there are so many great stories out there. I tend to gravitate towards media with a good balance of light-hearted humor and character moments and satisfying dramatic tension and emotion struggle. I also like when you can add some originality to the premise or the world and think the supernatural is cool. The most “me” anime I have found is Beyond the Boundary, genre I guess I’ve found rom-com are fun voyeuristic media so I recommend Toradora, and sometimes fun is fun and if you can have a pleasant time watching then no complaints from me, K-ON!

What is your favourite anime OP / ED?

I literally can’t too many bangers and it’s just too much comparing apples to oranges. I’m going to breakdown:

  • Obvious legends like Cruel Angel’s Thesis and Silhouette deserves recognition.
  • I haven’t seen or haven’t finished these series but the OP Re:Re by Asian Kung Fu Generation from Erased and the the OP for Serial Experiment Lain are awesome.
  • Kakegurui – Lay it on the Line probably one of the better ED but enhanced by the weirdly mesmeric visuals.
  • The Devil is a Part-Timer – Love the energy of OP but the ED just has a strange stepping on the beach vibe, it great company to a nice stroll on a sunny day.
  • Just Because! – Probably one of my favorites because of how much of a different style it is then most. It’s very peaceful, and tranquil music that fits the show.
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – ED is iconic, and the OP’s aren’t bad but hopefully others also can understand I thought God Knows and scores from the Disappearance OST (Ready or Sincerity) are better stand-outs
  • Toradora – consistently good, very upbeat.
  • K-On – consistently good, very upbeat though I’d say other songs from the show are better than the OP/ED.
  • Beyond the Boundary – good OP, great ED.
  • Clannad/After Story – maybe controversial but the OP/ED are just okay but the soundtrack music might my #1 of the bunch. (C’mon Shining in the Sky, Nagisa theme, The Place Where Wishes Come True, and The Palm of a Tiny Hand are the more memorable music for the show).

Tangent over.

Do you have any goals for your blog?

Haha, I have said my goal is to reach a follower count of whatever number you see now plus one. I always have the vague goal to just keep getting better, it’s been incredible to get to interact with such wonderful people and improve my ability to articulate and share my thoughts on many subjects. I never want my content to get stagnant, and I hope I can keep a healthy balance of getting something out of writing whatever and that you, the reader can also get something out of it. Goal is just to keep on trucking and hope I can be a positive influence on and off the blog to make it all seem worth it.

Do you have any exciting / interesting plans for the second half of 2019?

No, but I always keep myself busy, guess I’m excited to see where I go.

Do you like cooking? Is there anything in particular that you’re very good at making?

Probably horrible. I have the most limited taste buds, I certainly know my way around a kitchen because of recent work I’ve been doing and I can certainly follow a recipe but I can’t adlib or know when it’s appropriate to add more spice or something. I do kind of enjoy cooking but I don’t have a passion for it.

Favourite leftover food?

Pizza, because sometimes cold pizza is better pizza.

What is your go-to, “I deserve this”, guilty pleasure?

I have no shame, therefore “guilty pleasure” is a foreign concept to me.

What is something your country / province / state is known for?

Being ridiculously hot. Summer can get up to like 110 degrees and 66 degrees is considered a cold winter’s day. We also have cacti.

Do you prefer doughnuts or cookies?

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

You can pencil me down for team cookie.

My Nominations

Whether they want to do the first half and give advice, or answer my 11 questions or ignore this entirely that’s fine but I’m going to give a quick shout out to some people I think deserve it:

1 The Simple Cinephile

Given their massive twitter following, they certainly don’t need me to get people to read their stuff. It’s another staff blog like MovieBabble and appears to be really well, simple yet professional. They got a nice, diverse set of articles with some interesting viewpoints so I’m sure those unheard voices will be heard very soon.

2. Ospreyshire’s Realm

Honestly a real one. We’ve had a lot of conversations recently about numerous of my posts and I can’t wait to return the favor when I can. I’m listening to Pathos Formula Wave a poetry EP (that’s a thing you can do!?!) and it sounds awesome I feel like I’m driving on a dark forest road and the devil has taken over my car radio again. Their obscure media blog, Iridium Eye Reviews is returning from Hiatus so if you want to follow a blog you can’t get anywhere else these two are a place to check out.

3. Bliszly

Somewhat of a different flavor then my other recommendations but I appreciate Avreet is around being a nice corner of the internet for students can get helpful advice and discussions of topics that interest them. Very neat.

4. Perry the Cinema Psycho

Just love how the blog looks, the tile look actually looks really nice here. Despite being a writer for my arch-nemesis MovieBabble, there’s a lot of fun movie related posts to check out.

