RGB and Captain Marvel Share Best Kiss on the Iron Throne – MTV Movie Awards

The MTV MOVIE AWARDS are coming up and I’m certainly not their audience, but that wouldn’t stop me from voting anyway. I have no idea what I’m talking about so this should could be interesting. Let’s see how it went shall we.

Why is BlacKKKsman here? Great movie but why pretend like it fits in a popularity contest? It going to be rare occurrence but I’ve seen all of these movies… except To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before which I wouldn’t be surprised if it won as that one has a loyal fan base within the MTV demographic and from what I heard it’s a sweet little film so I’m okay with that. Us and Endgame are overrated, I’m voting for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I’m confident the cast will show up which is important in these lesser award shows and this animation is out of this world. Spider-verse hit all the beats to be a wholesome superhero film and it’s the film that you feel the heart that went into it the most. However, the BET Experience shouldn’t be overlooked as a serious contender.

I don’t watch any of these shows. Big Mouth, eww. As much as it’d be funny if Schitt’s Creek won, I’m going to have to say Game of Thrones. Despite the fact it apparently faltered a bit at the series finale the production is still as grand as they come, and nothing has sort of dominated the cultural zeitgeist in recent years. Respect the sendoff, nothing here really competes.

 I could see anyone walking away with this one. Despite my personal gripes with Us, you may be surprised that I’m voting for Lupita Nyong’o. Her performance does hold the movie up, there is an intimidating presence to her character and it’s a bold performance. The choices she makes could have made it goofy, but it certainly wasn’t so all the kudos to her hope she wins.

Congrats to Jason Mitchell for being the obligatory male rep, so we can at least pretend that someone who isn’t female could win this award. No complaints it’s a talented bunch of course I’m repping the Mother of Dragons. Emilia Clarke is Daenerys Targaryen and her dedication to serving the role is noteworthy.

It’s really a three horse race. Maisie Williams will be there, and the people do love them some Arya Stark. Robert Downey Jr. won’t be there probably… but will be via video and I’d love to see him get a little recognition for his decade long tenure as the leader of the MCU craze. Captain Marvel… she’s a hero. MTV and Brie Larson share the same political views so don’t be surprised if the let her on the mic for an extended amount of time.

It started out with a kiss how did it end up like this it was only a kiss… it was only a kiss. Sorry. I’m torn, I feel like this award show has to get Noah Centineo & Lana Condor on stage at all cost. I voted for them because they do have good off-screen chemistry and they seem like some wholesome people. Sex Education is a show nobody watches, but it is the most exotic choice of the bunch and I could see it winning as well.

People love John Mulaney, I love John Mulaney, Big Mouth is insufferable. Awkwafina was a highlight in Crazy Rich Asians so I’m probably thinking she’ll win. I voted for Zachary Levi just out of the integrity of it being the only thing I’ve watched.

Mary J Blige for best villain! Thanos isn’t half as interesting as he was in Infinity War. Probably either Lupita but could be nice to give the nod to Penn Badgley’s delightfully devilish Joe Goldberg from You. Either result is fine with me.

This looks like the make-up award, whoever loses the category that I think they could win in will get the victory here. However, we stan Haley Lu Richardson in this theater. She was great in Split and Edge of Seventeen and Five Feet Apart seemed like another great addition to her filmography. So despite me seeing her chances as next to none I will have to go with whatever I want.

WrestleMania is now a movie… okay. RBG is too big for the rinky-dink MTV Movie Awards, maybe Inequality will accept the award on her behalf. Captain Marvel fighting generic forgettable Marvel baddie #26 will probably win but I’m standing by my Captain who had the most epic fight in my opinion.

I like how they admit they couldn’t get Toni Collette but know Hereditary deserves this category. Alex Wolff did such an amazing job in a truly chilling performance. A much better job of showing fear than what his fellow Naked brother did in that pitiful Death Note movie. Alex Wolff easy.

Because I like watching trash television, I have been watching some of Pauly D and Vinny’s dating show Double Shot of Love… very trashy but I love judging people who don’t have their life together and make a giant mess of it on television. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation was actually refreshing because you actually got to see the cast kind of mature a bit and while they are a bunch of idiots, I think they do show respectable values towards family and their struggles with fame.  It’s not as vapid and unaware as I would have expected, gets my vote.

Only one of these is a meme as far as I’m aware. People waited pretty much the entire season wondering when he was going to jump up the damn fence. I knew people who were following the wisdom of Reality Steve? Who apparently leaked or had insider information on the Bachelor season finale. Yeah, I mean no contest right that was the haha funny moment. He did indeed do the thing.

McQueen is a lovely documentary on the Car’s fandom I was surprised to find out so much people said KaChow on a daily basis. RBG wins, they’ve been itching to give her an award and this seems like the most logical one to give.

Hahaha why is Nick Cannon nominated twice. I know Nick Cannon literally hosts everything, but you couldn’t pick on and pretend you like someone else. Trevor Noah wins, and he makes some haha funny comments about the Donald that surely nobody has made before.

This is a tough one, I find Free Solo fascinating but not sure if I’d call it heroic over say bat-shit insane. RBG is nominated in every category (except Best Kiss WTF) don’t know how many she’ll win though. Serene Williams is a phenomenal athlete and role model has been for years it makes me a little uncomfortable that it feels like everyone is trying to double down on that after she had a terrible (one of the worst) displays of sportsmanship and made her opponent cry during what should have been one of the greatest moments of her career because Williams had to have a temper tantrum. I don’t hold it too much against Williams she’s a passionate athlete who had a human moment of letting emotions get the better of her and did the right thing in the end, but I don’t know doesn’t seem like a heroic moment that should be rewarded.

Hannah Gadsby will win, I actually did review Nanette and it is interesting, as a means of expression it certainly has empowering and a well-spoken message. I voted for Roman Reigns because he has been a hated WWE superstar, and really, it’s not his fault. Roman Reigns wasn’t constantly being pushed as the best guy in the company and the guy you should love. Tell people to do that and of course they’re going to say but I like this guy better and then rage and rant about Roman’s flaws such as lacking in promo cutting and the motives behind said pushes being rather shallow. Still Roman Reigns has heroically held the burden and has gracefully managed to continue to wrestle and put on amazing performances despite the backlash to his success. It was unfortunate to hear he was diagnosed with cancer but after that It did seem like people appreciated the man who’s dedicated his body and life to the sport of wrestling. Roman Reigns has returned to the ring and has superman punched cancer back into remission so for that I voted the big dog the true hero of the bunch.

That’s all the categories, feel free to atone for the travesty that is my votes and be sure to vote yourself. Award shows are fun so be sure to voice your thoughts in the comments. Okay. okay, thanks [Insert call to action to increase audience engagement and retention. Be sure to mention you can not only follow here on WordPress but that you’re at least attempting to keep a Twitter and Letterboxd accounts to give quick opinions and recommendations there as well. Also ask them to like the post as it increases your performance stats okay, and don’t forget to put this in your own words and forget to edit out this note okay.] Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you at the MTV movie Awards!

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