Oh yes…. This is a thing I do. Given my lack of a consistent schedule in the past it probably hasn’t been that long to all the none of you that care, but it has felt like forever since I actually wrote something. It has just been the perfect storm I guess of “things happening” and they’re positive and good things but they have certainly kept me away from doing this.

Yeah that nice 10+ posts a month we were hitting recently… that’s not happening anymore… bummer summer. So where has K been? I think it started with “Paint Broad Strokes” which was this weird story outline/color theory gushing fiction post I did that really put me in a reflective mood about my collection of content. It was a weird mood of feeling like everything is crap, yet a little proud that we’ve polished the turd a little bit over the time. Then I just started watching TV series that I do want to talk about, but it was starting two shows simultaneously that are like 3 or more seasons long and I just let it happen. It was nice to just be enjoying media and being eager to talk about it at some point than to be watching something knowing I need something to talk about soon.

Then the two big things happened…. I am now a functioning member of society. Yay, no longer will I feel the existential dread of feeling inadequate and invalid as a human being that comes with job searching. Hurrah, Money! Hurrah, experience! Minor negative is that I’m currently in the middle of working 16 out of 18 days… and the second day off is not guaranteed. Are they trying to break me in or just trying to break me? I won’t complain about having to work because… don’t we all and I’m sure plenty of people have it way worse it’s just that’s time I can’t spend here.

I get it, “we all have jobs and post three times daily and make much better content than you do so no excuse that you don’t have time to post”. I do have time and working on this blog stuff has been very good in counterbalancing the workload… but a lot of what I’m working on is currently behind the scenes. I’m currently working on a “big project” that I’m accountable for doing “something” and that has been where my content creating efforts have been focused on… right now. I’m worried that posting this might backfire and that somebody who knows what “big project” is might be thinking I should take my foot of the gas pedal but nope sorry. It’s been incredible to be able to be working on what I’m currently working on and I can’t wait to share it with who ever is waiting on the other end. It is and is going to be a bit time-consuming of a commitment, but I’ve enjoyed the spark of passion and creativity I’ve been channeling because of it.

I will be around, expect some award post and another unrelated surprise coming soon. I’m sorry I won’t be as present in reading and writing stuff, but I hope if you are reading this or follow me you’ve supported my way of experimenting and growing and finding new ways or things to post about. Hey, if you’re really interested in my stuff, I have good news. I am consistently terrible so just keep scrolling, I know you haven’t read them all (I mean if you read enough you’ll begin to wonder if I’ve even read them).

Thanks for stopping by, I wish I had some parting words of wisdom to bestow but for now I will just wish you luck on your endeavors and whatever path they may lead you. Okay? Okay. Bye.

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