5. Rage Against the Screen

Honestly, a blog that shows just minimal graphic work can add a lot of personality to the blog. It’s honestly a well organized blog and I’m upset that WordPress kind of does this blog a disservice. When you look at posts through the reader it almost appears as a bot account because of all the low-res images of actors but that’s just because RATS has this IMDb castlist and it picks up on the smaller images and tries to blow them up. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t a bot and is a person who deserves to be given a look at.

6. Film N’ Chips

Sometimes it’s all in the name. I like the name, I like the aesthetic, I like the strange topics that fluctuate from Bollywood to WWE wrestling. I just think they’re neat.

7. The Unreliable Narrator

Great place for Top 10s, character posts, and rants. Just overall a fun blog.

8. Caillou Pettis Movie Reviews

Seems like a cool guy, with some neat movie reviews. If you prefer video content then XxTwistedFalconXx their channel is pretty cool. Be sure to give a look at the website run by this 7’2″ Caillou when you get the chance.

9. The Movie Crash Course

Classic movies! Classic movies! Great reviews of some underappreciated gems from film history. Glad someone is doing the good work, that I can not.

10. Space is the Place Tour Participants

If you haven’t been following the super cool collab I’ve been able to take part in where 15 other bloggers have joined in on talking about space anime topics. It was super fun and it certainly is a great list of personalities to follow…. and I’m there too. Everyone go follow my fellow cosmonauts and if anyone of them read this and wanna answer questions and share the love then go for it or not who cares?

11. You (COP OUT)

Nominating people is hard…. so if we are stating my appreciating then you my dear reader are on top of the list. Thanks for taking the time to read my nonsense and keep me going, I hope whoever reading this having a good day and if you want some recognition (or free content ideas) then feel free to participate and accept your role… here at the movies.

My Questions for You!

  1. What would be the subject of your TED Talk?
  2. What is your preferred mode of transportation: Plane, Train, or Automobile?
  3. What is one of your post that you wished got more love or would recommend people to go check out?
  4. You get “free tickets” to an event of your choosing, where or what are you going to?
  5. WordPress is creating a theme park like Disneyland, they want to turn your blog into one of it’s attractions. What would your attraction be like?
  6. A restaurant is basing its signature dish off you! Describe what that dish is?
  7. What is one word you have difficulty spelling?
  8. What is your favorite children’s book?
  9. If you could take any school subject at this point in your life for free, what class would you learn?
  10. Who is the actor (that isn’t already known for portraying this character) would you like to see portray your favorite fictional character?
  11. If you have a pet, would you rather have 100 of them or one really big version of your pet?

When will this post end?


15 thoughts on “Chain Mail Time! Rewarding Some Recognition and Sharing the Shine

  1. Ooh thanks for the game suggestions. Mao sounds like a lot of fun in particular. Lot of great OP/ED’s there, and I’d agree the Clannad soundtrack is stellar. And I definitely respect team cookie!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on the nomination! I haven’t been following you long yet (I think it’s 3 weeks or something like that, but it’s been a fun ride so far!). The space is the place tour collab has really been enjoyable and fun to read! Oh…and you can note me down for team cookie as well lol!😂 This was a fun post to read! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cookies totally beat donuts. Then again I used to have a job making donuts and that kind of killed my love for them – though recently I’ve found myself occasionally wanting one again – it’s only been 13 years. Fortunately I’ve never worked in a cookie factory and so I will continue to love them.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love how weird WordPress is sometimes, never thought of all the wacky segments in this post…. Cookies vs donut is the one everyone is sharing their opinion on. Never would have imagined that Karandi would comment that she worked in a donut shop and hasn’t eaten one in over a decade! Its all so random but thanks for sharing it’s always interesting to learn more about who’s behind our blogs.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Congrats on the award and thank you for nominating me. I’m glad I was exposed to your blog because of Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews. I didn’t even know you checked out my main blog and my spoken word project. Wow! That means a lot. Sounds like an interesting description of the new EP. Haha!

    About your choice of anime themes: Very good choice with “Duvet” from Serial Experiments Lain. That is a great song from an anime involving one of my favorite artists/anime creators Yoshitoshi ABe. Okay, I like Haibane Renmei and Texhnolyze more, but Lain is still a good series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Scott’s a cool guy like that giving me exposure and I give him planets. Had a feeling you’d end up reading this so thought it be a nice surprise to learn I checked out your EP (again, really cool idea that turned out nice). I’m eager to watch more Lain and I’m curious about these other series you bring up… Certainly something to look into.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure thing. Scott is a very legit blogger. I’m glad I discovered his blog and he’s responsible for my first collab post ever when we reviewed The Dragon Dentist.

        It was a great surprise that you checked out my spoken word project. Did you check out my first EP or singles?

        Lain is certainly a good watch. You should definitely check out Haibane Renmei and Texhnolyze, too. I really like the avant-garde aspects of his works and his art style is very unique. Interestingly enough, ABe draws without using rulers or straight edges which is just crazy how everything still looks balanced and even.

        Liked by 1 person

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